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beyond illumination, making the mind glow - the hindu

by:Marslite     2019-12-08
Emotional lighting, soft lighting, up-lighting, down-
Lighting . . . . . . Lighting is no longer just heating the tungsten wire and finding your own way in the dark.
The magnificent interior design of your home deserves better, and the subtle tone changes produced by modern lamps highlight what is to be highlighted in the room.
Therefore, the home lighting itself has evolved into a dedicated stream.
While many offices in Kerala consult professional lighting designers internally, the home has not yet reached this stage.
However, innovation in lighting technology has largely affected the state\'s real estate development scenario. LED (light-LEDs
Lighting has completely changed the design and fixtures of lamps and lanterns, and is a clear leader in the lighting and lighting accessories market.
There are now a wide range of creative LED lights and accessories on the market to create the right lighting environment for your home.
\"Proper lighting can change the overall character of the room.
Today, there are a variety of lighting products to create the right effect and mood in the room.
By choosing lighting and fixtures wisely, you can highlight some areas of the room or apartment, \"Veena M.
Interior designer Dhenkane said.
Lighting products mainly realize two functions of lighting and decoration.
The use of lights and fixtures as interior decoration elements is an established trend.
Today, there are all kinds of fancy lights in the market with modern and antique designs. Colour-
There is a high demand for changing expensive RGB LEDs.
The latest product in this field is the record light in the MP3 player.
Fix one of them in your home and you will have a color
Change to a light that will hit your favorite number.
\"One of the biggest design advantages of Led is the most suitable for concealed lighting.
It is widely used in both commercial and residential environments.
From the kitchen counter to the computer lab, concealed lighting can be used to create an unobtrusive, soothing light atmosphere, \"A.
The Suresh case, the partner, Tian female electric appliance, Trivan, said.
Square \"square\" in the hole-
LED punch lamp is the latest product in this field.
It is now widely used as a commercial fixture.
The only thing you need is a fake ceiling to fix these types of hidden lights, \"Mr. Suresh says.
Linkable LED lights, punch lights and LED-and down-
The lamp is used as a concealed lamp.
It is fashionable to use diffusion LED lights to create a soft, uniform lighting environment.
Another important application of LED lights is to highlight certain key areas of the room or wall, such as a corner vase or portrait hanging on the wall.
The LED focus light has white and warm tones (
Slightly yellow).
\"Warm light is used as mood lighting to create a soft lighting effect and enhance the atmosphere of a place. LED up-
Lighting and concealed lighting in various shades are used to produce this effect, \"Mr. Suresh says. LED-
The demand for chandeliers is also great.
With the emergence of led, the traditional antique design has replaced the innovative and modern design of the chandelier.
Crystal, textured glass, stained glass and Tiffany chandeliers are just some of these products. Chinese-
Lamps, chandeliers and lamps named after local brands are popular LED products today.
In fact, the cost of LED lights has been significantly reduced over the past two years, making these products more popular. Suresh says.
\"While LED lights have made great progress in the lighting industry in terms of low power consumption and design, they cannot really be used as the main lighting source for the room.
LED lights are mainly used for special effects and design innovation.
\"In terms of actually lighting the room, good old tubes and compact fluorescent lamps are still the most popular,\" he said . \".
The latest products in this section are ultra-thin and stylish tube lamps with high wattage and lighting.
However, when it comes to coupling with wall decoration fixtures, CFL lamps are still the most popular.
Wall Fancy fixtures have a variety of materials such as plain glass, textured glass, fiberglass, smoked glass, stained glass, steel, crutches, and even highgrade plastic.
\"Common glass fixtures in geometric shapes are the most commonly used wall lamps.
Depending on the material of the lamp and the quality of the design, the price of the wall lamp can range from Rs to Rs. 150 to Rs. 80,000,” Mr. Suresh says.
The manufacture marketing game of led light manufacturers is changing with each innovation, and businesses of all products need to be ready to pounce.
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Long gone are those days when stage lighting equipment supplier were used to theatre spotlights for sale. Now new like dj laser lights for sale dj light supply have come up.
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