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People will feel crowded on a sultry afternoon
It was arranged in a small auditorium in the art department of Kabul University.
They came to see a new \"enemy of the people,\" and Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen told the story of a man struggling in the contradictions of modern society.
The 19th-century classic film, in the hands of young director Haroon Noori, resonates with the Afghan audience.
The actors are dressed in modern costumes, including a President Karzai in his signature robes and hats.
The show concerns issues affecting urban life in new Afghanistan --
Corruption, illegal construction and harsh environment
Plan drainage.
The audience was spelled for 90 minutes.
Forget the heat outside, life and forever
Fear of insurgent attacks
\"We completed the play in 25 days, including the time for rehearsal, costume, stage lamp and set design,\" said Mr. Noori, who holds a degree in theater from the University of East Bay, California, now Teach the director at Kabul University.
The actor is a drama student.
Before they graduated in the fall, it was their last year\'s project to stage the play.
\"This is a good opportunity for them to get something for the first time --
Azim Hussain Zada, head of the drama department, said: \"experience first hand.
The performance was sponsored by the Norwegian embassy in Kabul.
Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the Norwegian, along with French and German cultural institutions, has led the fight to restore Afghan drama.
This is an art form with a long history. Kabul\'s first-
In 1923, a stage play imitating modern western drama was selected for audiences including members of the Afghan royal family.
Mother of the motherland is an epic of Mahmood Tarzi, a pioneer journalist who happens to be the father of King Amanullah --in-law.
Cabinet members and members of the diplomatic corps also played a role in translating popular dramas in French, German, Italian and English.
Short plays were staged in private events, but it took the theater 20 years to get rid of the court circle.
Newspaper columnist Rashid Latifi\'s 1943 legacy is one of the first dramas to perform to a wider audience.
Afghan favorite actor Qayum Baysed made his debut on the opening night.
Many of his fans have called him Afghanistan\'s response to British actor Sir Ian McClaren.
In his six games, Mr. Beyonce attracted the audience. decade-
A long career has inspired a new generation of Afghan actors.
In an interview with the BBC before his death in last December, a fragile Beth recalled that in the early days of the Afghan theater, all the actors were men.
\"But once the theater is considered an art rather than a cheap entertainment, women start to participate in 1950,\" he said . \".
The emergence of the drama reflects the development of Afghanistan as a modern country.
Roads were built, new technologies were introduced, and people went to the theater to watch local plays next to Shakespeare, Chekov and Brecht\'s works.
On 1978, the first television channel in Afghanistan was broadcast, and the TV theater was popular.
Despite the censorship of the Soviet Union at that time
Government support.
After the Soviet withdrawal and a new round of fierce civil war broke out, the theater in Kabul was closed and the Performing Arts had completely disappeared by 1992.
It was not until after the fall of the Taliban that the theater began to revive.
Development organizations soon saw their potential as a way to promote public health, women\'s rights and democratic information.
The touring drama program brings educational drama to audiences across the country, as well as new opportunities for unemployed actors.
\"It helps the theater staff to get back on the show,\" said Rahmatullah Khostay, a senior actor from southern Khost.
Eastern Afghanistan
\"Otherwise, they all make a living selling potatoes or trading cars.
But there is still a long way to go for the Afghan theater.
The ib student drama at the University of Kabul is performed for a specific audience of students, artists and foreign diplomats, which does not happen without foreign support.
The National Theater of Afghanistan is the only country
Companies with financial support in China
After its original building was destroyed during the civil war, it operated in temporary premises.
The lack of funds and continued instability in Kabul means that it only performs two performances a year.
\"Getting government money for festivals and new dramas is always a struggle,\" said Ghafoor Sharyati, who is in charge of the company . \".
\"We don\'t know if the department of culture and information has allocated a budget for the theater.
\"Despite the difficulties, the company has participated in the theater festival in neighboring countries and has won some awards over the past decade.
Although the actors may not perform regularly at their home in Kabul, when they stage a rare scene at the National Theater --
Evening performances are always performed to sell things. out audiences.
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