\'american idol\'s\' christian connection

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She was not hired by the show, and the audience never saw her quarrel with Simon Cowell.
But Leesa Bellesi has his own appeal to Fox\'s American Idol.
There are unique, if often-
Connection with the Christian church.
For the record: \"American Idol\": the Sunday Calendar section\'s article on the connection between Christian churches and \"American Idol\" says Leesa Bellesi\'s husband is the formerpastor.
He is an active priest. —
Bellesi and her ex-boyfriend run a Christian nonprofit in Lake Forest.
Pastor husband frequently visits, makes friends with many finalists and helps raise funds and scout temporary housing for families walking through
The country where relatives perform in idol.
Bellesi says churches are the foundation for young singers when they try to win votes and build a fan base.
She said half of the top 10 last season were church worship leaders.
\"Most of the children who have been very successful in \'American Idols\' have great support for their church, which drives them --
They have a lot of votes and things like that, \"said Bellesi, who has no official contact with the show (
A spokesman for the producer said he had never heard of her)
But former finalists Danny GOKI, Jason Castro and others called them unofficial sponsors.
Contact with the church
Especially the evangelical or Pentecostal.
For many of the top players in the United States, this is indeed a common point.
1 show including Alan Kelly, Lacey Brown and Jermaine Cyrus this season.
Castro came fourth in season 7 and just released his first album, which he played his first album
Idol\'s giant show at Lake Point, suburban Dallas-
The church he attended was known for its complex musical performances.
\"This is the only time I \'ve had a video camera involved singing,\" Castro said in a recent interview . \".
\"Any larger church you go to is very full --
Performance venue.
\"With many contestants honing their vocal skills in black churches and large suburban churches,\" Idols \"have been accepted by the Christian community across the country.
The rally has launched a warm-hearted viewing party and voted for the most popular people.
Perhaps more importantly, the participant\'s church training deeply influenced the songs and musical styles the audience heard on Idol and helped them launch their faith career --
Singers such as George Harf and Mandy, as well as secular pop singers.
The show shows tens of millions of viewers the image of young people in the heart, driven by faith and strong family values.
According to a Pew Research Center survey of 2007, this is an important source of attraction for a country that considers itself a 78% Christian.
In fact, all the winners of the first eight seasons came from the Bible zone state, with the exception of Arizona native Jordin Sparks, who topped the list in season 6.
It may not be surprising that in southern cities like Atlanta, \"Idol\" has the highest ratings;
Birmingham, Alabama; and Winston-Salem, N. C.
According to Nielsen
Birmingham alone has two \"Idol\" winners: Reuben studdade and Taylor Hicks. (
The trend may not last this year: twicetalked-
About the finalists, both Kristle bowlessaks and Lee dwyards are from the Midwest. )
\"There are always so many Christians going on \'American Idol\', and I don\'t think it\'s a coincidence, the top 9 finalists from season 5, now recording gospel artists under her name,\" said Mandisa.
\"I think it\'s one of the few family shows --appropriate —
At least to a large extent.
\"Really, Idol\" is hard to call a religious performance.
It is secular enough to win many complaints
For obscenity and risque guest performances, this is the inevitable result of the show\'s need to connect with hip hop music
The most popular on today\'s charts are hop and R & B styles. A crotch-
The wonderful performance of Usher earlier this season was just an example of the family --
The unfriendly antics of some traditionalists flinch.
At the same time, religious connections are not the subject of the show\'s creators eager to explore.
A spokesman for Idol\'s Fremantle Media and 19 Entertainment said the executive producer would not be able to comment on the story.
However, industry veterans say \"idols\" and many Christian churches today are built for each other.
\"Music is an important part of modern American church culture, so kids get exposure and experience that I don\'t think they will get,\" Brad O\'Donnell said . \", Vice President of artists and repertoire at EMI Christian Music, who signed Mandisa.
O\'Donnell often goes to churches all over the country to find talent, adding: \"I can\'t think of any churches I \'ve been to that have no music as a major component.
