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by:Marslite     2019-10-06
Several teenagers from Sanvordem took to the stage to show their acting skills in Hortencio Pereira\'s work hanv vetam (I am going).
Tiatr tells the story of some children abandoned by the roadside.
A mob eventually found them and decided to raise them and continue to instill all his dirty features in their vulnerable minds.
\"What I want to convey is that if these kids get love instead of being beaten, it\'s easy for them to be better people,\" Pereira said . \". Besides the 13-year-
Old Jonas mascullen has become a member of the music troupe, the troupe is run by jokin Fernandez on the saxophone, Melroy on the bass guitar, and a pair of teenage twin brothers Shane and Shawn Sequeira on the drum.
Other young people performing in hanv vetam are Reyan Vales, Reuben and Milburn, who perform comedy sequences with comedian Milbon.
Other actors include Parag Sabnis, Camilo Mascarenhas, John de Cacora, Cajetan de Cacora, Paulin Fernandes, Presley, Renath, Suzanne,
Although Satish Dessai does the lighting effect, the stage set is managed by Urmila Gaonkar.
Pereira claims to be in contact with Rami corlaco, Aristide Dias, Robin Watts, Alfred Ross, alvalez, Pablo Peter, pulme Kumar, Anil Kumar, Chris Perry, john craro, Jose Rod and Anthony sang.
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