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back to the past with new musical back to the future

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
Christopher Lloyd\'s return to the future (as Dr. Emmett Brown)and Michael J. Fox (as Marty McFly)
Will become a musical.
Source: supplier director Robert Zemeckis is reviewing the past for his next project
The stage musical \"back to the future.
Producers said on Thursday that the sci-based program
Science fiction comedy series starring Michael J.
Fox will be released on 2015, the 30 th anniversary of the film, in the West End of London.
If the new musical \"flying\" and the special equipment of the film DeLorean, Broadway is likely to be staged.
The new musical will have a book by zemikis, Bob Gale and Jamie Lloyd, along with new music by composer Alan Sylvester and songwriter and record producer Glenn Ballard
Lloyd\'s will also command.
In 1985 films, Marty McFly became a human guinea pig returning to his hometown in 1955.
Once there, he fell into the soap opera life of his teenage parents, including the mother who had a good impression on his future son.
The film was created by zemikis and Gail with a lot of music, including Hugh Lewis and the news theme song the power of love and Marty McPhee\'s future for Johnny B. Goode.
This movie, together
The films starring Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover and Liya Thompson were so successful that they spawned two more sequels, the second part of the future in 1989 and the second part of 1990, respectively.
The new musical will be added to the latest generation X screento-
The stage is reshaped into ghosts, horror shops, flash dancing, Dirty Dancing, legal blonde beauty, wedding singers, dirty corrupt villains and elves. Oscar-
The winner Zemeckis directed all the future films and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump, Polar Express and flight.
Sylvestari has filmed a number of zemiskis, including romance of stone, Forrest Gump and abandon. Ballard, a six-
American Grammy Award winner
For Alanis Morissette and co-
Music for stage music adapted from Ghost.
Lloyd\'s works include the Cyrano de Bergerac of Broadway, the Duchess of Malfi of Old Vic, who bent over to conquer at the National Theater.
Gale eckis has worked with a lot and he has also written comics, including Batman.
\"The landscape and costume design will be supervised by Sutra gilmo, Paul Kiff\'s fantasies, Jon Clark\'s lighting design, and Alan Williams\'s music.
Andrew Willis will serve as a skateboard consultant.
The producers of future musicals will include Amblin Entertainment, Colin Ingram, global stage production, Donovan manbei and cj e & M from Steven pilberg
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