\"Of course, music has been incorporated into the worship service of many faiths for centuries.
In his \"critical article\", British poet Alexander Pope pointed out sharply in the 18 th century that \"some people are not for doctrine, but for music there.
Most church music stays there.
But starting at 1950, gospel music from the black church began to enter the mainstream soul, R & B and pop music, and this trend has continued until today.
Ray charles\'s 1954 hit single \"I Got a Woman\" is adapted from a gospel song called \"must be Jesus.
In turn, rapper Kanye West sampled \"I have a woman\" in his 2005\"
\"Gold Amoy\", 1 crushing.
Elvis has recorded several gospel albums and injected 1968 of mainstream hits like if I can dream in a unique gospel style.
\"Gospel music is the foundation of what we now think of as American pop music, and the music on today\'s charts,\" says Catherine Meisel . \" A lecturer in national musicology at Bowling Green State University, he wrote about \"Idol\" for online magazine Slate.
The third season finalists, who were greatly influenced by gospel music, Fantasia Barrino ended the game with an inspirational song called \"I believe.
Barrino finally won the \"Idol\" and \"I believe\" to be the champion of the billboard --
Sales Order for 2004.
At the same time, experts say that the popularity of \"idols\" has been consistent with the continued growth of large supermarkets in the past eight years, which is not accidental, in addition to providing a wide range of social events and group menus, elaborate music performances are often performed in services attended by hundreds or thousands of weeks. (
While Idol ratings have fallen in the past few years, analysts and industry executives agree that this is normal for the ninth season of the TV series.
Recently, the index fell to its lowest level since 2002. )
Scott Tuma, a scholar at the Hartford Institute of Religion, wrote a lot of articles about giant religions
Church, recalling a visit to youth services at a cathedral in Washington, D. C. C. , area.
The entertainment section includes a stage lamp and an electric guitar.
\"It\'s easy to be a rock concert,\" he said . \"
\"The only thing that\'s missing is \'Free Birds\' and we lift the lighter.
\"Therefore, the church is the natural training venue for future\" Idol \"contestants,\" Thumma said.
\"There are not many places in our culture where people can sing,\" he said . \"
\"The church is one of them.
Meizel said that in recent years, churches have become more important as music training venues as school boards cut budgets for art programs.
Music played in mega
Churches can go far beyond the gospel or Christian pop music that people expect.
In fact, their repertoire can be as heard by the audience every week on Idol.
Danny Gorky, who\'s not done.
In Idol last year, he said he began taking music seriously when he was 19, when he began attending the non-sectarian church FaithBuilders in Milwaukee.
As the lead singer, Gokey and his other singers will improvise in a variety of styles: Marvin guy for a week and Dolly Parton for next week.
\"Many churches don\'t like us because we play mainstream music in the church,\" Gokey said in an interview . \" He is now working as a country recording artist.
\"I used to play Eminem.
On the other hand, some \"Idol\" players bring their beliefs to the show.
In season 5, Mandy made a gesture pointing to the heart, head, and Sky she got from the work of the evangelist Beth Moore.
\"A lot of people are aware of this and support me,\" she said . \".
She sang the gospel song \"Shackles\" (Praise You)
\"The first 10 weeks.
She even cited the example of Jesus\' life and told the judge Simon Cowell that she had forgiven him for his cruelty to him --
Lens review on her weight
Some have pointed out that gospel music is not a factor in Idol this season, as attention has shifted from R & B crooners to indie music
A seasoned singer like Bowersox. But church-
This year\'s trained finalists include Michael Lynch, Tim Urban and Kelly.
There is no doubt that the contestants who attract their music training from the church will have a great advantage in participating in the \"Idol\" competition.
Bellesi points out the unique role of the church in today\'s American culture.
\"I don\'t think there is a place like a church where people have the opportunity to use their voices, really be themselves, be accepted, and be in a safe place,\" she said . \".
\"Was encouraged in the church.
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