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by:Marslite     2019-10-04
POP/ROCKBack in the garden: first big-
Big Concert-
Since the original Woodstock 29 years ago, the named talent at the original Woodstock site will be held in August.
On the 14 th and 15 th, the anniversary of the \"Three Days of Peace and Music\" was commemorated. Johnny Mitchell. -
He didn\'t go to Woodstock, but wrote an article.
About its favorite songs--
One of the headlines is expected to be announced today, as is Steve Nick (
No one showed up at the 1969 event)
And several performances at the famous party.
Titled \"day in the Garden \"(
The name \"Woodstock\" is owned by the producers of the original show and they also supervise Woodstock \'94 on another website)
This is the first event of the old Yasgur farm estate since businessman Alan Gerry bought it, and it is reported that he plans to build a Branson in Branson, Missouri. -
Type destination generated by Woodstock.
* Pearl Jam on the road: On Sunday, in the canyon of Park City, Utah, the volume crowd of about 10,000 people ushered in Pearl Jam, the second date for the Seattle band --
Look forward to North America.
A reviewer at Desert News in Salt Lake City declared the show a victory, calling it \"great, vibrant \". . . performance.
\"A day ago, Pearl Jam kicked off the tour in front of 22,000 people in montmisurra.
Jeff Harmon\'s home.
Misulian\'s newspaper described the opening concert as \"1-hour 45-
A minute of wonder full of gorgeous lights [and]
A selection of songs spanning eight years.
\"The tour arrived at the Cox Arena in San Diego on July 10 and at the western forum on July 13 --14.
* Mayfield has broken his legs: Hall of Fame member Curtis Mayfield\'s Rock Hall, who has been paralyzed in his limbs since the stage light tower landed on him at the 1990 concert, A spokeswoman for Warner Bros. underwent surgery last week to amputate his right leg below his knee.
There are records on Monday.
Fans can write to singers.
Sussex field, Ill, suite 707, 100 Cook Lake Road, songwriter for Sussex group. 60015.
Peony Pavilion: Peony Pavilion, the center of section 98 Lincoln Center next month, is still on the edge, and its setting and costumes are blocked from leaving China by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture.
On Saturday, Nigel Redden, director of the Lincoln Center Festival, traveled to China to meet with Chinese officials.
Last weekend, the Shanghai newspaper criticized the director of the US office in Shanghai, the New York Times reported. S. -
Chinese immigrant Chen sponsored production-
Zheng said he was 400-year-
The old play caters to \"the prejudice and prejudice of foreigners against China \".
\"Within a reasonable range, the director has expressed his willingness to make a change,\" Lincoln Center chairman Nat livintal said on Monday . \".
\"But if you change these four things, you can go. This is not a simple problem.
According to Levinthal, in order to open in New York on July 7 as scheduled, the scenery and costumes must leave Shanghai before Thursday.
He continued: \"We know there may be problems, but Lincoln Center paid for The Peony Pavilion.
We never thought we couldn\'t get anything.
\"Art Artist Award: Pasadena-
Flintridge Foundation based in Los Angeles
San Francisco-
An artist based on his first visual artist award.
Recipients were selected from more than 650 West Coast applicants who have a career lasting at least 20 years.
Grants totalling $300,000 will be granted to Southern California People Chris Burden, John devarra, Noah priff, Nancy rubince and Betta Sal.
The Northern California winners are Lynne Hershman, David Ireland, Tom Marioni, Ron Nagle, Mark Thompson, Carlos Villa and Al Wong.
The Simpsons, Samuel L.
Jackson, Bob Newhart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Wesley snups, Jane Seymour, alex tribeck journalist Jess Marlow and the late Patsy Cline are stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year.
Other 99 star winners include Dennis Franz, Robert Vaughan, James Woods, Michelle Lee, Buffalo Bob Smith, Alabama, Freddy fend, John Frankie · four Seasons Hotel Walley
Fast USA. S.
The premiere of Adrian Lane\'s controversial film, Lolita, which, after not finding a willing drama publisher, will be aired on August at the cable screening time, will be held on July 15 at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills;
The American Civil Liberties Union will benefit from it.
Tickets are $100.
Get $1,000 through ACLU. . . .
Fox Family Channel premiered on cable TV on August.
Michael Jordan: an unknown story of an American hero is a theatrical film scheduled for release in early 1999.
A nationwide search of actors is in progress to find a 30-
Play the footer of the title character \".
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