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beware, disco sally!

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
The 81-year-
The old widowed grandmother, with naughty eyes and beautiful blue jeans, turned around in the skating rink and moved smoothly, but slowly. Her ankle hurt.
She kicked her roommate in karate and she made life easier.
She has two sons, six grandchildren and two sons.
The grandchildren slipped to the side of the huge Alexander ice rink, shook their hips in a perfunctory manner, and came to an organ version of \"Chattanooga Joo\"
\"Choo\" fell down.
She giggled before hitting hard wood.
After the fall, in the giggle, one tall, bald and fast --
The skating man rolled over.
He says his name is Duncan, an artist whose work is surreal.
Later, in an interview, he said she was \"the highest \".
\"Yes, my ankle hurts,\" Long said, after a friend pulled her to her feet.
However, she did not start skating until the skating rink closed and then went to the disco to dance until 3 in the morning. m.
Brotherhood in Georgetown
Regina Long was born on 1897 at sw f Street in the area where she gave birth to her son.
Her husband Herbert Long, a mechanic who runs a car repair shop on Penn Avenue SE, told her that there was a wife\'s place at home.
Until his death in 1956, Regina stayed at home.
\"He\'s working. He\'s home. We \'ve had a good time.
\"I didn\'t jump much at the time,\" said Long.
After the funeral, Regina Dragon moved to an efficient apartment.
Her granddaughter Kathy is a teenager.
Then Agger and Long started walking around with Kathy\'s crowd on Saturday night.
As soon as I walked into their party, the Dragon said, \"Don\'t worry, Kathy\'s grandmother is here.
\"But Kathy grew up, got married, had two children, and got a little dull in terms of Long\'s way of thinking. The great-
The grandmother went on and left a nightgown party and pillow fight for disco lights and occasional Bloody Mary.
She now lives in an apartment in Arlington and feeds herself on social security and her husband\'s pension.
She has ice skates every Wednesday night.
She danced the disco five nights a week in Georgetown.
Last Halloween, she was wearing Shirley Temple\'s costume, holding a giant yellow lollipop and a water gun, winning a disco trophy for the \"most outrageous\" costume.
\"She is a lovely mother, but she is not a typical mother,\" said her son Herbert long . \"
A jet engine mechanic at Andrews Air Force Base
He and his family swam on marl\'s way through what he called a \"peaceful life,\" and Regina visited them a lot.
\"She had a lot of fun, but she didn\'t seem to have stayed for too long.
\"She doesn\'t like just sitting and chatting,\" her son said . \".
\"I \'ve seen that rocking chair and that rocking chair not get me,\" Long said, explaining why, after a peaceful life as a mother and wife, she became the person her grandchildren call \"disco grandma.
\"I stay at home and take care of my family.
Nowadays, the mother does not stay at home.
That\'s why there are so many crimes and crimes.
Now that my kids are all grown up, I can always act crazy and wear crazy.
\"When I\'m sitting in that rocking chair, it\'s going to be my end,\" Long said . \".
The race beyond the rocking chair includes a 1977 Christmas tour of the Georgetown nightclub, wearing 140 flashing lights for a long time.
\"I have three extension cords and lights from my head to my toes.
After I entered the door, they plugged me in . \" Long said.
She is learning karate from her grandchildren, and in last September, her toe was broken and she claimed to have ridden a horse near Houston, Texas, with a plaster model on her broken leg.
According to the doctor, although the fracture is a long-standing problem, it does not slow her down and does not adversely affect her health.
Arlington foot doctor for her treatment, Herbert mekes.
\"Her feet are very young,\" Metz said . \"
\"Her pulse is good to her lower limbs.
This was very good at the age of 81.
She is a pretty good girl.
\"At Georgetown, at the Brotherhood and Cy\'s, managers say Long is loved and loved.
\"She is more concerned than everyone in this place,\" said Glenn Thompson of the Brotherhood.
Her picture hangs near Cy\'s pool table.
Joe Tucson, 32, is one of her disco friends and she says: \"When you\'re down, she goes out of her way to make sure you\'re having fun.
When you call her and ask her to go dancing, the first thing she thinks about is what she can wear to make you laugh.
\"The Dragon plans to travel north to New York City this month to dance in the studio of the 54 disco.
She had heard of an old lady named Disco Sally, who was dancing wildly there, taking up the headlines.
\"I\'m going there to challenge Disco Sally,\" Long said . \".
Last week, 78-year-old Disco Sally arrived in New York, saying she will be filming a movie about her life in Hollywood in the next three months, called Disco Sally \".
\"But she said she was willing to challenge the district chief when she returned to New York.
Sally plans to marry her 26-year-old wife. year-
In the near future, old manager John tozos.
Regina Long says she doesn\'t want to be tied up so she won\'t get married to anyone.
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