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Hurricane Florida September 12, 2006-
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Soleda O\'Brien, cnn anchor: Good morning.
It is Tuesday, September 12.
I\'m soleda O\'Brien.
Miles O\'Brien, cnn anchor: I\'m Miles O\'Brien.
See what happened this morning.
In Syria, there was a blatant terrorist attack at the door of the United States. S.
Embassy in Damascus
Witnesses said the attackers drove up, shot Syrian guards and detonated a car.
Syrians say they killed four attackers. S.
O\'Brien: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al
Maliki was in Iran this morning.
He is meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The talks are expected to focus on security and political relations. It\'s al-
Maliki made his first official visit to Iran since taking office. (
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Unidentified woman: midnight in New York
The annual mark of September 11, 2001. (END VIDEO CLIP)S. O\'BRIEN: . . .
As early as July, North Korea was sanctioned for missile tests.
According to a senior South Korean official.
However, the official said the situation could change if North Korea returns to talks on a nuclear program. M.
O\'Brien: Gunmen attacked a Shiite mosque in northeastern Baghdad, killing at least seven people.
Police say the attackers fired six mortars and then detonated explosives around the mosque.
S. al-Qaida agents and spokesmen will face more charges in the United States.
Adam Gardane appeared in several al-Qaida videos and has faced sealed prosecution for supporting terrorism.
It\'s reported that the FBI could sue him for treason. S.
O\'Brien: in Bermuda, Hurricane Florence is cleaning up after bypassing the island chain on Monday.
Florence cut down trees and had a power outage, but authorities say only a few people were injured and fortunately no one died.
This morning, we invited Chad Myers, our weather expert, who is at the CNN Center.
Hey Chad, good morning.
Chad Myers, cnn meteorologist: Good morning, soleda.
There are several very good gusts on the elevated platform.
They have many such towers around Bermuda for communication.
The commissioner ordered a gust of wind to 110 and St David Tower (ph)
111 miles per hour.
So, when it passes, it\'s not a small storm, with a huge wind, although the core of the biggest wind is really just in the west of the island, this saves a lot of damage there, because if the wind is only in the ocean, along the reefs of the western part of the island, it is not too bad.
One more.
Tropical Storm Gordon had Gordon this morning.
It forms overnight.
There are also Florence.
Now it will remain in the eastern part of the Atlantic-Canada area.
Right next to Newfoundland.
But see where it goes.
They are the three British islands here.
Now, when a tropical storm really gets there, it won\'t be a tropical storm.
This is what we call the tropical climate.
It\'s just a low point.
However, from this storm, there will certainly be some wind in the British Isles.
Excuse me, Gordon is here.
It\'s a storm now. -
There are the Leeward Islands.
It will miss Bermuda.
Do you know? I don\'t mind.
If all the Hurricanes missed this year, we could have 27.
It\'s okay.
Just sitting there spinning in the Atlantic, that\'s not that bad. (WEATHER REPORT)
Come back to you. S.
I like this for two consecutive weekends.
Okay, Chad. thank you.
Miles: You\'re welcome.
Some of our breaking news--excuse me --
Syria this morning.
There was an explosion and shooting-out near the U. S.
Embassy in Damascus
There is no word about who the attacker was.
However, four of them were killed by security forces.
No one was injured at the embassy. The U. S.
Despite the tension between the two countries, the embassy was maintained in the Damascus diplomatic service.
Looking for reporter Salma Tuma.
She called near the scene this morning.
Good morning, Salma.
What can you tell us?
Reporter: Yes, hi.
I\'m on the scene right now.
What I can see is that they just removed the third car they thought was suspicious and there was explosives under the car.
So far, all areas have been evacuated and cars are not allowed to enter.
They are cleaning up all the glass, broken glass on the floor.
People stand there and look at what is going to happen.
The children just came out of school because they were not allowed to go out before and they thought it was not safe for them. The security. S.
O\'Brien: Any news about who the attack was or could be?
Is there any motivation at this point?
TUMA: They said the attackers were very irrational.
Security guards stopped them here.
They stopped two of them.
One of them was injured and two were killed. One security --
A Syrian security officer was shot in the crossfire between the attackers and security personnel.
We don\'t know who they really are, but we know what they want to do is get into the embassy and start shooting inside. S.
O\'Brien: reporter Salma Tuma joined us by phone this morning.
Thank you, Salma.
Safety was under tight control this morning.
But there is occasional violence there.
Let\'s learn more from CNN\'s Anthony Mills.
He reported in Beirut but was familiar with the area. (Start Video)
Anthony Mills, CNN correspondenton camera)
: The attack on the American embassy in a residential area of Damascus does not seem to have the sign of a massive attack, um-
We\'re here for a planned attack linked to al Qaeda.
But it does belong to a series of conflicts between the Syrian security sector and the Syrian fundamentalist Sunni Muslim groups, especially in the past year and a half.
There have been sporadic reports of clashes between the Syrian security forces and these groups.
