actor kumail nanjiani chronicles flier who de-pants until he deplanes

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
There is a self-evident etiquette in the cabin that keeps all passengers relatively comfortable.
However, some people think that the rules of common courtesy do not apply to them.
Starring comediumail Nanjiani of the HBO series Silicon Valley, who recently sat near such a regrettable place, decided to £ 1/2
The hour flight is the right time to undress to your skivvies and eagle.
\"I was on the plane a few days ago,\" nangani wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.
\"A guy took off his jeans, put his feet against the wall and strolled around in boxer shorts.
Najib later clarified that the culprit was sitting in front of the plane, \"so if you board the plane, you will be welcomed by this provocative meat V.
The man reportedly took off his pants within the first 20 minutes after the plane took off, raised his feet for four hours, and then the flight attendant asked him to put his bare legs back on the ground. After a “40-
According to Nanjiani, the second gaze between the man and the waiter \", the man agreed.
But for a moment.
In five minutes, Nanjiani said, the man pushed the height of 1 feet to the wall, \"as if a fist was lifted to the unjust sky. ”Pants (Or missing)
In addition to this, nanyani claimed that the man was rude and rude to the airline staff.
The man stood in front of the gate during the preliminaries
Nanjiani wrote on Twitter that boarding for 30 minutes, and on one occasion, when the person in the wheelchair turned around him, he said, \"I can\'t wait to get in and take off my pants . \".
The actor also said that if the man did not attract the attention of the flight attendant, he slammed his fist on the armrest.
In his Twitter storm, nangani called for attention to the colorful lights that can be seen near men\'s boxers
Some of his Twitter fans think he\'s on Virgin\'s flight.
However, they were not on a Virgin plane, and those lights were not coming out of the plane.
According to the video evidence from Nanjiani, the lamp is flashing in various colors and is a USB charger from the man.
\"Ppl thinks it\'s a virgin. It’s not!
His USB charger keeps the disco lit and basking his thighs in red, blue, green, \"explained the actor.
Unfortunately, for nanyani and his passengers, there is no complete ending to the story, and justice has not been done. The bare-
Thighed man waited until the plane had begun to drop before he got up, \"ignoring the decent and illuminated seat belt sign\" and then putting on his pants.
When Nanjani saw that the criminal who did not wear pants did not suffer any consequences after forcing people to deal with his \"hairy thigh complaint, he was understandably confused
\"The actor did find a bit of irony throughout the ordeal, especially in the film the man chose.
Dan Harmon, a comedy writer, wants to know (tweeted)
Is this pants
The unconvinced person is a villain or hero, and Nanjiani quickly explained the unwritten rules of air travel.
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