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best clubs in paris

by:Marslite     2019-10-04
There are millions of things to do in Paris.
The city is full of art and history, exudes sophistication and is the most fashionable place in the world, but just like the socialites of boarding schools came here in the first year of college, there is a wild side to the city.
The bar may close at two in the morning. m.
But the different club scenes left Paris alive until late at night.
It\'s not just premium exclusivity, you need to be Scarlett Johnson to get through this door ---
Although Scarlett Johnson never gets hurt.
Clubs in Paris go from luxury to fashion to hard work.
Music crazy, here are our three favorites for the taste of each club member.
Silencio Club is probably the most unique club in Paris and there is a good reason. The members-only high-
Les Halles\'s end nightclub fully reflects the quirky ideas of its creator, film director David Lynch.
After midnight, the door was open to the \"public\" and those who were lucky enough to cross the eyes of the long queues and bodyguards (
Tip: become a famous writer/actor/director/painter)
Six flights off the plane enter the unworldly club, which is the best place for the interior design art exhibition.
The vaulted ceilings and enclosed walls inside the spacious bunker make five different rooms feel like gold --
Leave a maze of tunnels under a strange planet.
Talk to Oscar.
Win the producer through cocktails in the bar and enter the main stage
List dj spins for Jett who want to show some action.
Favela ChicThose wants to skip the hassle of making an impression on the bouncers and have their toes lined up and they should go to Favela Chic, a hipster that takes the Brazilian Carnival to Paris
Hidden in an alley in the Bastille district, there is no outside Display except a glowing hat, inside is the international youth\'s unpretentious and energy to the Latin beat
As the night enters a fun-filled hot ball, the wine flies off the shelf --
I like hipsters and travelers.
It\'s not a quiet night, so put on your favorite shoes and zumba go to the slum.
Social club social, this is a club that brings the best DJs and live performers in the city!
What music is there-
People who love the club ask?
Cool interiors are like scenes in old science fiction.
Science fiction movies in the future--an ultra-
Still feel modern decor retro.
The main highlights of the social club are the black walls and the black sofa: The DJ stage and the spacious dance floor.
An impressive lighting system with led and neon spotlight, rotating and flashing from the raf, setting the atmosphere for busy music --
Lovers ready to dance and dance.
A bar/lounge, free toiletries, and a hair dryer are available on site
The decor of the social club and the barrier-free door policy are perfect for those looking for a stylish place with great music and no snob.
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