The effective attack is to kill two birds with a stone.
On the one hand, it is aimed at the interests of the United States at the center of one of the most famous capitals in the Arab world.
Even if it\'s not a massive attack, it\'s a daytime attack.
At the same time, it also makes the security sector in Syria look vulnerable.
For many years, the Syrian security sector has strictly controlled political activities.
This could encourage some analysts to believe that Bashar al-
Syrian President Bashar AL-ASSAD has no grip on power as his father, President Hafez Al. Assad, had.
Not only inside the old guard, but also in these fundamentalist Muslim groups, there is a roar of resistance.
Anthony Mills of CNN, Beirut. (END VIDEOTAPE)M.
O\'Brien: The War on Terror is the mission of our generation.
President Bush described this in his 9/11 anniversary speech last night.
The president defended the war in Iraq and said that we are in a war that will point the way for the new century. (
Start Video Editing)GEORGE W.
US President Bush: we are faced with an enemy who is determined to bring death and suffering into our homes.
The United States did not demand the war, and every American wanted it to end. So do I.
But the war is not over yet.
It won\'t end unless we or the extremists win.
If we do not defeat these enemies now, we will let our children face a Middle East occupied by a terrorist state and a radical dictator with nuclear weapons.
We are in a war that will set the course for the new century and determine the fate of millions of people around the world. (END VIDEO CLIP)M.
O\'Brien: now in defense of the war in Iraq, the president-
He said the safety of Americans depends on what happened on the streets of Baghdad. (
Start Video Editing)
Bin Laden called the Battle World War III.
He said the victory of the Iraqi terrorists would mean a permanent defeat and disgrace for the United States.
If we hand over Iraq to people like bin Laden, our enemies will be more courageous.
They will get a new safe haven.
They will use Iraqi resources to fuel their extremist movements.
This is not allowed to happen.
The United States will continue to fight.
Iraq will be a free nation and a strong ally in the war on terror. (END VIDEO CLIP)M.
O\'Brien: President Bush says Americans need to put aside their differences because winning the war on terror requires a united nation.
Today is the main day for elections in several parts of the country, nine states and capitals.
There is a lot of political vision on Rhode Island. Incumbent U. S.
Senator Lincoln Chaffey, considered by many to be a liberal Republican, faces the challenge of a more conservative Steve leffey.
Mr. Chafei is out of line with the White House on Iraq, abortion and taxes, but he still has Republican support.
Republican leaders fear that the loss of a chaffy Primary in November could cost the Republican Party a Senate seat. -Soledad. S.
O\'Brien: five years after the 9/11 incident, the real root cause of terror has been updated.
Anderson Cooper just got out of the embedded system.
He joined us from Afghanistan.
Pakistan border this morning.
Good morning, Anderson.
Anderson Cooper, cnn correspondent: Good morning, soleda.
You know, after a day in memory of the 9/11 incident, the fighting here continues.
It\'s a different day, really, or like everyone else, going out on patrol like we did yesterday.
The focus of these patrols is interception.
They are trying to prevent foreign militants, the Taliban and militants from crossing the Pakistani border.
As you know, Pakistan has signed a ceasefire agreement.
In the border area of Pakistan, a fire agreement was signed with Taliban militants.
These militants, frankly speaking, do not even recognize the border as a legitimate border.
They think there is no difference between this part of Waziristan in Pakistan and this part of eastern Afghanistan.
So the soldiers here are very concerned. the intelligence sources we talked to are concerned about the upgrade of the battle and the cross upgrade.
Border invasion.
They are now monitoring any crossover with great vigilance.
The border invasion they saw.
Then they will tell the Pakistani military when people are crossing and who is crossing and they will wait to see what the Pakistani military can do.
But the situation is frustrating.
They cannot cross the border into Pakistan to hunt down al-Qaida militants or Taliban militants.
Pakistan has made it clear that they will not allow the United States to join. S.
Troops fighting in its sovereign territory.
This makes the battle here even more difficult.
This is what we can see every day.
When you go out on patrol, soleda, the enemy is by your side.
You can see the marks of them.
About how you know they\'re there, I can\'t talk too much about the details, but, how close these fighters are when you patrol, how many enemies are there in the whole area, this is very surprising ---Soledad. S.
O\'Brien: Anderson, ask you a simple question about some kind of rocket attack when you were in our air yesterday.
Basically, when everyone starts running in, you start going in.
What happened behind you?
It\'s all right.
Yes, I should have gone. . . S. O\'BRIEN: OK.
Cooper: It\'s strange to say that. We\'re fine.
What is happening is that they have received information about the movement of some foreign fighters or Taliban militants, and I can\'t say exactly where it is, but they have a feeling that they are moving.
They received some information.
This unit is 105 howitzers.
You see, they have a 105 shell.
Frankly, this kind of thing happened several times a day because intelligence came in.
They\'re going to fire this.
We don\'t actually see the impact area.
The range of the durian gun is about 12 miles, so it can launch the shell far away.
