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bernards chamber needs volunteers for shore cleanup saturday

by:Marslite     2019-09-30

Somerset County Chamber of Commerce is busy preparing food and other supplies for the fourth truck to be shipped to Sandy --
According to its president Friday afternoon, the affected coastal towns on Saturday.
But more volunteers are needed.
About 50 volunteers signed up earlier this week, but Al LiCata, president of the benaz Township Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the figure would drop due to severe forecasts this weekend.
\"We are now sure that about twenty people have fallen,\" he said . \".
The volunteers gathered at 9: 00. m.
On Saturday, in front of the Stop & Shop at the Lyon Mall in Basking Ridge, carpooling will take you to the pompomapola Park in Atlantic Heights.
The Chamber of Commerce has donated thousands of pounds in advance, likata said.
Food will be delivered to the coast this year, and the Chamber of Commerce will ship the fourth truck of food and water on Saturday.
He said the chamber had sent three tractors before.
Trailer full of food and water
Two of these trucks were donated by the Chamber of Commerce of the Bernardsville members and the pulse stage lighting company operated by the Columbus club;
United Van has donated two other trucks.
The Chamber of Commerce plans to help clean up the beaches near Sandy Hook and even help select homeowners affected by the storm.
People who are interested in volunteering should call LiCata (908)339-
5937, or more.
Volunteers need to bring overalls, boots, gloves, shovels, masks and goggles, according to the Chamber of Commerce.
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