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by:Marslite     2019-10-08
At Kirkgate Art Center in cork mouth, Cumbria, you can see the churches of All Saints.
The Kirk Gate Centre Trust fund raised £ 80,000 to start the conversion and protection work for both projects
Multi-storey sandstone building, formerly a Victorian school within a protected area, but it would take £ 105,000 to complete the project.
The trust fund and many of its supporters have long believed that the little cock needs an art center with an auditorium --
Visit theater companies and local groups such as the amateur theater association of Cockermouth, the Castlegate singers, the Scottish Dance Association and the Harmony Association.
Trust wants to re-
The photographic Music Association was established and the Film Club was established.
There\'s a hammer in Kirkgate. beamed first-
Floor Auditorium for 160 people.
Stage equipment is still needed, including seating, lighting and projection rooms, and elevators.
On the first floor, the trust plans to create a museum dedicated to drawing the history of this town, known as the birthplace of Wadsworth, dating back to the formerRoman times.
The town of the medieval royal charter,
This is the birthplace of chemist John Dalton and bounty Soldier Leader Fletcher Christian;
It\'s actually self.
During the Industrial Revolution, support was provided with leather mills, ropemakers and hatters.
The trust hopes that the center will attract people from all age groups, including the disabled, including locals and tourists.
The center\'s support club was established with 170 members and a series of funds
Fund-raising activities were launched earlier this month.
There is an urgent need for the trust to raise funds to complete the project.
For more information, please contact: Kirk Gate Arts Center appeal, Brathay Hill, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cambria CA13 9YB Cork, Tel 07687 76540.
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