They then wait for the impact they want.
Again, Soledad, this kind of thing is happening all day.
Usually, when they receive a rocket shot, they coordinate the exact location of the rocket battery and return to the shot.
In this case, again, it\'s not coming in and they just get some intelligence that they\'re responding.
So, Soledad, this is what happens every day.
The 9/11 anniversary event you saw yesterday was interrupted by artillery fire, with a total of six rockets and mortars fired at this forward base of operations, and they ended up doing so and decided to continue the memorial ceremony in the evening.
Despite the danger, all the soldiers are still gathered here and they have a very simple one, but it is indeed a very melancholy and emotional service.
It looks like they\'re going to reposition the howitzers, Soledad, and they might open fire again. S.
O\'Brien: OK, Anderson. please be safe. Thanks a lot.
What we should mention is that everyone can grab more of Anderson Cooper.
Apparently, he was reporting from Afghanistan.
\"Anderson Cooper 360\" at 10: 00m.
CNN, Eastern time. M.
O\'Brien: Although Bermuda is beautiful, it will still appear in this project.
We will have pictures of how the island survived Hurricane Florence.
There is also a free recliner to watch the bear.
Provide thousands of dollars of free furniture for believers.
Kelly Lee, who had business headlines this morning. Hello, --Carrie.
Kelly Lee, cnn reporter: Good morning.
Hello everyone. Bristol-
Miles shiguibao may be forced to fire the chief executive today and Congress is now asking Hewlett
Packard will hand over records of possible leaks of illegal media.
In the morning of America, we will have more stories. (
Business break)M.
O\'Brien: in Syria this morning, there was a blatant noon terrorist attack at the door of the US state. S.
Embassy in Damascus
Witnesses said the attackers drove up, shot Syrian guards and detonated a car.
Syrians say they killed four attackers.
A second trial of Saddam Hussein is underway in Baghdad.
Hussein was accused of ordering the killing and deflating of more than 180,000 Kurds in late 1980.
Hussein is still awaiting a verdict on his first trial, where he was accused of killing dozens in retaliation for assassination attempts.
The first of the three spacewalks on the Atlanta mission is in progress, and a pair of astronauts will attach 17-and-a-half-
Tons of truss and solar array for the International Space Station. S.
O\'Brien: Hurricane Florence has largely saved Bermuda.
One of the reasons is that, 60 miles away from the coast, the eyes have never been close.
In addition, the building code in Bermuda is very strict.
Bermuda is about 660 miles east of Roanoke, Virginia.
Here\'s Karl Penhaul from CNN this morning.
Good morning, Carl.
Karl penhaul, cnn correspondent: Hurricane Florence is considered the second category of hurricanes in soleda;
But in the event, it never strengthens anything above class 1.
However, this means that although it continues at about 90 miles per hour, there are still gusts of up to 105 miles per hour.
But like you said, I left the West and lost-
No casualties were reported and no major damage to any building here. (Start Video)PENHAUL (voice-over)
Waves hit Bermuda\'s coastline.
Hurricane Florence is turning over with winds of more than 100 miles per hour.
The palm trees threatened to break.
Drive a mixture of rain and sea water spray.
But the houses on the island are built according to strict standards, and it is difficult to withstand such blows.
In the calm after the anger, the yacht tightened at the berthing of Port Hamilton, but there was no sign of damage.
Government staff did a short job of cleaning up the rooted trees and branches.
Government staff Maurice Trott: there are only a few trees here and there blocking the road in certain areas, and it\'s not a big deal.
PENHAUL: Authorities say the hurricane destroyed the electricity of the third-largest population in Bermuda.
A few hours after Florence drifted into the North Atlantic, most of them were reconnected.
The mayor of the Bermuda capital Hamilton, David Dunkley, rode a motorcycle to investigate the ruins.
David Dunkley, Hamilton mayor: everyone is well prepared for the storm in advance.
So, if you are very conscious, it means that people will pay attention to you.
So everything is fine, I believe.
PENHAUL: several residents like Kevin Smith have helped clean up the workers in an effort to make Bermuda\'s ships take shape quickly.
Kevin Smith, Hamilton resident: I mean we will start again tomorrow.
All cleaned up.
Later in the afternoon, the tourists returned to the beach again, hoping that tomorrow will be another lazy day in heaven. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Soleda, if we look behind me, you will find that the sun is rising and the sky is clear.
It really looks like another good day on the beach. -Soledad. S.
O\'Brien: there is good news and good news in this regard. the hurricane did not cause much damage.
Our Karl Penhaul in Bermuda
Thanks, Karl --Miles. M.
O\'Brien: there is still a working day in space.
Two space shuttle astronauts enter space, ready to make the space station a stronger place.
We will have shocking details.
What\'s the name of a little prince?
The boy who could one day become Emperor got a name today.
He still has a lot to do considering its meaning. That\'s ahead. (
Business break)M.
O\'Brien: news from the pharmaceutical company this morning.
