attractions at the walt disney park in paris

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Disney\'s theme park of the same name opened in Europe in 1992, bringing a popular princess and cartoon characters to the continent.
Originally named European Disneyland, the current Paris Disneyland, 20 miles from Paris, maintains Disney\'s fantasy tradition and family-friendly fun, adding to France\'s talent.
Disneyland Paris is based on the American Disneyland, with many rides, performances, restaurants and parades.
Disneyland Paris (us. parks. Disneyland Pariscom)
Popular attractions include fun facilities for excitement, art and music.
In the Land of discovery, engaged in rapid
Rhythm fun of Space Mountain: Mission 2, adventure by simulating an indoor roller coaster in space.
After that, hop on your space cruiser and grab your laser to zap Zurg and his minions in the Buzz Lightyear laser explosion.
In the fantasy world, this is a very small world, showing through a multicultural singing doll, slowing things down with a gentle boat.
Escape to different times and locations with a roller coaster ride in the front of the wild, racing around a runaway mine train.
Sail through pirates in the adventure
Haunted Land, attacked forts, and a pile of glittering treasures stolen from the Caribbean.
Some rides, most notably roller coasters, require a minimum height, or advise those with certain medical conditions not to take them.
Every day of the year there are Disney shows or parades to entertain visitors.
In the tourist season of spring, summer, autumn and winter, there are more than 10 experiences waiting every day.
Every day of the year, the dream parade winds through the park and displays favorite Disney characters on the sparkling parade floats.
From April to fall, Mickey\'s Magic celebration combines Mickey, Merlin and Princess with lighting effects and Disney movie songs, the Disney Dance Express combines the classic Disney with the dance action of the \"High School Musical\" perfectly.
\"More summer shows include the summer fireworks show, the Mount Tai encounter, the jungle themed show at the Chaparral Theater, and the Fantillusion of Disney, an electric night parade.
At Walt Disney Studios Park, you can watch Disney characters perform driving stunts in star car shows, or watch one of the permanent performance attractions, such as the Disney theater or anime on stage, focus on painting and art in Disney film creation.
Whether your little one wants to take pictures with the princess or make faces with villains, Disneyland Paris gives you a few opportunities to meet characters.
Spontaneous character encounters and greetings are common occurrences throughout the park;
Those who are used to waiting in line to greet and greet will find that the system is organized less and more by chance, as will Disneyland in Paris.
Find your favorite princess in the fantasy world, while Mickey, Winnie the Pooh and friends are often on the street.
Characters like Alice in Wonderland or Jack Sparrow appear at certain times of the day.
Your daily schedule will show the time and place of the meeting.
Another way to know the characters is to take part in the character meal.
For Auberge de Cendrillon (dlpfoodguide. com/cendrillon. html)
A restaurant in the park that has lunch or dinner with the princess.
Guests staying at Disneyland Hotel (hotels. Disneyland Parisco. uk)
Every morning, Mickey, brunto, and friends appear at the Disney country restaurant.
At the entrance to Disneyland Paris, Disney Village is an entertainment complex full of shopping, restaurants and performances.
Buffalo Bill\'s Wild West program combines cowboy Mickey, Minnie, Gao Fei and Chipp Dale with actors playing Wild West celebrities, including Buffalo Bill,
Families watch Ranch games while enjoying Texasstyle meal.
While in Disney Village, you may also want to have a concert in Texas --
With Billy Bob as the theme, watch a movie at the IMAX theater or float on Disney Lake in PanoraMagique, one of the world\'s largest hot air balloons.
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