arthur kaptainis: osm concert will leave us truly in the dark

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
Even in public, listening to music in the dark is not unprecedented.
A respectable choice is to close your eyes.
According to the track, some listeners went further and fell asleep.
Connoisseurs do not encourage snoring between movements.
Darkness is rarely imposed.
One of the world\'s most famous pianists, Sviatoslav)1915-1997)
Used to perform on a stage illuminated by a single desk lamp, pointing to the music on the piano, no matter how simple the track is, the Russian master read the music with due diligence.
Richter\'s goal is to deny the presence of the performer and focus the audience\'s attention on the score.
The quirky stage lights may have the opposite effect.
It is difficult to predict the sensory results on Friday, February.
16, when the OSM of Kent\'s Nagano performs its self
The American Symphony Orchestra concert is described in the dark.
Whether or not darkness will allow us to double our focus, or deprive us of the necessary stimulation to watch the performers participate in the music, whether our consciousness will obviously increase or suffocate, and the orchestra is betting on a positive experience.
Perhaps it is due to a little nostalgia for the baby boomers who represent a considerable part of the OSM population.
Note according to program-
Of course, no one can read in the dark --
The concert tried to restore the \"some of our previous miracles\" of the music without images \".
When Nagano was a California teenager in the 1960 s, his surfing talent was not high.
A flower is written on the note
Power preference for the dark: \"fanatics of psychedelic rock, Bach, Strauss --
Sometimes these three
Discover the fun of listening a lot to the record of their choice when the lights go out, without visual stimulation, and can be fully luxuriously immersed in the experience.
\"Not mentioned, but what may be implied in the text is the audio quality of such immersion --
For example, the Marantz amplifier drives the analog signal on the LP on the dual turntable through the AR speaker
Far more than most listeners are satisfied with the mobile experience today.
OSM is recommending a 1960 dress code, not to say that in the dark auditorium, it is important for the orchestra to perform behind the graffiti. Your bell-
The bottom will be noticed in the post, good or bad
Concert 1960 s funk-
Theme party in lobby Allegro.
Back in the music.
The longest project is 25-
John Lennon, an American composer, has nothing to do with the late Beatles.
Steve Hill is the world\'s premiere electric guitar solo.
We got an excerpt of about 16 minutes from Strauss\'s \"that is, sprach Zarathustra,\" whose exciting introduction became famous before 2001: The Space Odyssey.
The pop soundtrack of the Stanley Kubrick film also brings the vibe of Giri ligati into thousands of record collections, which would otherwise be short on a micro-tone cluster.
Other options are on the short side.
We hear from German modernist karhines Stockhausen
One minute Klavierstück I performed by pianist Olga gross.
Bach\'s famous Tokata in D minor, perhaps unfortunately, its fugue is omitted.
Rathhahn Orwood at Grand PierreBéique.
Clarinet player Andre Moisan improvise on Frank Zapa for about five minutes.
The OSM strings gave us the pulse version of their purple smoke from Jimmy Hendricks.
Interestingly, Lennon is the only living composer.
This is not the only unusual product that OSM offers in the coming week.
Wednesday, February.
Thursday, 14 and February.
15. Nagano led the First Symphony of Mahler, which is a standard enough track, but not often played with the sound and visual support of octobass, 2016, OSM bought huge super violins according to Nagano\'s suggestion.
In addition, in this program, there are Wagner\'s scene one of lohengreen and new works from Iran --
Born in Behzad Ranjbaran, inspired by Persian culture, commissioned and performed by OSM chief bass singer Ali Kian Yazdanfar.
* In which the chairman of the board assured us that he and his other directors were \"compassionate\" and \"moved by the suffering of certain musicians under the leadership of Charles dutoyt\" he resigned on 2002, and continue to think that the conductor is an annoying job.
Their testimonials were published on Le asiir and La Presse.
The statement reminds people that the orchestra is no longer in contact with Dutoit and draws attention to the \"prevailing atmosphere of respect\" since the arrival of Kent Nagano in 2006 \".
The history of 1998 to 2002 will never satisfy everyone.
For everyone who was against Duterte at the time, there was a Duterte admirer, and probably two or three musicians who found themselves leaning in one way or another, but were reluctant
It is clear that Dutoit\'s conduct in some cases meets the threshold of workplace harassment. In 2002 —
This is the beginning of the end-
The conductor filed a formal dismissal lawsuit against two violin players-the first violinist master Mark berryford and associate chief trumpet player Russell dewest-and no one thought it was based on
He may have a grudge against berriso because he is a member of the orchestra committee, which negotiated a contract to end the musician strike on 1998.
The contract includes a clause prohibiting travel, rehearsal and performance on the day, which Dutoit believes is not conducive to travel.
Whether or not this provision constitutes a valid reason for being offended is debatable.
It is debatable that Dutoit sees this as a fact.
Most of this was recorded at the time.
One thing to keep in mind is that Dutoit\'s name is again on the headlines, not because of the toxic OSM rehearsal atmosphere at the end of the 20 th century and the beginning of the 21 th century, but because some women claim, there is no popular focus on direct attacks, and their sexual harassment varies.
With the help of an experienced City reporter, I contacted at least four Montreal female musicians and a foreign soloist, and I have reason to suspect that they have received unnecessary progress.
The two did not wish to discuss the matter and others did not reply to the duplicate message.
OSM received it on December.
22, the Associated Press after the release of the news.
The orchestra quickly found an \"external investigator \"(
OSM refuses to identify who)
Investigate complaints and make suggestions to the board.
Reports that don\'t have time to publish.
Investigators are also not limited to a complaint or a complaint from a contracted band musician.
But the focus will be on sexual harassment rather than the historical rehearsal.
Pascale Ouimet, interim head of public and news relations at OSM, wrote in an email: \"This independent external investigator is due to his professional spirit, objectivity and experience of sexual harassment at work
\"The investigator will meet with those who wish to bring to her attention in person the facts relating to sexual harassment, whether they are part of the orchestra, and they will become direct victims of sexual harassment, external contractor or OSM executive.
\"This is the case now.
* Award for best concert of the year in Montreal.
Strangely, in this case, the boundaries of the city have been expanded to meet the Lanaudière Festival, which showcases Wagner\'s victory concert performance at Parsifal in last August.
YNS and OM also won in classical music.
Romantic category for October 2016 concert with French pianist Hélène Grimaud. (
Awards cover 201617. )
Nagano and OSM won the Renaissance-
Bach\'s Baroque work
Matthew\'s Passion heard in December 2016.
On last March, Julian bilodu gave us another wall brick, and he was appointed composer of the year;
The performance of the Montreal Opera House won the music of the year.
There are many other winners.
The award is issued annually by the museum.
For a full list, see.
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