air scare at delhi airport as laser light blocks pilot\'s vision

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
Experts say the laser caused trouble because the farm had a party near the airport. A pilot in Toronto avoided a major disaster on Wednesday.
Delhi Air Canada\'s flight, which is approaching runway 29 landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport, was blocked by a laser, \"very close to the runway \".
\"The pilot immediately reported the matter to the airport operations control center, which alerted air traffic control and airport operators.
Experts say the laser has become an increasingly serious threat as a result of a party at a farm near the airport.
These lights may cause the pilot to be temporarily blind, resulting in a disaster.
Wednesday\'s incident happened around 10.
At twenty o\'clock P. M. , when pilot Petrick Gagnon reported that he had found a green laser about three miles from the airport.
According to officials, the information was immediately shared with the authorities concerned and the origin of the laser was determined near Mahipalpur.
Delhi police were also pulled in and quickly sent a team to the scene to identify the gangsters.
\"We have started the investigation and a case in the relevant department has been registered,\" said a senior police officer . \".
A senior air traffic control official said it was a serious problem because it was not the first time the pilot complained about the laser, a common feature of weddings and other events.
When they hit their eyes directly, they interrupt their line of sight and can lead to a major tragedy that can lead to temporary blindness.
Air traffic controllers say such incidents often occur because the approach paths on three runways pass through farms that often use such lights and lasers.
\"There needs to be a full ban on the use of this laser or anything that interferes with the landing of a flight, at least in the area around the airport.
In 2016, restrictions were imposed on this practice and strict inspections were carried out.
We need to ban these things permanently because they can cause major accidents if they distract the pilot while landing.
We need to make people more aware of the shortcomings of this behavior and violators will be prosecuted according to law, \"said an air traffic control official.
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