at the strip club, these custom-designed high heels are a dancer\'s walking billboard

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
Meet Natalya night: she is 30 years old and lives in Tampa, Florida, and her life is custom-made strip girl heels.
Through her Etsy store, nightdesigns design, Nightshade sells high heels to dancers who use her custom designs to market themselves.
I talked to the Night Shadow about how she quit her job and devoted herself to it.
It\'s time to start your own business, why custom glitter high heels can boost the confidence and potential business of dancers, and the real reason why men go to strip clubs.
Suzanne brathryn: How did you get into the industry of custom exotic glitter heels?
I started [from]pole dancing]
Two people\'s hobbiesand-a-
Half a year ago, I fell in love with it instantly.
It\'s fun and challenging, and the pole community is made up of the most supportive women ---and men--
I once met.
For about a year or so, I have a pair of old, worn-out high heels that I have been creatively leaning ---
I used to work in makeup and interior design. -
So I decided to make them shine.
I had some friends in my pole position studio asking about them when I was keen to change my career so it was a perfect opportunity storm.
So, I just did some market research and saw a niche that was not yet developed and took a leap.
I got my business license and came up with the design, made and tested a lot of high heels and once I was happy with the process and quality I opened my Etsy shop and started
Breslin: is the dancer\'s shoes a business card or a billboard in the club?
I think they can definitely!
Divestiture is a business, in any business, the more brands you get in someone\'s brain, the better.
Shoes that sparkle on stage and catch the lights will automatically give you more attention, and many of my foreign dancer clients also like to write their names on shoes, because this can help customers remember their names and hope to go back and see them in the future.
This makes them feel more familiar, contrary to what is generally believed to be what many men in strip clubs want: friendship, familiarity and people who can talk.
Breslin: Can you describe the process of how you make your shoes?
Night Shadow: We stick high heels and sand with tape, apply industrial strength flash glue, apply a few layers of flash glue and seal.
It is very important for us that nothing looks \"ready-made\", so all of our flashes are hand-mixed to get the maximum flash and use up to 10 different types for each color
Then, depending on the style of the shoes, we decorate them with rhinestones, gold foil and various types of foil and film.
Breslin: What is the price range of your custom designs and how long do they take?
Night Shadow: our prices range from $95 to $165 for five to six weeks-
Although we can accept a limited number of urgent orders, it will take two to three weeks.
Why are pole dancing shoes so important and why are they so high?
Night Shadow: as an exotic dancer, it can not only help you stand out, but also extend your body.
They can change the way the body looks and moves, not to mention a goddess in high heels towering over the ocean of men and occasional women. Stripper-
In the history of the poles, fashion shoes are so important that I think because they are traditionally so evaded by society that both exotic dancers and pole dancers accept this shame, use them as a source of strength and pride.
Height can be practical or pure aesthetic.
In my experience, hobbyists and professional steel pipe dancers usually choose high heels. -
8 inch, 9 inch, even 10 inch--
Because of how they are used and manipulated in dance and the exaggerated lines they create.
Most of my dancers and clients choose to wear short heels. -
6 inch, 7 inch--
For practical reasons
They stretch their legs but don\'t make them too high because most men prefer women who are shorter than them.
Stripper dance shoes may not look comfortable ,[but]
In fact, they have memory foam in their insole, which is more comfortable and stable than your regular three bedsinch or four-inch pump.
Breslin: So far, what\'s the most interesting pair you \'ve made?
Night Shadow: every time I make a new style, I get excited whether it\'s part of a permanent queue or unique
Because you really don\'t know how they will translate from your brain to reality, it\'s an exciting feeling to see that the finished product is better than you expected, but I have to say our Nebula heels are my favorite.
This is a painful question, and the first time I did it I figured out how to make Galaxy patterns with flash.
They are so layered and complex, but the final product is so worth the effort.
Is your business growing?
Nightshade: I in July of 2017 start design nightshade it soon took off.
By January 2018, I quit my day job and started working for myself --
Fortunately, we have been growing every month since then.
It is very important for me to seize as many opportunities as possible ---
Sponsor pole position events, participate in trade shows and collaborate with other brands-
Not growing too much, too fast.
Breslin: You said the community is \"very close and precious to Your Heart \".
\"Can you say more?
Night Shadow: I started pole dancing when my life was particularly challenging.
I am very nervous and need a creative exit urgently.
My first pole class was really the first stress class.
I have free time for a few months.
I told the boss when class was over-
I want the coach who lives there and I have lived there almost ever since.
Now I usually do pole dancing for six to twelve hours a week.
I changed from being stressed, inactive and insecure to being stressed, stronger, and more confident, and the 30 pounds light is not too bad.
Not to mention, I would not have had this business without pole dancing and steel pipe circles, and would not have had the opportunity to be my own boss.
Breslin: Can custom high heels help your customers generate more revenue?
Night Shadow: I can\'t answer this with numbers because I will never ask an exotic dancer the ins and outs of her income or work, but I know this: stripping is a hard job.
It may be a lot of fun, but it can also be very heavy mental and physical.
So, when a dancer ties a strap on her shiny high heels, which is handmade for her, she knows that no other girl in the club is going to walk in shoes that are as great as her, i\'m sure it gives her extra confidence that if I know one thing, exotic dancers know how to turn confidence into cold cash.
Breslin: Is your design authorization? I think so!
I think they give the wearer a little bit of extra confidence, whether she is dancing on pole position Studios, acting or playing stage, or dancing at a strip club, confidence is definitely empowering.
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