\'all time worst ever\'? fans unimpressed by half time show at super bowl 2019

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
Travis Scott and Maroon 5 went to the Super Bowl half together.
But the performances left a deep impression on the audience.
The band, led by Adam Levin, was in the middle of the New England Patriots game against the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes-
Sunday night, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.
Half of the Super Bowl
Time show is one of the biggest events in American pop culture, with previous performers including Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Beyonce. But the build-
Until this year\'s event has been damaged by controversy, stars including Rihanna reportedly refused to perform to show support for the quarter
Colin kempnick
He hasn\'t had a team since he started kneeling before the game.
The national anthem was played to protest police brutality against ethnic minorities.
The show went well and saw the maroon band perform their best.
Well-known hits including \"love\", \"Girl Like You\", \"she will be loved\" and \"Sugar.
On one occasion, Levin was stripped to the waist to show his heavy torso with a tattoo.
Levin also wears Nike sneakers.
The sportswear giant has been a prominent supporter of Kaepernick.
Rapper Scott was introduced by a SpongeBob animated short film before the asteroid lighting device announced his arrival on stage.
Scott, who is dating Kelly Jenner, performed his hit song \"Nick mode\" before falling into the crowd.
Rapper Big Boi has also performed.
Time showed that fireworks were set off over the stadium.
After the show, Maroon 5 shared a message on Instagram thanking the fans for their support and revealing the list of words they wrote after accepting the show. The 35-
Strong lists include \"stations\", \"kneeling\", \"overcoming\" and \"education \".
The post added: \"We thank the universe for giving us this historic opportunity to perform on the world\'s largest stage.
We thank our fans for making our dreams possible.
We thank those who criticize us for always pushing us to do better. One Love.
\"However, fans were not impressed with the show and expressed their displeasure on Twitter.
One user described it as \"the worst half-court performance ever \".
Another one described: \"very poor.
The fact that he had to undress to distract fans from the bad performance speaks to everything.
I was expected to have a better performance, terrible.
\"Earlier, Gladys Knight performed an exciting performance of the American national anthem star-spangled flag before the start of the team. Seven-
Time Grammy winner Nate, along with members of the US military, clenched her fist as she forcefully published the final verse of the national anthem. In the run-
Until the Super Bowl, the Knight, who is known for his songs, including the train to Georgia at midnight, which is the purpose of a friend, she said, despite the controversy surrounding the NFL and the national anthem, she performed \"proudly.
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