Kelly Lee is here too. Hello, --Carrie.
Thanks, Miles.
We\'re talking about Bristol. Myers Squibb.
They may be forced to fire their chief executive Peter Dolan ).
A few things have happened here.
First, the company operates under some kind of agreement with the United States. S.
Attorney General of New Jersey after $2.
The company has had 5 billion scandals involving a backlog of wholesalers to push up sales.
So this is the first question.
And then the company--
They were involved in delaying generic drugs-
This is one of the best for competitors
The blood thinners are called Bolivar.
Two things happened here.
An external person in the company suggested Mr.
Dolan is fired because if the company does not fire him, they may face charges related to the investigation.
Some reports about this.
This is the latest news from Bristol.
Congress is the second.
Look at five of Bristol\'s.
Annual stock chart, you can see that the company has lost a lot of land since Doran took over in 2001.
Shares fell 56%.
Now go to Hewlett. Packard.
Congress is now asking HP to hand over its record in a possible leak of illegal media.
This has been going on for a few days.
The board decided whether Patricia Dunn should leave the company.
She asked for this investigation.
Basically, private investigative companies, independent companies, pretend to be journalists and others when they get phone records.
Many things have happened here.
Larger picture involving HPPackard scandal
The FCC now plans to set new rules by the end of October to allow telephone companies to step up procedures and plug loopholes.
This is called protection (ph).
We talked a lot.
Basically, it doesn\'t seem difficult for people to pretend and get someone\'s phone records and their tracks (ph)record. M.
O\'Brien: as far as I know, the key is that when they call the phone company to get records, they have social security numbers for these people.
LEE: Right. M.
O\'Brien: you have a lot once you have it. (CROSSTALK)
Li: That\'s the key. M. O\'BRIEN: Yes.
Li: If you are a private research company and you have experience doing this, you can get this information, which is almost the key to unlocking all this information. M. O\'BRIEN: Boy.
Li: It\'s scary.
Some Wall Street Journal reporters. . . M. O\'BRIEN: Yes. LEE: . . .
Many people are involved. M.
O\'Brien: protect this number.
Li: Of course. M. O\'BRIEN: OK.
Li: Nevertheless, on September 11, a quick inspection of the stock was carried out and some action was taken yesterday.
The Dow has barely changed, up about five points.
Futures looked a bit weak this morning.
We will have a Fed meeting next week.
Later this week, we will get data on retail sales and consumer prices. M.
Thanks, Kelly Lee. S.
O\'Brien: OK, thank you. LEE: OK. M.
O\'Brien: See you later. S.
O\'Brien: look directly at the headlines in the morning, including the attack on the United States. S.
Embassy in Damascus
We will tell you. -
Tell you how to do it.
In addition, astronauts from the space shuttle Atlanta are working on a family improvement project.
To the space station.
We will show you how the work is going there.
The bear defeated the Packers, what does this have to do with the furniture store?
There is a connection.
It\'s also worth a lot of money.
We will explain in advance in the morning of the United States. (
Business break)M.
O\'Brien: since the attack on our country happened five years and one day, many Americans are still afraid of what will happen next.
How safe are we?
What are the threats we face in the future? (Start Video)
Unidentified male: It must have been in my mind all the time.
Unidentified male: no matter how peaceful the World claims, you will always have terrorism.
Unidentified woman: it may be anywhere.
I think this is the most terrible thing.
Woman: I\'m worried about the future of my grandson.
M: Maybe not in our lifetime, but something will happen again.
I don\'t think you will ever feel real, real security again.
Man: What will it look like in ten years?
I don\'t know, kid. M. O\'BRIEN (voice-over)
Brian Michael Jenkins of Rand says al-Qaida is still the biggest threat in the United States.
Brian Michael Jenkins of Rand: their ability to communicate, radicalize, recruit is not diminished.
We have not shaken their determination. M.
O\'Brien: there is no doubt that they are determined to try something bigger and more shocking than 9/11.
As they wait and plan, they are in a relentless struggle with the United StatesS.
Turn this country into a terrorist camp.
Jenkins: What you see in Baghdad today will be the pattern of terrorist attacks that we see around the world in the next 5 to 10 years. M.
So how do we win?
Well, if the purpose of the terrorists is to scare us, victory may be as simple as we live without fear.
Jenkins: education and participation will significantly reduce the alarms that terrorists want to create.
If we cause cynicism in society, then we will weaken and destroy ourselves.
I believe no foreign enemy can bring down the country. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)S.
O\'Brien: terrorist attacks outside the United States in Syria this morningS.
I\'m from the embassy in Damascus.
Witnesses say the attackers opened fire on Syrian guards in a car and then detonated a car.
A Shiite mosque near Baghdad was reportedly attacked, killing at least seven people.
Police say the attackers fired six mortars and detonated explosives around the mosque.
In Bermuda, Hurricane Florence bypassed the island chain on Monday, losing power to thousands of people.
Authorities said there were only a few casualties to be reported.
