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by:Marslite     2019-09-05
Squicki for six months: a car owner in Colorado is waiting for new Jungle Resources: Graham Smith, a supplier car expert, to advise on the driving dilemma of the reader of The Car Guide.
I bought a new Holton 4WD pair last year.
Within two weeks of the taxi and delivery, there was a squeak on the left
Front suspension.
My dealer greased the bushes, but this did not solve the problem.
I now understand that this is a known problem in Colorado.
I read in your column a few months ago that the fix was only a few weeks away.
It\'s been six months now and I\'m still waiting for this issue to be resolved.
When you\'re driving along the street, it\'s not a good advertisement, and people will stare at you because of the huge creaking of the vehicle, let alone the embarrassment.
Regarding this issue, I have contacted Holden customer service and the response I got from them is that these things take time and at this stage there is no part to fix this.
How long should one reasonably expect to wait for this issue to be resolved? -
Scott Davis email
The message we received from Holden last week is that the Bushes can fix the creaking stuff, so go back and tell your dealer.
Off boosti wanted to know why my 2008 diesel Mitsubishi Triton GLXR dual-
The cab stopped working.
It happens about once a month.
It may be when pulling or not pulling, the weather may be hot or cold, or it may be when working harder.
There was no light on and the turbine did not make any unusual sound.
If I pull over, turn off the motor and start again, the turbine will restart.
My mechanic couldn\'t find any faults and he replaced the air filter and several other parts. What can I do? -
Craig, email is one of the problems with modern cars and there is no ready-made explanation.
Probably electronic.
The computer that detected something wrong will turn off the turbine. Re-
Actually, restart the computer.
The headlights on my 2012 VW Amarok high line can only be described as pathetic at best.
When I complained to the dealer at the first service, I was told that the light was within the specification.
The difference between high and low beams is trivial, as I have been driving around with high beams on for the past two months, not proven by abuse or flash.
I \'ve been in touch with Volkswagen Australia to go all out and bring it to another dealer for them to evaluate, but was told that the lights are within specification.
I was led to believe that MY13 Amarok is equipped with lighting that is far superior to \"variant 2.
I have emailed Volkswagen Germany and Volkswagen Australia to ask if the lighting system in the future is suitable for my vehicle.
The \"second and last reply\" email of the complaint from Volkswagen Australia said that since the vehicle has been inspected by two authorized Volkswagen dealers, and it has been determined that no faults have been found in the headlights as per the manufacturer\'s specifications and that nothing further will be done.
When I asked a dealer if my was the only complaint, he told me that three out of five people complained about the poor lighting.
I don\'t know where to go from here.
I like the car, but I hate the lights. -
We submitted Ian\'s question to the Australian public.
It said it would let his car in to check the alignment of the headlights, but nothing has happened so far.
In view of the unprecedented recognition of the public\'s complaints about its products, I suggest Ian investigate the matter further.
General manager John White said in an advertisement in the newspaper that the masses were there to help answer any questions that customers or potential customers might have.
Bad vibration si noticed that another reader reported severe vibration/shaking in auto 2. 5-
Diesel oil liter Nissan Navala.
As far as I know, this could be caused by torque converters that are locked to provide better fuel economy.
It wasn\'t until the rpm fell back to about 1200 rpm or the accelerator was pressed on the floor that my transmission was downshifting.
Below about 1600 rpm-
The 1800 rpm engine does not have enough torque to maintain power, except for flat ground where excessive vibration occurs when the engine is slightly tilted or towed (
If you try to keep the gears too high, similar to the manual).
In traffic, or when the speed limit has been reached, it is not possible to accelerate to force the transmission to shift.
Can you please let me know if this vibration will cause damage to any aspect of the vehicle for a long time?
Also, when the engine works at these low rpm, will the fuel economy be better or worse than the free rpm at about 2000 rpm?
I had the local Nissan dealer look at my car and the suggestion was that there was no adjustment or adjustment to the transmission.
How hard is it for Nissan Australia to set up new computer settings to change shift features?
Does the owner expect Nissan to undertake this task?
Or are we with these poor performers? -
Steve, if the engine works like it is now, the email corruption may continue.
Some people guess when to really let go.
I think the calibration for Nissan is wrong and needs to be adjusted so that the transmission will move down and the engine will not be under too much pressure.
SV sick, after reading your column\'s latest complaint about brigadier general\'s V6 oil consumption, I checked the oil level in my series II SV6, I was surprised to find that it was not registered on the oil ruler at all.
There was never any indication that there might be a problem, warning lights, etc. It took 3.
5 liters of oil to restore it to the right level.
It did less than 28,000 km and has been 15,000 km since the last service.
When I reported the high usage rate of 30,000 km service, the dealer told me that it fits Holden\'s specifications and I have nothing to worry about because there is still about four liters of oil left in the engine.
I protest that the use of oil is incorrect and should be repaired.
Just then they told Holden to be aware of the problem, which is the breathing problem of the motor, that the oil was sucked out of the oil pan and blown out of the exhaust unit.
They say Holden is working on the issue and will be working on it later this year.
I appreciate your opinion. -
Graeme Crook, emailYours is not our only report, so we think oil consumption in Holden v6 is a serious problem.
It\'s ridiculous to say that the consumption you reported fits Holden\'s specifications.
We have contacted Holden to try to confirm that a solution is being worked out.
My driveway tilts down from the street and into the garage, so I have to reverse my way to the street when I leave.
When I started my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel in the garage in the morning, I had to wait about a minute to reverse it, otherwise the car didn\'t have enough power to tilt it.
There is no problem after the heat.
I asked this question at the last service, but it seems that no one has an answer and no questions have been found. Is this normal? -
Howard, email no, not normal.
Bring it back to the dealer and ask to check again.
If there is no abnormality, let them consult the headquarters.
On my trip to the Highlands, I stopped to take a break and found out that my Holden Cruze Dissel would stop but not start.
The driver soldiers asked for the key, then closed the hood, locked the car and unlocked the car.
Then he locked it again, gave me the key again, and the Key started.
He told me that it was a computer failure in Cruze and I shouldn\'t have any more problems through this program.
Since it is still under warranty, I went back to the dealer who denied that there was a problem and put it on the computer to check if it was a fault --
Nothing is displayed.
RACV knows about it, but it\'s strange.
It has happened several times since then. -
Bob Reed of Bob holden says it hasn\'t seen the problem before, but its technicians are interested in your problem and eager to get in touch.
So, we will pass on your details to you if you wish.
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