access all areas! jules sebastian gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at husband guy\'s eurovision journey in her vip vienna diary

by:Marslite     2019-09-28
While her husband, Guy Sebastian, is preparing for the European visual song competition on Sunday, his wife Jules has been busy absorbing the sights of Vienna before the show.
The blonde has been sharing small clips of their journey in the Austrian capital on her Instagram account, exploring the city, watching her boyfriend rehearse and chilling with friends.
European countries seem to have had a lasting effect on Jules as she uploaded a photo in which she stood in front of a blue gate and the sun shone on her flawless skin.
She wrote in the title of the camera: \"love the city . \" She was wearing a pure skirt in the camera.
Earlier in the day, the stylist teased fans of what was going to happen over the weekend because she posted a photo of Guy and his support group on stage in the background, and photos of his performance in line.
She wrote: \"Conchita! ! !
After the rehearsal and the ash (sic).
Earlier this week, Jules appeared to be overwhelmed by the Town Hall Square where the annual singing contest was held, and she uploaded a photo of a trendy lighting device.
She wrote: \"rehearsal.
This is an epic stage! !
But it\'s not just a singing contest, the stunt man thinks it\'s a good opportunity to show her fashion in the sun.
When she shakes a pair of white Harrons, some nude killer heels and a pair of crumpled blue off-the-
When she fell into a giggle, she was on her shoulder.
She made the title on picturesque footage: \"The streets of Vienna.
However, Jules was also forced to be tied up by a thick camel earlier this week --
Color coat and a pair of jeans when the temperature drops slightly, although this is the spring of Vienna.
While it was time for her spouse to shine in town, Jules couldn\'t help but announce her career adventure as she made fun of the upcoming project on social media sites. The Adelaide-
Born babe was photographed sipping tea in a beautiful building, shaking his white knee --
Long dress and rose pink shirt, buckle on the neck.
She joked: \"Drink Tea With Jules in Vienna!
Say tea to Jules. . . .
This is very exciting for you guys. . . coming soon!
Meanwhile, Guy, 33who has three-year-
The 13-month-old son Hudson was with Archer and Jules.
He has been rehearsing to make his country proud.
However, the former Australian Idol champion became famous in 2003 and has been plagued by flu in recent weeks, but hopes the disease will improve his voice at night.
On Wednesday, he told reporters in Vienna that although he felt less than 100, he planned to go all out on the weekend.
\"Yes, I\'m sick, but sometimes I sing better when I\'m sick,\" he said . \".
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