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by:Marslite     2019-09-30
Lucknow: Students at the Matinier Women\'s CollegeLMGC)
Into the state soon. of-the-
Art stage and lighting system for culture, literature and other activities.
Lucknow Development Bureau (LDA)
The school is building a multi-purpose auditorium.
Expected to be completed by December-end.
The design of the auditorium is like this. it can be transformed into a test field.
In addition, there is a badminton court on the stage, and there is also a badminton court under the seating space, which makes the auditorium a lotpurpose one.
The auditorium can accommodate 1,000 people with three seatsstoreyed.
The building will include an indoor badminton court, a gourmet court, a tourist information center and a green room.
The auditorium will be one. of-a-
The kind of city.
It will provide a perfect platform for students to show their talents.
The auditorium is ecological.
Friendly and friendly ability to differ, said: \"Deputy
Mainly Aashrita Das.
The oval auditorium will have a natural ventilator with a green lid all around.
The walls are designed to provide natural light and ventilation.
The sun will penetrate through rotatable round windows that will act as curtains and vents, Dass said.
The bamboo outer screen will include an walkway around the entire length of the auditorium as a buffer zone.
A step will take the students from the ground to the highest level.
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