arden fingerhut, stage designer, 48

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
Aden finghute, a prolific designer at the theater, has highlighted dozens of Broadway productions over the past 20 years with lighting and stage effects, yesterday at Adams, north of Massachusetts
She is 48 years old and lives in varnal.
Her husband, Dennis mcchough, said the reason was breast cancer.
Arden Fingerhut designed lighting for major works such as Da, Bent, hay fever, Plenty and Driving Miss Daisy.
\"In a drama season, she sometimes plays up to 20 pieces on stage.
In addition to Broadway and Broadway, she also designed lighting for regional companies, including the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven and Williamstown (Mass. )
Drama Festival.
Her works at the Shakespeare Festival in New York include 1988 works of Caesar and King John.
\"In 1982, she won the Obie Award for her continued excellence in lighting design.
She is a professor of drama, former chairman of the Williams Academy Theatre Department, trustee of the Williamstown Theatre Festival, and director of the New York Theater Communications Group.
Except Sir.
The daughter of the daughter, modd mikulevich, has survived.
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