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by:Marslite     2019-09-20
U2\'s plane landed at Dublin airport on Wednesday, leading the way
They returned to school at Crocker Park this weekend.
This will be the 25 th of the 51 th.
On October, three appointments were held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when U2 will perform in front of two people.
4 million fans, say you want a veteran band to relive 30-year-
The world\'s jaunt\'s old albums are pretty much well received and ticket sales are strong.
Once there was a band whose dream came true, U2 boldly booked Crocker Park for the first time in 1985.
They returned in the second year, then on June 27 and 1987, playing the venue in the original tour.
Since then, they have returned to atJones Road many times, most recently three nights on the Jingdong tour, and they plop on a giant claw, it\'s better than the Dublin goalkeeper\'s hand in the middle of the pitch.
From Beyonce to Bruce (
Springsteen is not fusse)
For some guys named Hillan, they \'ve been playing there since then, but the U2 band at Crocker Park has a ring for real home glory.
The band\'s last performance before the show in Berlin on Saturday was at the Stadium of Estadi olmpic Lluís in Barcelona on Tuesday, after the stage, the water boy, who played like this: u2 has come a long way since performing an early Irish show in front of a shabby sheet, calling for the legalization of contraception in their 70 s.
They are now masters of rock drama.
The band\'s 1980 s are about slightly awkward slogans and flags
They are waving pomp, but for a long time they have been complaining about the power and beauty of sight and sound. The multi-
The blitz and tour of the media is very amazing, knowing the Popmart (
Huge lemon, etc)
It\'s funny. let\'s face it. the damn big claws are.
Willie Williams, who has been the creative director of u2 since 1982, told the he that he has considered re-examining the stripped-out stage design of the original show for the new tour, but decided not to do so
\"This stage is too outdated,\" he said . \"
\"The sight of that stage --
If you want to see a drummer
This is not going to work in the 21st century program.
\"This stage doesn\'t look much different from the stage 30 years ago,\" Williams added . \".
\"It\'s a big back wall, not a front desk, but it seems to be a big painted billboard with Joshua Trion of the same color on it, which was intentional.
The secret now, of course, is that it\'s not actually a billboard --
This is a huge video screen.
\"The first 20 minutes of the show were simple and the band didn\'t use that dramatic big screen when playing songs from and.
With the track, stark and the new half shot
Mysterious locations like Death Valley and Zabriskie point thave were filmed by u2\'s longtime collaborators, photographers and filmmakers, Corbijn.
He\'s filming at 8 k.
Highest Resolution in digital film photography
The image is projected onto a slightly curved screen, so it looks 3D.
U2 himself dwarfs these images.
Perhaps, reflecting the difficulty of their theme --
Gradually distorted and hi-
Realize the American dream.
The newspaper said. . .
\"There are still problems and uplifting, ambitious and true days, and sometimes undeniable moves.
The most striking thing is that U2 makes it sound like a finished work, a monument from a long history
Lost a series of songs for ten years, still looking for answers. \" -
\"I have never heard of such a powerful edge --
Charged, anyone who is skeptical about U2 still being one of the world\'s strongest and most relevant stadium bands has been brought forward straight forward in an amazing way. \" -
\"The Dublin band did not appear as a work of the museum;
It wants to connect music now.
Global concerns about labor, immigration and the environment. \" -
\"No matter how contradictory they are about the concept behind the show, or whether you bought the oft-
Repeating their aversion to nostalgia, on stage they seem to be fully integrated into their elements as arrogant as when the center of the album made them the world\'s largest band.
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