as final technical eurovision rehearsals wrap up – the winners and losers of the pre-qualified eurovision finalists

by:Marslite     2019-09-30
Less than a week before the European visual song competition, the host Ukraine and the European visual big five have completed technical rehearsals, and the fate of France, Germany, Italy and Spain have been compared, britain and Ukraine.
Italy may have been a hit in winning 2017 European visual song contest, but Lucy Jones from the UK has done a fantastic rehearsal.
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Belgium is the second most popular rehearsal.
Lucy Jones presented a dynamic song with a perfect stage performance.
It\'s hard to imagine that Britain won\'t be in the top 10 this year after taking the second half of the run. .
Italy did a great job in the rehearsal and was still a hit for the victory.
The stage of Francesco Gabbani adds color to the fun dance and the vocals work well.
His shrill voice stands out and blends well with the supportive singer. .
France has made some progress in the second rehearsal, and may win the top 10 for the second time in a row in the European visual song competition.
Alma\'s Requiem is one of the most popular works of the year and one of the strongest video graphics of the year. .
Ukrainian rock band O.
Located locally, Torvald may be the best use of the European visual stage this year.
It\'s a big stage for solo artists, and the band fills the stage with effective lighting and a giant robotic head. .
A decent song based in leviña performed well, but they lack wow again-factor.
It was clean and clear, just like Lena\'s stage to win 2010 victories with a satellite, but it didn\'t have the momentum she did.
However, this should keep Germany away from the bottom of the scoreboard and from the fear of a third consecutive place. .
Spain may have trouble this year.
Things haven\'t gotten big since Manel was selected as the European vision entry for Spain, with a odds of 500/1, and bookmakers say Spain will have a hard time avoiding being the lowest entry before the European vision
Qualified European visual finalists.
Of course, there\'s more to be done before we make final predictions about the performance of the European visual song contest finalists.
There are 20 more songs to join, 10 for each half.
Finals on Tuesday and Thursday
Then is the final run order to be considered.
The European visual song contest will be broadcast on BBC1 on Saturday, May 13, and Graham Norton will broadcast live commentary in Kiev, Ukraine.
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