Good morning.
Welcome back.
I\'m soleda O\'Brien.
Miles O\'Brien, cnn anchor: Good morning.
I\'m Miles O\'Brien.
A blatant attack on the United StatesS.
Not long ago, the embassy in Syria was in Damascus.
A homemade bomb detonated near the embassy and there was a gun battle.
Reports say other bombs were found in nearby vehicles.
Ibrahim Hamidi spoke on the phone with more.
Ibrahim, what can you tell us?
Reporter Ibrahim Hamidi: I\'m standing in front of the US embassy.
What happens is, like, a group (INAUDIBLE)
Attempted to attack the US embassy with grenades and automatic guns.
Then there was a conflict between the security department and the Islamists, killing three attackers.
Three Islamists were killed and four wounded.
Now he\'s under investigation.
Two policemen, two policemen, were killed.
And according (INAUDIBLE)
One of the Marines was injured, the source said.
Now Syrians-now the --
Syria now-
The Syrian authorities are now cleaning up the area.
Bleeding everywhere.
I saw bodies on the ground.
You can smell it--like the --
You can smell the blood because-
Like a dead body.
Three of them were reportedly killed. . . M.
O\'Brien: Ibrahim, can you clarify a few things for me?
First of all, you said a Marine was injured. Were U. S.
Are there any Marines guarding the embassy, or are there Syrian guards, or are there both?
Hamidi: according to the official,-
Two policemen, Syrian police, were killed and some Syrian citizens were injured, the official statement said.
According to my own sources ,(INAUDIBLE)
A Marine was injured.
A Marine was injured. M.
O\'Brien: OK.
How heavily guarded the United States isS. Embassy there?
These days they are all built like forts.
Hamidi: Sorry? M.
O\'Brien: how tightly guarded is the United States? S. Embassy there?
Hamidi: Sorry, it\'s noisy here.
I can\'t hear you. M. O\'BRIEN: OK.
Can you repeat it again? M.
O\'Brien: Yes? -is it --is the U. S.
Embassies built there like forts, like many embassies these days?
HAMIDI: Yes. The U. S.
This is Embassy-
This is an area known as the embassy area, next to the US embassy, next to many other embassies. It\'s well-
Heavily guarded-
Protected by Syrian authorities
But don\'t forget, this is the first time some Islamists, some terrorists use--
With guns, automatic guns and grenades. M.
O\'Brien: Was anyone hurt in that compound?
Some Syrians, yes.
Some Syrian citizens were injured but no one was injured. -
As far as I know, no American diplomat was injured.
As I told you, two policemen were killed. -
Murdered by Muslims
Also because of conflict. M.
O\'Brien: But the wounded Syrians, are they in the walls of the compound?
In other words, how far did the attacker go?
Hamidi: No, the US embassy is not in the compound.
It\'s just a building. it\'s safe and safe. M.
O\'Brien: Yes. So. . .
So the whole area is open.
And-very different. -
It\'s like the embassy in Baghdad is very different from the embassy in Beirut.
As a result, the embassy is adjacent to many other embassies, open to the public, and it is easy for anyone to drive around. M.
O\'Brien: OK.
With regard to reports that authorities may have found other bombs in vehicles, what do you know about this?
Hamidi: Yes, that\'s right.
I mean, the Syrian security service found a car bomb. -
The Syrian security department dismantled the car with a timer.
But other cars exploded due to grenades used by the attackers. M.
O\'Brien: Ibrahim Hamidi lives with us and leaves from Damascus.
Thank you very much.
CNN\'s Anthony Mills joined us from Beirut, but he is very familiar with the situation in Damascus, Syria.
Anthony, first of all, tell us that I\'m a little confused about the defense capabilities of the United States. S.
There is a compound.
On the one hand, Ibrahim said it was built like a fortress.
On the other hand, he said it was accessible, which surprised me a bit.
Why don\'t you clarify for us.
CNN correspondent Anthony Mills: Well, it\'s not like some people in the United States are in a large compound or outside. S.
Embassies in other places, such as Baghdad, or here, such as Beirut. S.
The embassy was on the Hill and really came back from the street.
It is part of the city, a residential area, a high-end residential area with shops and restaurants, etc. people can freely move through it.
So, in fact, it is possible for an attacker to approach the United StatesS. Embassy.
They don\'t need to break through the outer walls far from the actual embassy.
But, of course, the embassy itself is heavily guarded, which effectively explains the actual security situation of the embassy ---Miles. M.
Anthony, give us a feeling because, you know, we-
The entire Syrian society is opaque to us.
If you come up with a short list of groups or suspects who follow the United StatesS.
I mean, we think of Al Qaeda right away.
Is al Qaeda doing well on the streets of Damascus?
Mills: Well, miles, although this attack seems to have been carried out by a fundamentalist group that has a strong hostility to the United States and does not take on this very good sign-
We plan to launch a massive attack that is linked to al Qaeda.
