a satiating sweeney at porchlight

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
I \'ve been away with Sweni for a long time.
It was the first musical I found myself shocked by not just music, but the plot.
I remember my 15 years.
The old self sitting in Grandma and Grandpa\'s living room played the Broadway original album on my trusted Sony Walkman.
This album was crafted by Thomas Z.
Sheppard, feels more like a radio show than any actor album I \'ve ever heard before.
When the last moment was revealed, I took off the orange foam headset and shouted, \"No!
\"Sondheim\'s masterpiece tells the story of a vengeance barber who corrected his past mistakes by cutting the throat of the upper class, and I have been holding on since.
The excellent production of Porchlight undoubtedly made my Sweney itch difficult.
It\'s been at least a few years since I \'ve seen live production (
The last one is Drury Lane.
This late autumn period is an ideal time to shave up close with the demon barber on Fleet Street.
Directed by Porchlight art director Michael Webb, the work is dazzling on many occasions, but sometimes it seems to have suffered a little identity crisis. It\'s a small-
Mass production, often pushing black in Stage 773
Box stage to the extreme-
Almost to the tipping point.
This is not a bad thing. -
I like the stage for bold thinking and innovation, which makes me happy and surprised.
Sometimes, however, there are indeed more, such as Joanna (the pure-
Stephanie Stokes voice)
During the \"Green Sparrow and Linnet Bird\" She was rolled up high stairs and her blonde curls were almost entangled with the lighting device, which may be more of a distraction
However, Weber\'s innovative stage has many advantages, including his creative conception of barber shop chairs ---
This is a landscape element puzzle for any director.
This chair is not the same as the other ones I \'ve seen, it\'s charming and chilling.
Rebecca Finnegan and David Girolmo are in Porchlight\'s \"mentor Todd,\" however, the meat of any good barber is in the title character and his criminal partner-the eccentric lady. Lovett.
David Girolmo is one of the best Swedes I have ever seen.
Despite the loud voice of Girolomo, he does not rely on this ---
His Sweni is the soul of a tortured person with moments of pain and reflection.
You can see the flash of the man before he became a reluctant killer.
Rebecca Finnegan relived one of her characters I met 10 years ago. -
Sweni, also made by Porchlight.
At that time, she was a cunning man with an evil side.
Now, she has added to the hierarchy of lust, humor and sadness, bringing a landmark performance to the Chicago actor.
Girolmo, along with Finnegan, provided a gift for the toughest \"little priest\" I \'ve ever seen.
As the number of people increases, the heat rises to the extent of Burns.
Thanks to Doug Pike, the music director, the ensemble actor delivered the difficult chorus moments of soenheim with brutal precision.
Prominent examples include beggarli Harrington as a Beggar woman (what a voice! )
Kevin Webb is vicelli Adolfo Pirelli.
Also, pay tribute to Javier Ferreira, who covered him the night I saw hopeful Anthony, and did a completely wonderful show, even putting the trickery
If you have not yet taken part in the story of hairdresser Tao De, or fortunately you have visited with the demon barber before, The Barber of Porchlight is sure to meet your needs.
\"Sweni Todd\" was performed in phase 773 until November 9. More info here.
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