alameda on long road to past glory

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People walking on Houston Street, Art Deco-
It\'s soaring, 86-foot marquee —
It looks like the acting entrepreneur Gaetano \"Tano\" Lucchese envisioned when the theater opened as the largest Spaniard in 1949 --
The National Palace of language films and juggling.
But this is just the facade that was restored in 2000, a long, often positive step on the rugged road to re-open the historic theater.
Inside, the heart of the once \"Little Mexico\" showed signs of neglect for more than two decades.
It was dark and dirty and full of old furniture.
If alamida\'s vision becomes a reality, it may change as quickly as it will next year.
Just taken an important step in the recovery process: the background improvement was completed last month.
\"This is a sacred place,\" said Bromley, chairman of San Antonio advertising.
This is a non-profit organization that has been the main renter for property in Alameda City since 1994.
\"All the great artists of Mexico\'s golden age --, , —performed here.
The implementation of Cantinflas in the era.
This is Little Mexico.
Shopping, dining, Theater Row.
\"Just here, you have KCOR radio, the first consulate in the country and in Mexico.
The civil rights attorney has his office here.
The building was built with Mexican steel.
This is a hotbed for Spaniards. speaking world.
Tano is not a political activist, but what he does with his money is activism.
\"Designed by an architect who is known for his home in the historic district of Monticello Park, Alameda\" is called one of the best examples of Mexico
The San Antonio architect says he specializes in the restoration of old theaters and has been working in Alameda for years.
Bexar County venue tax Bond $6 million, $1.
1 million of the city funds, $7.
1 million planned $25 million Phase 1 renovations include dressing rooms, offices, orchestra pits and loading docks for 53 people
Foot tractor/trailer with full set, props and equipment.
\"I really want to see it (the Tony Award-Award winning musical)
\"It\'s high up there, or it\'s like groups outside New York,\" said brosley . \".
\"I want to watch comedy there, especially the Latino comics.
I would also like to show some of the classic Mexican films that may have premiered in Alameda that day.
I want to hold an international film festival.
I want to see our local group.
I talked to art San Antonio.
\"I don\'t think we\'ll make the content initially because it\'s too expensive,\" he added . \".
\"But I do see alamida developing our creative economy in terms of leveraging local talent.
The school will create a career for young people.
\"Last year, the art and design center moved into the theater complex, occupying two floors of the iconic Mexican House International building that houses the theater. The tuition-
Free Charter School signing 10-year lease.
Brosley hopes to use funds from public TIRZ or tax value-added re-investment zones, which could generate $10 million.
But he has to raise matching funds for future renovations. Phase II ($7 million)
Includes mechanical and electrical equipment for a fully functional stage House, as well as a completed middle hall space with a new licensed booth. Phase III ($7 million)
Complete the restoration of the theater\'s famous murals, heating and air-
Air conditioning, public areas and toilets, carpets, lighting and technical platforms, and new seating.
The completion of the stage light and digital sound system is the core of the final stage ($4 million)
Also see the restoration of the lobby and mezzanine.
But brosley said he raised only about $50,000, mainly from poster sales of the artist\'s iconic alamida paintings.
He has also developed a seating sponsorship program but is waiting for the decision to fund the city center of TIRZ.
\"It\'s really slow,\" brosley said of fundraising . \".
\"What I need is a major gift for individuals and foundations, but a lot of the people I\'m talking to want to be part of this game.
\"In the long history of the restoration of the Alameda Theater, including with one-
The alamida Museum at the time Sisters physical market square is expected to have more than one opening date, but the gate is still closed.
Still optimistic.
He will continue to \"push\" to open the theater in 2015 with a variety show \"This is the climax of what this theater can do.
As a member of the board, he plans to contact public television stations to fund the evening broadcast and possibly live.
Brosley\'s enthusiasm for the restoration of Alameda is evident.
He said his first visit there at the age of 11 \"left an indelible impression \".
\"This place is very special for me and my family,\" he added . \".
Today is the first stop for him and tourists.
Potential sources of funding
Women\'s toilets are a gorgeous example of modern design where women who were previously isolated from balconies in other theaters can comb their hair, make-up and smoke.
\"The Alameda Hotel is a unique hotel in San Antonio,\" said brosley.
It tells our Mexicans. American story.
It shows who we are.
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