armin van buuren hyped for digital dreams in t.o.

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
Armin van Buuren, sitting in his Las Vegas hotel room, was quick to announce that he couldn\'t wait to be a DJ for thousands of Canadians in Toronto this weekend.
If it\'s just to stay away from the dry Sahara
Like the weather he\'s currently fighting.
\"It\'s hot outside.
\"You can\'t even believe what it looks like,\" the Dutch DJ said with a smile on the phone . \".
\"It\'s like when you go outside someone blows a hair dryer on your face.
\"This weekend, however, Van Buren is looking forward to the cool lakeside temperature as he goes to the apartment in Ontario square on Saturday night to make headlines for the badlight digital dream festival.
On Sunday, he will perform at the Escapade Music Festival in Ottawa.
For van Buuren, Toronto is the center of trance and EDM music.
\"I played Veld last year, which is so unusual, and now I\'m back on the stage of the digital dream.
There are a lot of people in the Toronto area who like trance very much, so it\'s important to play there, van Bruen said before admitting he felt he definitely needed to show up in the city at least once or twice a year.
It is not surprising that Van Buuren was taken to the northern capital of EDM;
Carnival lovers and trance fans have proved over and over again that they have been taken away like him.
\"On January, I had a good time in Toronto and ended the game (
Popular nightclub)
\"The government,\" Van Buren recalled with deep affection.
\"I played there the last time.
I mean, it was a little sad, but it was a very beautiful night.
\"When he talked about the most notorious club in Toronto, it was hard to hear the smile in Van Buren\'s voice.
He added that, like the Last Night of the government, it reminded him of why he pursued DJing\'s career when he was young.
\"I \'ve been playing for a long time and it reminds me of the good days that I\'m coming and the good days for the government,\" he said before stopping.
\"This is a very, very good performance.
\"While it may be difficult to get to the top of the iconic scene right now, Van Bruen thinks he will win the support of the digital dream crowd.
\"I always play new tracks, unreleased tracks, I play mashups-
\"My biggest hits are to get the audience interested,\" he said . \".
\"I have some unheard of mixes for digital dreams, so I might throw them away for the first time.
\"One of the wide appeal of the EDM series is the fascinating lighting performance that musicians weave in a complex way.
For van Buuren, the correct use of lights and other special effects is the same as music, providing an unforgettable overall experience for those who attend the show.
\"We and (
Festival producer)
EDC of this year\'s winner (
Electric Daisy Carnival)
\"To do something really relevant, I \'ve been trying to create a special introduction with great visuals,\" he said . \".
\"So it\'s not just a DJ playing in the festival, it\'s an experience playing for tourists.
\"It\'s a lot more accurate.
Van Buuren not only plans a multi-faceted immersive experience for digital dreams, but also plans to host more festivals in the future.
Still, van Buuren insists that nothing is more important than music, and that is still the biggest motivation for his live living in Vegas and touring the rest of the world.
He added that his upcoming untitled album will push the envelope further.
\"It will be very different from my previous job.
The first list came out, and I really couldn\'t say the rest.
\"I just finalized the contract,\" he joked . \".
\"I want to scream on the roof, but I have to wait until the legal work is done.
\"At the moment, van Buuren is focused on preparing parts of the scene for digital dreams and polishing tiny, limited details to make sure there is no problem.
Even now, as a well
He is considered a legendary veteran of the scene and will still receive butterflies every time he has to perform.
\"You can never be fully prepared.
There is always a lot of excitement;
This is something we have prepared a few months in advance, \"he admitted.
\"That\'s why I like this job.
I have been studying.
This excitement will never really disappear.
\"Weibo: @ loudmouthjuliajulia.
Alexander @ Sun Media
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