However, in the past year and a half, in Syria ---
Syria is a safe country under strict control. -
In Syria, the security sector has fought with what they call the fundamentalist groups, with occasional clashes with them, the deaths of the Syrian security sector, and the deaths of members of these fundamentalist groups.
So, if you wish, today\'s attack is in the context of this eruption, especially in the conflict with these groups over the past year and a half.
They are now unknown groups.
They have names that people around the world are not familiar.
They are not in good health.
Public name.
Although it is not possible at this stage to say what kind of connection they may have with al-Qaida, or whether they are only influenced by al-Qaida and inspired by al-Qaida.
It\'s not clear at this stage. -Miles. M.
O\'Brien: Anthony Mills in Beirut helps us understand what\'s going on in Damascus.
Thank you very much--Soledad. S.
O\'Brien: President Bush is calling for a united front on the war of terror and Iraq.
Not only between alliance partners, but also between the American people.
It was part of his speech last night at the Oval Office for 9/11 anniversary.
Brianna Keilar got more from Washington this morning. (Start Video)GEORGE W.
President Bush: five years ago, this date, September 11, was branded in the memory of the United States.
CNN Correspondent brianna keilar (voice over)
The White House says President Bush will address the country last night in a united American way.
The president did talk about unity. . .
Bush: winning this war requires a firm effort from a united nation.
KEILAR: . . .
But after al-Qaida issued a new warning, a new incident occurred. ph)
The attack is underway and the president does not distinguish between the war on terror and the war on Iraq.
He said the withdrawal of troops from Iraq would make the United States vulnerable to attacks.
BUSH: They won\'t let us go.
They will follow us.
S. security depends on the outcome of street fighting in Baghdad.
Kilar: at the end of the president\'s speech, some Democrats were annoyed.
Senator Edward Kennedy issued a statement: \"The president should be ashamed to use the national day of mourning to deliver a speech on the airwaves, which was not intended to unite the country in memory of the dead, but to seek support for the war, he acknowledged that it had nothing to do with the 9/11 incident in Iraq. \" (on camera)
: President Bush said last night that no matter what mistakes have occurred in Iraq, the most serious mistake is to think that if the United StatesS.
The Americans are safe when the troops are withdrawn.
CNN, Brianna Keilar, Washington(END VIDEOTAPE)M.
O\'Brien: working days in space are underway.
Let\'s see what\'s happening now.
The 70 spacewalks on the international space station, and the first building spacewalk on the space station since the loss of Colombia, are now three and a half years ago.
You see, it\'s night now.
In space, you can see the sunrise and sunset every 45 minutes.
What we saw was Heidi Stephen-
Piper and Joe Tanna, who are working in the dark, are installing a $0. 372 billion solar array and truss on the International Space Station.
Basically, they work today like an electrician, connecting a series of cables, 13 major wires that they have to connect.
It has to be carefully choreographed with the ground as you don\'t want these cables powered on when they are reconnected.
So they are going through closely, making sure the cables are dead, connecting them, and when everything that is said and done here is connected, these solar arrays are deployed ---
This is the first of three spacewalks on this mission and will do more work in all these areas-
The International Space Station will double its power generation.
It started a while ago.
During this spacewalk, they have been out for about an hour and 10 minutes, coming out of the hatch there, what they call the exit hatch, the International Space Station and the gas gates there.
Joe Tanner, the veteran space walker who has spent some time, you\'ll see him working with a rookie on the Hubble Space Telescope.
Heidi Stephen-
Piper had the first chance to enjoy the space walk.
They call it work, but that\'s not the case, Chad. I would --
I would say it\'s not a bad way of working.
Chad Myers, cnn meteorologist: I believe this is a pretty big job. M.
O\'Brien: The view is good. Good view.
I do have--
I have a question for you. M. O\'BRIEN: Yes?
Miles: 45-
Sunrise, sunset. . . M. O\'BRIEN: Yes? MYERS: . . .
Is this really eclipsed, like the Earth blocks the sun and then it falls on the other side?
How does this work? M.
O\'Brien: Well, they just--
They\'re about 90 minutes away, right?
So, you know, half the sun, half the darkness.
So, yes, you keep seeing the sunrise and sunset as you walk around.
You get a lot. S.
O\'Brien: sounds good.
So, are you getting old? M.
O\'Brien: Yes, that\'s--
That\'s the problem.
When they came back, there was a big question, are they older?
MYERS: Right.
I think they should be younger. M.
In theory, yes. (CROSSTALK)
Good Morning, everyone. (WEATHER REPORT)
Miles: come back to you. S.
O\'Brien: until the weekend.
I can\'t wait.
Okay, Chad. thank you.
Miles: You\'re welcome. S.
O\'BRIEN: He was only six days this morning.
The new Prince of Japan finally has a name.
We will tell you what you can call this baby, who is now the third emperor.
A long-term return.
The result of a weekend NFL game means there are thousands of dollars of freebies for some.
Let\'s explain it first. Stay with us. (
Business break)S.
