arthur miller\'s \'all my sons\' opens on broadway

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All My Sons.
Steven Gerrard schenfield Theater, 236 W. 45th St. , New York.
Time: January. 11. 7 p. m. Tuesdays, 8 p. m. Wednesdays-Saturdays; 2 p. m.
Wednesday and Saturday; 3 p. m. Sundays. How much: $61. 50-$116. 50. Call (212)239-
6200 or visit telecharge. com. NEW YORK --
Director Simon McBurney blew away the dust of naturalism from All My Sons, revealing Arthur Miller\'s drama as unstoppable and timeless as the Greek tragedy.
A bold stylized work, all themed with John Lisgo as a corrupt businessman, Dean West as an exciting performance of his sad wife, I
Before the death of a Salesman, the 1947 drama was centered on Joe Keller (Lithgow)
A manufacturer, in the recent war, sold some defective aircraft parts to the government.
After the crash of 21 pilots, Keller was briefly imprisoned until he was acquitted when the responsibility was transferred to his partner.
As the story unfolded, Keller returned comfortably to the business world, and life in his country was also affected.
His wife, Kate. Wiest)
Despite the fact that their pilot\'s son has been missing for three years, he is sweetly stubborn in refusing to believe he is dead.
Their remaining son, Chris. Patrick Wilson)
When he wants to marry and marry, he will bring things that have not been said to his mind (Katie Holmes)
He used to be the sweetheart of his brother and the child of Keller.
Imprisoned partner
The truth of Keller\'s greedy business ethics-
From a larger point of view, Keller has not become a responsible member of society morally. -
At the end of the day, his loyal wife and idealistic son suffered a shocking result.
And after hit
The audience of the war, \"All My Sons\" is still potentially strong, but these days are subject to the quasi-
The real life of a play set around the suburban backyard, the chatty neighbors come and go.
Sometimes their eloquence sounds awkward, just like the main character sounds dangerous.
Like Eugene O\'Neill, Miller is better than talking in terms of stories and themes, and the heavy, and even clumsy quality hinders some talk passages.
A British director known for his excellent experimental work, \"McBurney staged the play in a surreal setting, taking the drama to a more grand level than just the death of a businessman stands out from Miller\'s dramatic engine.
Designer Tom Pye puts on real 1940s clothing for the actors, but shrinks the home to the frame of the screen door.
Outside the door, framed by dark leaves, faintly visible the grim background of a weathered plank, showing projections and documentary footage to reveal the larger world outside the barren backyard of Kells
When the actors are not on the stage, they can watch the event unfold.
At the end of the day, small characters gather on the main character like some Greek classic revenge choir.
Due to the dramatic changes in Moody\'s lighting and the soaring sound effects, this enhanced atmosphere allows the main players to freely portray the character as a larger onethan-
Life characters whose emotions transcend language.
As a kind old father, Lithgow began Keller\'s journey and was eventually seen as growling like a trapped beast.
With more and more pain beating in her voice, Wiest\'s comfort, Kate, who was initially blurred, turned out to be clearly delusional. Wilson\'s clean-
Chris Melde gets along very well with the strength of the beautiful Holmes --willed Ann.
McBurney revived the play with a compelling stage and a powerful performance, and he published an article \"All My Sons,\" directly expressing today\'s response to corporate executives to the rest of us.
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