although crowded, greece is a vacation winner

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
The present may be news about the recession, but the southern European country is still an eternal tourist champion.
Greece has scenery, historic sites, museums, beaches, food, sunsets and shopping, and offers endless fun and experience from Athens to its myriad of pictures --
Beautiful Island
Of course the rest of the world knows everything about Greece.
At the end of June, the influx of Greek tourists, especially those from Asia, was sometimes overwhelming.
The country has met its needs well.
The more the better, everyone has dessert.
We purchased an \"island funnel\" package that lasted 11 nights and 12 days, which could be the best of three before taking us to a completely different Island --
Like the island of Greece.
With the largest number of international flights in the capital Athens, Athens is naturally the starting point.
Of course, the sites visited should be crowded every day.
Climbing up the \"high city\" Acropolis was not as difficult as it seemed at first.
It has been repaired for many years and has not been completed yet.
Scaffolding and cranes make it difficult to get decent photos of the Temple of padanon, but other high
The ruins of the city may be photographed, such as the striking points of stone pillars carved as a female figure and their porches.
Next modern
Should also visit the doors to see the artifacts and statues there to protect them from the elements.
The lower part of the Acropolis is also worth a visit, and it may be visited on the same Acropolis ticket.
The great Greek playwrights at the outdoor theater about 2,500 years ago, the first stone theater ever, created their tragedy and comedy for the show.
The rest of the Roman version is still considered the cradle of Western drama.
Sadly, the Greeks allowed weeds to infiltrate the theater.
A rusty lighting device is located on one side and has no obvious use.
The theater should be restored and displayed with more respect and provide more information to the public about its far-reaching significance.
Neighboring old-
The quarter district, known as Plá ka, offers a wide range of souvenir shopping and dining options for pedestrian strollers
Only a maze of streets
Other tourist attractions in Athens include the stadium
The Ancient Olympic site built for 1896 Olympic Games.
Starting in the 1860 s, the nearby National Garden offers a nice cool stroll in the summer.
A few years ago, the tour between Athens and the amazing islands of Greece became easier and busier, adding 1,000-seat ferries.
The ferries are terrible, unloading the crowds of passengers who pull their luggage down from one ramp while the other gets on the other ramp at the same time, completing the process in just a few minutes
Before boarding passengers could even find their designated seats, the ferry moved again.
It seems brutal to happen so fast, but it works to get people to where they want to go.
Our first island is the island of Mikko, a place that has the reputation of \"Party Island.
But the family will find the island more beautiful than its photos, especially from the little Venetian part of the mirror in the town of Mykonos, which has five rows of historic windmills and sunsets.
In the summer, tourists gather every night on the coast next to Little Venice to watch the sunset, and applaud when the sun slides completely over the Aegean horizon.
The north side of the island is often windy, which is why the island built windmills long ago to grind grain.
However, the South Bank with multiple Beach bays is protected by the worst winds and has beautiful scenery.
The Bay offers \"organized beaches\" where the beach-
The audience rented two recliner chairs and a shade.
Produce umbrellas from franchisees for a price of between 18 and 20 euros ($20-$23)for the day.
Organized beaches in Greece also offer services such as dining and restrooms.
It\'s only a few steps from the bar and restaurant.
We had a relaxing day not far from the hotel, although there was another beach next to the hotel. The piped-
The background music is complex, the water is calm and inviting.
Like Athens and the rest of the island, there is a maze in the town of Mykonos --
For example, there are shopping areas with outdoor restaurants.
It\'s far from the south.
Hotels on shore, but the bus keeps going back and forth. One-way fare is 1.
80 euros, about $2.
Although anyone can prepare for the first visit to the island of Santorini, the dramatic geology of the volcano on the island is still surprising.
The island is a part of the crater that rises from a steep angle on the sea.
The top of the cliff is a white building that looks almost like snow and seems to spill over the edge of the cliff.
Santorini\'s name can be confusing at first.
The island is also known as Thira, the name used on the ferry ticket.
Thira is also the name of the main city of the island, although the city also has another name, Fira, which is the name used by the island\'s bus system.
In Santorini, the scenery and shopping are the most attractive.
News reports this summer show that during the peak tourist season, there are about 10,000 tourists on the island every day. Judging from cruise ship, air and ferry transportation, the number is that the island hopes to reduce to 8,000 people.
Despite the congestion, we visited both ends and sides of Santorini, starting with Thira in the middle of the new moon
Our first day dinner formed the main island.
The next day, we took the bus to oia on the north end, because of its blue color, which is considered the most beautiful town in Santorini.
Architecture of the Dome Church and wonderful sunset views.
Most areas of Oia and Santorini were destroyed by a magnitude 1956 earthquake, and since then most of the buildings that can be seen today have been built.
As we can see in Mykonos, more people gather in Oya for the best spot to watch the sunset.
When the sun disappears from the field of view, they applaud again. The orange-
As we eat on shrimp, salad and pasta, the blue glow is lingering and the vast sea is visible.
Another day, we are in the dark.
Take a look at the pebbles before taking another bus to Red Beach.
The beach side of Perissa is surrounded by huge rocky hillsides and is \"organized\" and very enjoyable.
The Red Beach near the southern tip of the island is not organized.
Actually, it needs a Billy.
The goat\'s climbing ability is to walk down the stone path to the beach.
But the red cliff towering on the beach is impressive.
Crete is the largest island in Greece and one of the oldest.
In our limited time, we can only visit the major cities and their vicinity.
But this also includes the archaeological site of Crete\'s most attractive ancient palace.
The discovery of Knossos in 1899 changed the history of Europe.
Before that, historians thought 700C.
The Greek continent is the beginning of European civilization.
The discovery of the kenossos Palace, built by civilization, traces the discovery to about 2000 B. C.
It turns out kenossos is only a few miles away from the outskirts of Heraklion.
It takes about two hours to explore.
Anyone reading Knossos before a visit can make their imagination crazy.
Long before the development of the continent, the Minos were a mature and advanced civilization.
The entrance fee to noso is 15 euros (about $17)
But paying the extra euro will allow visitors to explore as well, where there are works of art from Knossos and provide more interesting information about the Minos than the palace ruins.
The murals found in the Palace are on display in the museum.
The ruins of the palace are reproductions.
Crete is much more expensive than the Knossos Palace and the Heraklion Museum.
You can find canyons, caves, beaches, bays and other historical sites there.
In other words, the best way to experience Crete is to rent a car and track down various cities and locations.
Crete, for example, is the mysterious birthplace of Zeus, said to be in a cave near Psychro.
Zeus\'s wife was Europa, which meant Crete gave the European name.
During the Second World War, Heraklion suffered great damage and is now a modern port city.
See more of Crete\'s attractions and get a better idea of the island\'s important history and unique scenery, such as the city of Chania and the Bay of Mirabello.
Seafood restaurants near the port fish market should be visited by Heraklion.
An unusual aspect of Santorini and Crete restaurants is that the waiter brings unsolicited free desserts at the end of the main course, such as fresh figs, ice cream, custard or pastries, add the taste of local white wine.
We left Greece with long memories.
We didn\'t see so much, we were eager to come back.
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