O\'Brien: Now, let\'s take a look at CNN\'s stories from around the world today. (Start Video)
CNN reporter Carl Perry: I\'m Prime Minister Carl Perry of Baghdad.
Maliki is on his first state visit to Iran.
At the same time, Americans continue to accuse Iran of affecting local incidents and providing fuel and weapons to insurgents.
All of this is inconsistent with Iran\'s proposal to help train Iraqi security forces.
If the American army is to return home, many here think it is necessary. (END VIDEOTAPE)(Start Video)
Morgan Neil, CNN: I\'m Morgan Neil from Havana.
The alliance summit is underway.
More than 50 heads of state are expected to attend.
Among them are leaders of Iran, Venezuela, Syria and other sharp criticisms of the United States. S. policy.
But the focus is on whether the ailing President Castro will show up. (END VIDEOTAPE)(Start Video)
Robin Oakley, CNN\'s European Political Editor: I\'m Robin Oakley, from the UK, and today Tony Blair is facing a difficult journey from the leaders of the British Union.
Tony Blair promised last week that it would be the last time he will attend the union conference before he leaves office next year, saying it would be a relief for him and for them.
Union leaders generally support Blair\'s Labor party, but they don\'t like the way he reforms public services.
When Blair spoke, some were expected to go out, and the general secretary condemned the battle to succeed Blair as a distracting soap opera. (END VIDEOTAPE)
CNN reporter atika shubert: I am Atika Shubert in Tokyo, Japan, where an ancient ceremony was held to name a new member of the Royal Family: Prince isashto
Hisa is a literary feature of eternal tranquility in China, and hito is the name of the highest moral standard traditionally given to the Prince.
The name was written on a piece of handmade paper and placed in a wooden box next to the baby\'s pillow, and he was given a personal badge to mark his belongings.
Now, the ceremony is traditionally held seven days after the birth of the royal family, which is especially important because the Spanish Prince is now the third successor to the throne. (END VIDEOTAPE)S.
O\'Brien: If you would like to learn more about this story or any of our top stories, please go directly to our website on cnn. com.
We have a short break.
We will be back in a moment. (
Business break)S.
O\'Brien: how do you make the Chicago Bears fans more fanatic than they are now?
Furniture is available free of charge.
Dane Placko of wld, our Chicago subsidiary, explains how an adventurous business turned into a big winner for 206 lucky customers. (Start Video)
Randy gunnigram, owner of the World furniture store: Bear fan.
Reporter dane placko, wld (voice over)
: Randy gunnygram is not only a huge bear fan, he also happens to have a huge furniture store in the far west suburb of Plano.
So after reading the defense of the vaunted bear a few weeks ago, he had an idea to drum up business on Labor Day weekend.
GONIGAM: I think, \"it would be interesting to have something.
\"I know the bear played the Packers in Rambo\'s first game of the season, and I thought,\" you know?
Let\'s put it online.
\"PLACKO: so Gonigam sent 30,000 straight emails promising that any furniture sold on Labor Day weekend would be free if the bear shut out the Packers.
Please note that Brett faffer has never been shut out for 15 years as a Packers quarterback.
Because Gonigam sold $300,000 worth of furniture to more than 200 customers, the sales strategy must have worked. (on camera)
Of course you know what\'s going on.
This lovely brown leather Berkline Recliner folds up for just $799.
But if you believe in the bear, it may be your freedom. (voice over)
: The final score, bear 26, the Packers have nothing.
Man: congratulate you.
Woman: Thank you.
When the game is over, Doti Stanford is taking a nap.
Furniture winner Doti Stanford: My husband is standing at the door and he will say, \"five, four, three, two, one!
\"I thought he was crazy. Nuts.
Then he told me I don\'t believe it.
PLACKO: Bear fans and Kathy Cors buy $500 billion in furniture. (on camera)
What do you want to say about the bear\'s defense?
Kathy creez, furniture winner: I just think they\'re great.
Of course, I always have. PLACKO (voice over)
: Randy was lucky. he bought insurance to cover some of the losses.
GONIGAM: The first thing I do is go to my online bank account and make sure the check for the insurance premium is settled.
It has.
So he avoided another bag of monsters in the middle. (END VIDEOTAPE)S.
O\'Brien: that\'s wfplacko from our Chicago branch.
Best stand-up ever. M. O\'BRIEN: Sit-down, actually. S.
O\'BRIEN: It\'s probably free. M.
O\'Brien: Great. S.
O\'Brien: Come at 9: 00 and we\'ll talk to the store owner you saw in that article and a lucky customer who got free items worth $5,000. M.
O\'Brien: So he\'s insured for this before he makes this proposal? S.
O\'Brien: he has insurance. M.
O\'BRIEN: It\'s smart.
This is a wise move. S.
O\'Brien: up to $300,000.
So he has to make sure-
He even thought he might have to close the store. M. O\'BRIEN: Wow. OK.
Anyway, Andy Deville is here.
