alternative lifestyle eco-lodge with many options.

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A hand-
Business ecosystem built into Mandel
Known for hosting the New Year\'s music and lifestyle festival that attracts thousands of people, Rocky sells at its own summit and boasts an amazing 360-degree landscape.
Located at 750 Opoutere-Ohui Road and 742
North of vangamata and south of Pauanui-the 30.
8 hectares of property including Spain-
The Mexican-style Ohui cottage is surrounded by lush pine trees and thousands of local trees planted over the past 20 years.
\"There are resorts in the hotel-
\"The style pool, overlooking the island of slippers, is close to the picturesque Opoutere Beach and has a beach reserve of about 550 m . \"
\"The Eco-cottage was built as a business accommodation and a health vacation business, but after construction, the owner decided to live there and sometimes rent it,\" Bowden said . \".
Once a year, the property is home to an \"alternative lifestyle\"
Known as the night festival of Prana New Year\'s Day, it attracts the \"spirit-\" of 2000-
Attendees attending music, dance, yoga, circus events, herbal therapy, diet workshops and meditation.
\"The word \'prana is \'life\' in Sanskrit,\" Bowden said \'. \".
\"Council regulations means that the current festival activities do not require the specific consent of the Council and a maximum of five festivals are allowed in a year.
\"The hotel and movable property of the Oway Hotel and the Prana venue include :-
Three residential buildings, seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, with a total area of 552 square meters; -
An aquatic complex with an underwater sound and light system as the main pool, a solar energy-
The heated massage pool and spa room are provided by the 42-square-meter pool villa; -
143 of cabin annex building built for purpose-
Built-in studio available for extra accommodation and self-help
There are living areas; -
Eight caravans and two vans that can be used to connect to cheap rooms or spilled sleeping areas of the electrical system of the cabin; -a commercially-
Graded camp kitchen and dining room for up to 1000 people with three walks-
Freezers, two large heavy-duty gas stoves and two dishwashers; -
4 showers with 9 separate showers and 24 portable toilets that can be composted; -
The main stage performance area with complete sound and lighting rigging infrastructure; and-
A 135-square-meter three bay machine and machinery shed.
\"The Prana festival is designed to reconnect for those who are stuck in a\" busy \"era and need to relax,\" Bowden said, and it lasted four days, and there is also a global market, there is a lot of healthy food for sale from the on-site booth. As a family-
Friendly holiday with no alcohol and medication
According to the smoking policy, there are special areas for babies, children and teenagers to play.
In addition to Prana, tickets for the Spring Festival last year were almost sold out, she said, and the property\'s infrastructure has been used to serve community events, trade fairs, festivals, and private events such as weddings.
Bowden said the property currently has two titles and agreed to divide it into three more.
\"The quiet and calm atmosphere that Ohui Lodge exudes reinforces its reputation as one of New Zealand\'s most spiritual venues --
\"It is comparable to the east coast\'s Reinga horns, the Hikurangi mountains and the fountains of Rotorua,\" she said . \".
\"The cottage is very harmonious with the surrounding environment --
Give it a clear peace and tranquility.
\"The level of thought and care to build the cottage provides an incredible platform for the guests to nourish the experience --
Start with a custom bed head made of swamp kauri wood.
Bowden says the building\'s \"ecological integrity\" comes from its designer, Ian borrow, and the builder, Alan Drayton.
Director of Sustainable Construction company BioBuild.
\"The cottage is built of natural wood, every nail is blessed before use, and the heating is solar-powered --
The floor is made of imported certified organic cork.
The cottage has a \"live roof\" of plants covered in 60mm soil with fully automatic sprinkler system and the walls are painted non-
Toxic organic paint.
\"The cottage was built on a cement board Foundation with jarrah poles and hardwood floor frames, and the doors were handmade
Crafted macrocarpa.
Water is naturally supplied by deep spring holes.
Bowden said that the natural environment around the cottage is also an important feature of the property and is also a feature cherished by the Plata Festival --
Spectators camping at the Manor during the party.
There is a natural light
The worm hole, the vast camp space, the outdoor sound stage set in the beautiful pohuukawa natural amphitheater surrounded by trees, as well as the abundant water supply.
\"It also has direct access to the beach through the beach reserve,\" she said . \"
\"Ohui Lodge has been dormant for several years as a commercial accommodation and hotel operation, but the infrastructure of the business is intact and can be completely re-established
Installed with a minimum of renovation.
Potential buyers can explore more Hotel or accommodation options, Bowden said;
Maintain the potential of Prana\'s current format;
Or use it as a launching platform for more cultural activities.
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