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by:Marslite     2019-10-11
On Wednesday night, when the Winnipeg Royal Ballet staged the much-anticipated Wizard of Oz, it showed a large ballet that was so bold and wonderful that one might want to say, s. Choreographer Septime Webre has upended mature art forms.
Or, perhaps he redefined it in the 21st century, defining it as a mosh pit full of classical rigor and funky street attitudes, unapologetically driven by modern chariots
Digital technology rotates its narrative in it.
It is also safe to say that colleagues like this
The performance of the Kansas City Ballet and the Colorado Ballet has never appeared on this stage, and the Canadian premiere of the RWB is its outstanding 79-year history.
Close Wednesday night-
In the Centennial Concert Hall, audiences of all ages are more lively than the hive of Kansas. Based on L.
Frank Baum\'s fantasy children\'s story, The Wizard of Oz, inspired the classics of 1939 Hollywood films starring Judy Garland, and then Broadway released wizards and evil.
Hourly production (
Including intermission)
Telling the story of Kansas farm girl Dorothy, who dreams of adventure, before realizing that \"there is no place like home\", she embarked on a journey to the magical land of Oz.
\"We wisely avoided blindly following its famous storyline, but allowed his own creative inspiration to flow, while discovering Dorothy\'s companions on the Yellow Brick Road: The Scarecrow, the lion and
It is worth noting that his bold Ballet is film-sensitive and has been approved by Warner Bros.
During the ballet development that began in 2016, the company strictly controlled the intellectual property rights of 1939 films.
The show is very choreographed, often similar to a steroid ballet, and also shows a range of styles that have a populist appeal. We see hoe-
Downs and Studio 54-
A disco number worth it;
Cunning mention of classical ballet, including La bayadère of Petipa, and even throw a few little swans from Swan Lake;
The hip jazz mix even has a cameo appearance of \"FLOSS.
All of this is based on superb ballet skills, tied together in the ever-changing style of the show.
It tested the company\'s courage, and its dancers handled Webre\'s choreography with a calm attitude.
The first was the lead dancer, Sophia Lee, who injected Dorothy\'s key role with a perfect storm full of innocent deceit and restless desires.
Seems to spend more time on Webre\'s chin
The descent, complex elevator, usually consists of three or four dancers, Lee\'s superb acting skills and ability to fill the stage with her charm, including stretching her limbs to their apex, created a completely believable dreamer, who laughs happily whenever little Toto pounce into her arms and gazes fearlessly at the evil witch of the West.
Each solo that was given to her was full of faith and expressive musicality, as well as under a bright full moon with her and her three friends, during the gorgeous \"pas de quatre\" in front of the dreaded flying monkey team.
It was such a pleasure to see the ballerina bouncing and slotting in sparkling Ruby pointed shoes in several ensemble scenes, apparently the time of her life.
Every friend of her (
Also performed as a farmer)
Including: Lion (Liam Caines); Scarecrow (Stephan Azulay)and Tin Man (Yosuke Mino)
Also perform their own unique dances with gorgeous dances, especially in their individual solo, seeing the lion shaking in fear, the Scarecrow slipping on stage like a rag doll, and the Tin Man angle moving.
When the hipster trio arrived at Emerald City, it turned the spirit of John Travolta\'s iconic disco number into a lively highlight in Saturday night\'s frenzy.
Another outstanding performance
And revelation
Is Jaimi Deleau an evil witch (
Miss Gucci doubled)
He brought a bigger one. than-
The intensity of her character\'s life was great, driving the plot, including cycling through the air in a terrible tornado scene.
Chief dancer Dmitri Dovgoselets has also had an imperial impact on his role as a wizard.
The beard of man Wei and green.
A few scenes let people hold their breath.
The poppy field that led to the opium of four friends-
Induced sleep performed a gorgeous waltz on Aaron Rhyne\'s silhouette projection until the radiant Glinda of the soloist Yayoi Ban saw snow to break their spell.
After spinning the scene, the quartet arrived in monkinland, a striking event.
Including Liz Vandal\'s psychedelic outfit and the saturated lighting effect of Trad A.
Burns, freed from the monotonous Kansas farmland.
In the second act, the winged monkeys that suddenly flocked to the stage, including the puppets designed by Nicholas Mahon and three flights (human)
The monkey is dressed in leather and has a magnificent, eclectic Original Score at Matthew Pearce (
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra led by master Julian Perrico is impeccable)
Match the art visual notes of Webre.
Cute polar bear cubs that come out of hibernation every year in RWB\'s Nutcracker now have competitors: a bunch of bugs
The eyes performed by the students in the entertainment department of the RWB School, as well as the Poppyseeds and baby ballerina, caused oohs and ahhs in the crowd.
Cameron Fraser specifically mentioned
Monroe, as the stage puppetry of the little puppetry, his whole body and emotion were amplified by the puppetry as he seamlessly navigated the mechanical devices of the puppetry, and almost disappeared into the air with the border dog, which also attracted great joy.
The show also has a lot of humor, and Webre solves the problem of how to paint the yellow brick road with eight bowlers
Decorated with \"bricks\", the \"bread\" with a hat and glasses moved a big slope on the stage for Dorothy and friends to follow.
The wizard did not appear in person at first, but a looming visual projection with hollowing out --
Eyes, instill your own charming son
Text on the technological deification that is taking place in contemporary society.
There\'s a lot-repeat, a lot —
The play may be called the steps of the Red Bull ballet.
Before the story gets a solid foothold, the first scene can sometimes make people feel panting.
Some scenes, such as apple falling from the tree, also feel that the time is too long.
In structure, Webre wisely adheres to classic principles such as diversity, which makes the audience (and dancers)
Let them breathe collectively.
The end of the show is that Dorothy hits her ruby slippers three times and takes her back to her home in Kansas, which is coming soon, though at the end of the fierce ballet we have done it for ourselves
Still, this is a very interesting Broadway. meets-
Ballet, staged in a warm standing applause.
Like the cheers of the opening night, it may be long remembered as the eyes of the storm --
The evolving art form we know and value is \"Ballet \". \"holly. harris@shaw.
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