Editor Andy thervilleAT-
Fortune: this is a good thing. M.
O\'Brien: What did you get this morning?
Hey, Miles.
Why is Starbucks charged $0. 114 billion?
No, it\'s not because the coffee is too hot.
Also, this fall, how the shortage of helium can make the wind go away at your kid\'s party.
We will explain this next morning in the United States. (
Business break)M.
O\'Brien: Starbucks may be in trouble with latte.
Andy therville is also here.
Hello, Andy.
There is no big difference: Good morning.
If you ask me, this is the Hall of Fame from frivolous litigation. S.
Our favorite Hall of Fame.
Yes, really--
This is my favorite. And of ours.
Do you remember the promotion we told you a few weeks ago?
Email the staff saying friends and family can come in and have a big free drink.
Of course it\'s really stupid for Starbucks because it\'s through e-commerce
Mail, so it was basically forwarded to almost everyone in the US. M.
O\'Brien: except me.
I don\'t get one. S.
O\'Brien: neither do I.
It is in the southeast. M. O\'BRIEN: Yes.
Our friends in Atlanta did not forward to us either.
But guess what?
A woman sued Starbucks for $0. 114 billion. . . M.
O\'Brien: Wow, wow. S.
O\'Brien: a drink?
Uh, this lawyer. -
Her lawyer wants to turn this into a class action lawsuit.
It is calculated that within 38 days of the validity of the offer, the average cost of a cup of Starbucks per day for all rejected people.
But, of course, there is only one plaintiff now, a young woman of 23 years old. year-
Old, her lawyer said she didn\'t drink and she felt betrayed.
Now, in this case, at the risk of becoming a defendant, what happens when her boyfriend is disloyal?
Do you want to know the feeling of being betrayed?
I mean, it\'s true. . . M.
O\'BRIEN: It will be a class action.
I will tell you.
You know, this is--
Why don\'t they--
Starbucks will have to get some relief here.
I think it\'s a free cup of coffee for everyone.
Drink a free cup of coffee for everyone who feels betrayed in this terrible situation.
\"Obviously, Starbucks chose to launch a viral marketing campaign \"---
This is a lawyer. -
To offset the impact of their sales decline.
\"That\'s not true.
Their sales have not declined. M.
O\'Brien: You said the promotion was in the southeast.
The woman is in New York.
This is a problem.
This is a problem for the plaintiff. M.
O\'Brien: So is she an injured party?
SERWER: Yes --well. . . S.
O\'Brien: Who is the lawyer? This is. . .
SERWER: According to The Associated Press, the lawyer is a gentleman named Peter Sullivan. I think he is very smart.
Very interesting. S.
Sullivan and Cromwell?
No, no.
They can sue us. They\'re big. S.
O\'Brien: Oh, Lody. All right.
SERWER: we have to leave it there now, I think. M.
O\'Brien: Is that right?
Yes, more good things. M. O\'BRIEN: Oh.
We will save helium later.
We will save helium in the future because it is also a good story. S.
O\'Brien: Oh, there\'s a joke, yes. M. O\'BRIEN: OK. Thanks. We\'ll see you. S.
Thank you, Andy.
O\'Brien: Let\'s take a look at the weather forecast.
Found it at CNN News Center.
Chad, do you have any free coffee and did not hand it over to us?
Yes, he is the one who knows about it. M.
O\'BRIEN: He has one.
He did it.
Miles: You know, those ads are all over the place, and I never went down to buy them. It was so hot.
You were betrayed. S.
O\'Brien: you can win $0. 114 billion.
MYERS: I know.
Just one of them. You know? It\'s here.
Like, I watched that thing for a week.
I thought, \"Oh, I have to go down.
\"I have never done that. (WEATHER REPORT)
Miles: The next hour of the American morning starts now. M.
O\'Brien: a blatant attack on the United StatesS.
Embassy in Syria
We live with the latest. S.
O\'Brien: The first official visit by the Iraqi prime minister is next door.
What are the leaders of Iraq and Iran talking about today? M.
O\'Brien: you can call it home improvement in space.
Astronauts outside the space station are adding a mission.
The birth of an idea.
Now, when you have an idea, you can really see that the light bulb is out.
In our special series, we are mapping the brain, \"What is genius? \" S.
O\'Brien: free furniture deal for 14 years.
Now the fans of the Chicago Bears are ready.
This morning in the United States, these stories and more future.
Everyone is welcome.
I\'m soleda O\'Brien. M.
O\'Brien: Good morning.
I\'m Miles O\'Brien. S.
O\'Brien: Let\'s get some new information about Syria this morning. The U. S.
The embassy in Damascus was attacked.
There was no news about who the attackers were and what the exact reason for them was.
A homemade bomb exploded in a car outside the embassy.
Syrian security forces have killed four terrorists.
No one was injured at the embassy.
Two more cars full of bombs were cleared in the street.
The State Department says the attack is over.
To order a video of this transcript, please call 800-CNN-
News or use our secure online order at www. fdch.
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