a showcase of lively dance performances

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
The graceful movements of dancers and the wonderful display of colorful lights made the National Day festival last Friday a truly pleasing feast.
The event held in the ak state secretariat banquet hall attracted the audience with lively dance, and shining spectacular stage lights on each dance movement.
SM Yuk Choy, a Blue Ridge dance troupe from Taiwan, performed 13 Dances (Suwa), SM Poi Lam (Suwa)
And the Sheridan ak dance troupe.
The event started with a dance performance with the theme of \"tradition\" by yuk joy students, showing the traditional fan dance in China.
With the bright red light shining on the performers, their movements became more intense.
After the student\'s performance, Taiwanese performers took their backs to the stage. to-
Back dance with the theme of \"free and easy\" and \"Yingshan red\" or \"azalea\", featuring flowing ballet movements.
When the focus of the first dance show is elegance, the second dance highlights vitality and the use of fans.
SM Poi Lam students dressed in a tribal costume similar to China\'s Alishan are the next dance show with the theme of \"Happy Square.
In the two dances performed by two male dancers of the Lanling dance troupe-\"Furong\" and \"each other\"-there were cheers and applause in the hall.
Both dancers show strength and dexterity, bringing a flower bloom to life through their movements.
The two also showed great flexibility in their second performance, twisting their bodies like acrobats, performing the wheels.
Ak\'s Selendang Perak troupe brings two upbeat cultural performances of \"Bhangra\" and \"Zapin Melayu\" dances.
In a speech read out by national NGOs
Dr. Datuk Mah Hang, chairman of the Islamic Affairs Committee, Dr. Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir, said that the world understands Malaysia not only because of its diversity
Because of its cultural diversity.
\"It is the culture that makes us unique,\" he said . \"
\"This uniqueness comes not only from dance and songs, but also from how our multi-cultures unite us,\" he added . \".
Zanburi said that today\'s globalization poses a challenge to the preservation of traditional culture and art.
\"The current fast
The growing world and technology make it difficult for many to catch up with the rest of the world.
\"It also makes many of us forget two important aspects of life-society and culture,\" he said . \".
\"Our young people are so focused on keeping up with modernization and making it a priority for success that some see our cultural heritage as trivial and outdated,\" he added . \".
People should not forget our roots, they should always use our history as a point of reference, and let us move forward as a culturally literate society, zanburi said.
\"Our culture is also our wealth and can be used as our guide and reference.
\"There is no heritage and culture, no matter how modern and developed we are, it will be meaningless,\" he said . \".
\"Our culture also represents our identity as a society,\" he added . \".
Zamburi urges people to strike a balance between modernization and the preservation of our precious heritage so that it is not lost.
\"Without our cultural values, we will become indifferent, complacent and will not learn to appreciate anything,\" he said . \".
He also said the ak government will continue to support efforts to build the state into a cultural and artistic center.
\"We are also committed to ensuring that our heritage buildings are maintained and protected so that they can be a valuable asset for future generations.
\"Heritage buildings that still have historical value are also tourist attractions that are promoted with our traditional food,\" he said . \".
This festival is common.
Organized by Perak Non
Ministry of Islamic Affairs and several non-
Government organization.
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