all eyes on mall linked to johor ciq

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
Johor Baru: Johor Baru R & F mall is not only close to the customs, immigration and quarantine center (CIQ)
At the same time, a variety of retail experiences are also integrated here. The soon-to-
The open shopping center has a link bridge to CIQ, which is convenient for locals and Singaporeans.
Richard Hu, general manager of Princess Cove, R & F, said the link bridge will attract a lot of walking to the mall.
He stressed that the R & F Mall was designed by the same team behind ION Orchard, Singapore, which fully reflects the latest trends in mall design and the interesting South --
Background in East Asia.
\"The unique combination of indoor and outdoor spaces provides a completely different shopping experience for Johor.
Shopping centers will also bring many first places, he addedin-
The JB brand excited consumers.
\"Some tenants include JB\'s first Kiddomo children\'s innovation center, Carl\'s Jr, Taiwan\'s Oregin Ji Ke bubble tea, the routine of the fast concept cafe, and the first of the emperor\'s film company where he is the Renaissance Hotel celebrates the Chinese New Year.
New buildings.
Fuli Hotel Plaza-
It will also open in the middle of this year.
\"It is located next to the woodland Causeway and offers high
Fashion Restaurant, high-end restaurant, high-end restaurant, high-end wine cellar
Technology IMAX and Cinema 4D and yacht club.
\"The building will also have the first international opera house in Johor.
\"The staff of the National Theatre of China is responsible for the setting up of the sound system, the stage and the lighting design.
\"At the same time, the construction of the building will be managed by a team with extensive experience in building many five buildings
Star hotels around the world.
He said that with the introduction of the Opera House, Princess fuli bay will further enhance its status as the most iconic landmark of Johor Baru.
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