alvin shunned by animal community, forced to wear scarlet \'a\'

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
The famous lead singer Alvin and chipmunks, singing groups including his brothers Simon and Theodore, alvin Sevilla is loved by millions for his complex songs in \"Alvin\'s harmonica\" and \"The Song of the Chipmunks (
Don\'t be late for Christmas).
The Chipmunk celebrated his 70 th birthday this month, as well as his 46 th birthday, with the red letter \"A\" written on it \"--
It reminds members of the animal kingdom of his shame as an actor in a human way.
\"The Singer of the people-songs!
The former tax accountant of the Sevilla family said it echoed the call made to Alvin many years ago.
\"What kind of business in life --
What is the pattern of beautifying nature, useful for chipmunks?
The comment between the leaves and the branches is like this, and from one branch to the other is chattering!
However, let them despise Alvin as they do, and the strong features of their nature are intertwined with Alvin.
\"On 1958, members of the woodland committee forced Alvin to sew a Crimson Gold --
\"A\" was embroidered on his sweater \".
Then they marched in front of his forest companions and exiled him to a divided place --
Flat ranch house in suburban Los Angeles.
Entertainment writer Seth Morris said: \"When the \'witch medical\' was successful, the animal community caught Alvin\'s \'incomplete\' communication with humanity . \".
\"By today\'s standards, it seems barbaric to reject Chipmunks because of a series of relatively harmless novel recordings.
It was a different era.
According to Morris, Alvin\'s father sent the chipmunks to Hollywood when he was a baby and said he plans to follow them later.
However, the older animal remains in the forest, leaving only Alvin and his brothers in the human world.
It was then that Alvin met Sevilla, who loved chipmunks and adopted them as their children.
\"Alvin and his brothers are very moody and naughty, and people used to joke that their biological father is actually a devil,\" the accountant said . \".
\"But Dave really likes chipmunks, so he\'s torn because he knows humans --
Animal Bonds are unnatural.
While Alvin declined to reveal the identity of abandoning his father, many said he had an incredible resemblance to pop singer Dale, a singer, the dancing chipmunk came to Hollywood when Alvin fell.
\"Dell can see something between Alvin and Dave,\" Morris said . \".
Alvin was heartbroken, but he swallowed all his energy into his songs and TV shows.
\"When the animals publicly rally against Alvin, many privately admire his bravery and the speed and tone of his mournful, almost human voice.
\"Alvin, with natural courage and vitality, wandered around the human suburbs and studios and was banned from field activities,\" the accountant said . \".
\"The scarlet letter is the passport for him to enter other areas where chipmunks dare not get involved.
Fame, worship, applause!
These are his teachers.
Harsh and wild
They made him strong but taught him a lot of mistakes.
For years, Sevilla has refused to comment on his relationship with Alvin.
Inventor and Alvin Coster Clyde Krash Cup said: \"Dave feels very guilty about luring Alvin out of the animal world and putting him under so much pain on the claws of his peers
\"At a concert, he almost picked up the microphone and admitted that it was an animal in his own nature, just as Alvin was forced to admit his aggression against humanity.
But in the end Dave was too scared.
\"Just a few seconds later, a lighting unit fell and a huge letter \'A\' was formed behind the unit,\" added Crashcup \'. \".
However, in the final episode of the controversial \"Alvin\" program, Seville appeared in front of the live audience, acknowledging his relationship with Alvin and tearing apart the shirt to reveal \"\"
The skin on his chest changed color.
Soon after, he died, and his last word was the call of sorrow, \"Alllviiin!
\"Alvin pulled out of the spotlight with the cancellation of his last TV series, Alvin and Chipmunk.
While Alvin regularly returns to the studio to record the covers of popular songs such as Archie Breki\'s heart and Macarena, he has spent most of the past decade in seclusion
\"Alvin chose to go back to his suburban home, where he was once exiled,\" the accountant said . \".
This is his sin;
Here, his sorrow;
His confession is not over yet.
So he came back and restored his own free will, and I linked this symbol to a dark story.
But the scarlet letter is no longer a shame, it attracts the contempt and pain of the world, it has become a sad thing, looking at it in awe, but in awe, also.
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