adam green: dirt-bike track, nightclub cut from my dream home specs

by:Marslite     2019-09-02
The housing market in Hawke Bay seems to be doing very well.
At least that\'s what the real estate guide told me.
The same is true of newspapers, and friends have seen a great increase in the value of their property.
It is realistic to have your own property.
With three children, there is no real estate empire in my name, and there is still some time left here. (
Although I used to buy square feet of a strange country through Internet promotion. )
However, I have now entered the life stage of \"looking at the real estate guide and imagination.
As I casually went through the front page of another shiny catalogue of dreams, admiring the infinity pool and the endless deck, it took me a little time to think back, see how much my real estate dream changed when I was young.
For example, when I was 10 years old, what I wanted most in the house was more than anything else, a river of drifting around my property.
I imagine jumping into my inner tube outside my front door in the summer, drifting around my Creek, inviting guests on my suspension bridge to this fun event.
However, the dream of the suspension bridge has disappeared, the new water dream good faucet and an extra toilet.
Read more: Adam Green: Duns\' hat was avoided, but I am not a fool of my father. Read more: Adam Green: freedom is a soldier smiling with a crayon face I wound around the hinge when I was 15 and I wanted a paddock to clean up the dirtbike track.
I will spend the weekend overnight with all my friends and our own personal game will fail and of course I will win.
Accelerate engine and fly dirt.
Oh, I don\'t think I have any work to do either.
Now, a good garage, or even a garage, is the top priority on the real estate agenda.
When I was 20 years old, I wanted to turn the basement I had into a nightclub.
There is a DJ booth and refrigerator in the corner with laser lights, a pumping sound system and icing on the cake.
People will flock in and try to get into the hottest underground nightclub in town, heck, maybe I even need to hire a doorman on weekends!
Now, the good place to install the TV and the reliable internet connection are all the entertainment I need.
Even my 30-year-old dream of housingyear-
The old self has changed, mainly because there are a few more shoes at the door every day than at that time, so it would be nice to have one more bedroom or four bedrooms.
I\'m realistic though, so I\'m on the front page of the property guide now --
Seven bedrooms, six bathrooms with pool and HBO? Sounds perfect!
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