art in the time of instagram

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the staff politely asked me not to take pictures of the blue dancers of Edgar Dega.
I walked around it and recorded the details in my memory.
The next week, a friend and I walked into the color factory.
The up Museum in Lower Manhattan, they handed us a card with a QR code.
\"There are cameras in every room.
You just scan this card and it will take a picture for you --
How much do you want, \"confirmed the staff.
We stood in a huge room with red disco lights on and scanned the cards over and over again.
We were lying on a huge pie chart, and the cameras on the ceiling flashed wildly.
In a room full of floating balloons and huge blue pool, we took enough photos for the holiday album.
As soon as the photo is clicked, it is sent to our inbox.
We were comparing our Instagram hits when we left the venue.
Color Factory 20,000 square feet
It opened in San Francisco in 2017 for a month, but its doors were open until it arrived in New York last year.
It is one of the emerging museums around the world.
At first glance, they may appear as studio rooms of glory.
But look closely, they are the melting pot of art, branding and social engagement.
What\'s spreading recently-
The starting trend may be Insta-
The popular Ice Cream Museum opened in New York on 2016.
Celebrities such as Beyonce and Katy Perry show photos of themselves standing next to huge popsicles and a pool of popsicles, turning popsicles into an important pop culture venue
It is reported that nearly 30,000 tickets were sold in less than a week.
The museum, which has nearly 30 corporate sponsors, has become such a popular museum and now has pop music.
The up retail brand called pint store has its own unique ice cream taste.
In the past three years, there have been many such places: a happy place in Los Angeles, a room full of longevity chrysanthemums, a pit of golden plastic coins and a rainbow
Grilled cheese sandwich
The New York egg house has a huge crate and a swimming pool full of white and yellow balls;
Canditopia came to New York from Los Angeles and made popular works such as Mona Lisa and star night with candy.
Not to mention all avocado museums (
Imagine a wall made of avocado skin)
In New York, New York pizza museum with cheese cave and pizza beach, as well as wdr Museum in Chicago, an art and science pop music
A zero gravity ball pit.
Not yet in India.
\"We are still trying to solve bandwidth and telecom spectrum problems,\" said founder Bose Krishnamachari . \"
Chairman of the Kochi Biennale Foundation.
Some call the new art space a museum, others call it a selfie factory.
They are all pop music. ups (
Average 6 months in a city)
You can visit in less than 45 minutes and design it into perfect photos.
Most of them have artists and brands they work.
For example, sponsors of the Ice Cream Museum include American Express and Tinder.
The two rooms in the color factory are sponsored by Maybelline and golden baby.
Tina marhorra, chief operating officer of the color factory, said their top priority is to create a space where visitors can not only see art, but also experience it.
\"As a showcase of color and experience, we created a color factory. . .
These two things happen to be very translatable on social media.
\"To clarify the difference between these museums and traditional museums, Kassia St Clair in London --
Writers and color experts working with color factories say, \"there is a direct value --
What you eat, touch, listen, and do
Only visitors can experience it, which makes your visit special and unique.
But unlike the Museum of Modern Art or the Whitney Museum of American art, there is no room to sit down and think about and study art.
Everyone follows-a-photo-and-move-on philosophy.
\"Social media has shortened the museum\'s meditation experience to a more immediate satisfaction experience,\" says Catherine Page, director of Delaware\'s contemporary museum . \". The pop-
Ups caters to the obsession with keeping healthy
Elegant and lively identity on the Internet.
But can they be taken seriously in the art world?
\"I don\'t think they are gimmicks.
They are the kaleidoscope experience for our art, especially culture.
\"We should respond to various cultural stimuli without trying to arrange them at a fixed level that assumes important,\" said art critic and poet Ranjit Hoskote . \".
According to art historian Patrick Coue, they teach us more about society than art or visual culture.
\"The Millennium Museum must be interactive, interesting and \'uninstallable\',\" he said \'. \" He added that once the picture goes live, \"the number of likes, thanks, recollections
Sending has become an important factor in deciding to see a particular museum or exhibition \".
So much so that \"traditional museums have to rethink how they interact with the public and how art is being talked about.
\"Many of them have stressed the need to re-examine, re-read their collections, contrast and challenge artifacts so that they can speak, educate and entertain most visitors,\" he said . \".
According to Hoskote, the emergence of social media has undoubtedly increased the notability of artists or art exhibitions.
It attracted wider attention and reached out to the international community
Generation of audiences, and allow measurement of global access.
In 2015, Wonder was opened at the popular Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC, an immersive work of art.
Specific installation.
It quickly became a hit on Instagram, reported in its 6-
It\'s a week longer than the gallery saw in a year.
As part of the 2018 summer show, the National Architecture Museum in Washington has a pyramid-shaped mat and a foam plastic ice house that people can walk.
In 2017, the Indiana Museum of Art was renamed \"new territory\" and became a place for social participation and art with beer gardens, performance spaces and artists --
Mini golf.
On 2018, the exhibition of Japanese artist Murakami was held at 148-year-
The old Boston Museum of Fine Arts has a line on the wall saying, \"If you don\'t share the photos of this exhibition, have you really visited?
\"With the emergence of technology and high-tech
High quality images, the boundaries between real things and photos become blurred.
\"Therefore, artists and cultural institutions should not be surprised by the use of the same visual\" marketing \"technology as other businesses through polished and attractive images,\" Coue said . \".
The floating picture gallery on this network is definitely a group-puller.
\"This is the only time to be the default marketing system,\" Taylor Bellet
The founder of the rosé house of rosé wines
Theme art space in New York.
However, art is popular
While Redefining the museum\'s representative, Ups did not herald a new art movement.
\"The museum that can be installed is just a supplement to the way we experience art.
This is a vassal of selfie syndrome.
\"The traditional meaning of the museum cannot be changed simply because the library or theater cannot be replaced,\" Krishnamachari concluded . \".
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