acme exhibiting at guangzhou entertainment technology show 2013.

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Taipei City, Taiwan, February 23, 2013--(PR. com)--
ACME sends invitations to all business and media partners around the world to participate in their presentation (
3C-Hall 3 of Booth01)
Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Exhibition (GET Show)
2013, will be held on March 3-6, 2013 in Pazhou Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou.
Activity: Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show (GET Show)
2013 Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center Exhibition date: ACME Booth: Hall 3, Booth 3C-March 3-6, 2013-
01 ACME will display its LED entertainment lighting in aclub/pub
Theme booth.
The booth will provide drinks and food during the show, allowing visitors to master the impact of acme\'s led entertainment lighting in a real environment.
It will also enable people to learn about ACME as a company and relax while enjoying the ACME light show around.
ACME will launch some high-end products
LED mobile headlight quality: XP-5R BEAM G, XP-
15R spot, CM320SZ XP-15R BEAM.
These entertainment and stage lamps are ideal for different backgrounds, from small shows and bar parties to dance shows and club events.
Excellent optics for these high-
The lights combine outstanding features, including different operating modes and color options, and are worth a look.
Guangzhou entertainment technology show (GET Show)
2013 will be the ideal place to meet and face to faceto-
In the face of business, with the leadership of ofACME (
3C-Hall 3 of Booth01)
And get information about the latest inLED entertainment lighting products.
About ACME, a professional manufacturer of entertainment and stage led lighting equipment, founded in 1985, is headquartered in a factory of new100 000 m², a brand in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China.
Over the past 30 years, ACME has become one of the world\'s largest and most professional manufacturers of entertainment and stage LED lighting.
A combination of sales, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, quality control, logistics and customer support enables ACME to deliver a complete solution to customers.
In addition, with its full range of professional machinery, ACME is able to provide high-quality products for all lighting requirements.
Contact details: ACME Valtteri Mujunen 886-learn more about ACME(0)2-2882-
Guangzhou Mars Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most-trusted manufacturing suppliers to the domestic markets.
Exceed customers' expectations in the procedures of manufacturing led light manufacturers.
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Guangzhou Mars Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., which contributes itself on stage lighting companies for creating more useful application.
theatrical lighting supply allows users to use in innovative ways that fit their individual needs, while at the same time providing cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly products.
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