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baroque architecture and design: use of light

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
This is an example of the Baroque period, where lights are widely used indoors with a destination.
The manipulation of light and light sources in this era is driven by artistic trends such as chiarocuro, the innovation of glass production, but also because of the needs of society, resulting in people\'s desire for drama and gorgeous display.
Baroque architects combine open windows with artificial light sources, using lighting, which in turn creates a sense of movement and emotion in a space without feeling.
The Baroque era was told by tensions over religious reformReformation;
The Church wishes to emphasize the ghosts and rituals of its faith and can do so in the internal structure of the church through decoration and lighting.
A notable example of this is the interior of St.
St. Paul\'s Cathedral in Rome or the Cathedral of viezhelligan.
The increase and concentration of wealth and power between the upper class and the nobility means the construction of luxury houses, which are expensive to equip and which are difficult to produce or obtain materials, coupled with the desire of the privileged to show their wealth well-off, this is an obvious pattern of Turin\'s stupid Palace.
Needless to say, Baroque style is applied in both religious and secular environments.
Baroque architecture and design draw inspiration from new innovations.
The Baroque period is becoming more and more interested in dramatic art, and the stage lighting is applied in interior design. ©Cole.
Like on stage, interior lighting can be set up and manipulated to establish or even reduce focus emphasis, increase or decrease the sense of openness and height, or even by creating moving and sparkling light, make the space look more gorgeous, just like the candlelight reflected on the mirror wall.
In addition, in the 1600 s, glass manufacturers in France improved the manufacture of flat glass, and they developed a flat glass process for producing finer glass plates with better transparency and high transparencyHigh quality mirror (
By applying metal to one side of the glass).
Decorative elements like glass windows, mirrors, and bronzing are expensive and certainly proof of wealth.
Baroque expression in art and art©The comprehensive artistic style of the Cole period;
Baroque artists like caravacho used chiarosuro extensively in their paintings.
This technique is replicated indoors, using real or artificial lighting that can produce spotlights and shadows.
There are also chiarosuro in the choice of indoor materials, such as contrasting dark and light colored or uniform marble or plaster, the snowflake plaster dome of San Carlo alekquattro Fontane or the stairs of the casetas Palace.
The mural is another way to manipulate the appearance of the space by creating an illusion of lighting just with images of the sun and sky;
The square and sooth in the SU paintings are a dreamy long sign designed to give people a feeling of increasing space and openness, which is usually expressed as a paradise or an open sky, A church like Rome\'s St. Andre de la Valle has a common architectural feature.
The inclusion and placement of windows enables architects to incorporate lighting into the structure they have designed.
Natural light can be used to emphasize a particular part of the space, like a row of tall windows, in the height of the dome of tambour, to guide the viewer to gaze up into the sky, baroque churches like San Lorenzo in Turin and many Baroque churches were appointed in this way.
Eyes, lanterns, Moon nights and other types of windows are also placed to take advantage of natural light and create visual directions, but hidden or irregular light source positions can also illuminate the internal focus.
The Sindo Church in Turin is an example of how Baroque architect gualini innovatively incorporated light sources into their design.
The church\'s stove is made up of more than one
Window drums and multiple windows snuggle inconspicuous on the curve of each arch, which rises from the top to form a dome with a secondary dome illuminated by small concealed windows on the top.
Sometimes, windows or window doors can be placed in the room to provide a scenic portrait and admire the delicate garden or landscape that was well received by the rich in the Baroque period.
Sometimes long windows that span the height of the entire wall can enhance the view and increase the amount of light in the window frame windows, which may also be used, but more likely in the UK.
Architects and artists also use candles to create specific and spectacular lighting, manipulating light with fire and reflective surfaces.
Exquisite chandelier made of metal, carved wood and crystal hanging on it.
There are candle holders and other types of candle holders in one room, such as guerrillas and torturers.
Mirrors can be hung on frames or on panels on walls, as they are in the gallery of Versailles;
Girandles, a mirror with a candle holder, was also used to make a mirror that looks like glass.
The huge fireplace and the huge chime also add lighting to the room at night.
Ormolu\'s decorative styles such as gold-plated plaster, gold-plated bronze decoration and furniture also add a sense of lighting.
In essence, in the Baroque period, both natural and artificial, all methods of using light are part of the heritage of interior design methods that help to establish design practices in modern times.
Manipulation or light is an element that defines the grandeur and drama of the Baroque era, but its definition must include the concrete manifestation of the universal emotions of conflicts inherent in the 17 th and 18 th centuries: light and darkness, reality and fantasy, grandeur and hard work.
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