a musical to the tune of $10 million

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When the Phantom of the opera opened at the Ahmanson Theater in 1989, it was priced at $8. 5-
The million budget makes it the most expensive music ever.
1997 Los Angeles.
May 5 is still very big for the earthquake-
But judging from the money spent in recent years on producing large musicals, it would take at least $10 million to even push the needle to the Richter scale.
The most recent performances of the sundown Boulevard and Beauty And The Beast at the Schubert Theatre in Century City boast a budget of about $12 million;
The price of Miss Saigon is $10. 9 million;
The much-acclaimed \"acting ship\" revival in downtown amanson cost $10 million.
Ragtime, which opens next Sunday in Shubert, is no exception.
This is the latest musical in Toronto by Garth drabingsky\'s production company.
Headquartered in liven(
It also produced \"Show Boat\")
With strong ticket sales and positive reviews of the show\'s global premiere in Toronto, Schubert is being pumped.
The exhibition opened on December at the Ford Performing Arts Center and will close on August.
Before moving to Broadway in December.
\"Ragtime\" based on E\"L.
1975 best Doctorow-
Selling novels and examining the turn of social politics --of-the-
Century America through the interweaving of three families: mother, father, younger brother and little boy, a white family of Victorian values, enjoying prosperity in New York New RochelleY. ;
Walker, a black musician, and his beloved Sarah are destined to pursue the American dream;
Tateh is a Latvian Jewish immigrant who has a daughter about the age of a little boy and uses his street --
Smart intelligence has made him come out of poverty in the Lower East Side of New York and become the brand --
The new film industry.
In this combination, there is a real cast of actors.
Historical figures of life, including Henry Ford, J. P.
Morgan, Harry Houdini, the anarchy Emma Goldman and Booker T. Washington.
Physical production is as complex as its story: \"Ragtime\" has 22 different settings, from re-
Creation now
Demolished 1910 Penn Station, Atlantic City Boardwalk, deck of a boat and majestic J. designed by architect Stanford White. P. Morgan Library;
In contrast, \"Show Boat\" has only five settings.
\"Ragtime\" features props that are very detailed and historical. -
Including life
Size replica of Model 1906 Ford T-
As well as a well-crafted projection system and more than 50 automation channels, you can move the scenery and personnel on the stage, under the stage and around the stage.
Although the cast of \"Ragtime\" is smaller than \"Show Boat ---50 versus 75--
It has the same amount of clothing (about 500)
Still the average of 20 to 30 actors in a Broadway musical (
Sunset Boulevard is made up of 23 actors.
The budget for Los Angeles and the planned Broadway ragtime is around $10 million. -L. A. \'s is $9.
0. 815 billion, New York is slightly higher because of the longer pre-
Publicity period and other minor expenses.
Where does the money come from?
Unlike many Broadway producers, Livent does not offer profit participation or limited partnerships, so it is the primary risk taker.
It was held in public.
Profit company that obtains internal cash flow from ticket sales, sponsorship income, investment and interest.
* The following tracks turn the Doctorow novel into a musical adapted from Terrence McNally, with Lynn Arens and Stephen Flaherty creating music and lyrics.
Directed by Frank gallatti of Chicago\'s Stephen Wolfe Theater Company, the costume of San loquastor, the landscape design of Eugene Lee, the sound design of Jonathan Deans and the lighting design of Jules Fisher and Peggy eisenhowe.
The details of the three categories are as follows;
Others appear in the complete cost breakdown chart attached.
It should be noted that all these numbers are converted into American numbers. S.
Dollar, they recorded \"before
Production budget of \"Ragtime--
That is to say, the money spent on music is ready for its first paid performance (
Lower included
Pricing preview show starting at Shubert on May 29).
Additional pay, maintenance and marketing costs will start at the opening ceremony and continue throughout the show.
Drabinsky said before Los Angeles
The cost of production is almost the same as the cost of starting world premiere production in Canada.
Even if the cost of creating \"Ragtime ---
For example, writing and shopping, books, music and lyrics, clothing and set design-
Paid before the show arrived in Los Angeles, higher US labor and rent offset any expected upfront costs
Save production.
It\'s not a tour, bringing the same set of scenery and costumes from Toronto;
As production continues in Toronto, it must be L. A.
There is also a new actor.
In addition, the original creative team of designers and directors must be at least part of the lead time
Adapt their previous work to the new cast of actors and new stages.
Attractions: $2.
Millionaire while $10 million is a luxury budget for a musical, the producers of ragtime do not have the monetary resources available to most Hollywood producers in terms of props and special effects, it is called \"g\" in the theater \".
For example, when they need a complete
Ford Model T 1906 yards-
The precious property of Walker house Walker, the character \"Ragtime--
They traveled to Manchester, north England. See a used-
Car dealers known as \"Pudge\" Egolf.
Egolf has been making vintage cars as a hobby, using parts from past and present car models and being discovered by the property supervisor at the exhibition.
Livent found him first and let him turn aroundof-the-
Century Motor Company\'s \"Show Boat\", he finally built three for the show\'s various works.
The Ragtime car of Egolf-Golf Drive-cart motors--
Peter Lamm, technical director and production manager, said the cost was about $30,000.
\"If you go to a car dealership and watch a movie, you will pay more,\" Lamm said . \".
The most expensive aspect of installing \"Ragtime\" is physical production-
Arena for winches, widgets and technical magic.
People who set up, props, set up seasonings, lights, sounds, automation, and expenses for all this are in this category.
While the actor\'s salary and expenses will be the most expensive budget item during the show, this is also the bulk of the funding before the showproduction.
People fall into gray areas in terms of budget decomposition.
Sound and lighting equipment and the technicians who run it all fall under the \"landscape element\" budget, but sound, landscape and lighting designers all fall under the \"creative expense \".
\"An easy way: the creative team designs the look and sound of the show;
Technicians have retained a large number of the necessary equipment to achieve their vision so as not to fall on your head.
In an interview in Schubert a few weeks before the opening ceremony, Lamm talked about setting the scene High
With the performance going on, the drill and the bass of the hammer-of-the-
The stage of the century began to take shape.
\"There are more than 50 automation channels in the program, and the spectacular entrance to the top of the second act is [
Details are not disclosed here]
\"This is done with a manual mechanical winch device,\" Lamm said . \".
Lamm said that the height involved in \"Ragtime\"
Like other big musicals, tech gadgets, while not more, work differently: in this case, the goal is simple.
\"I believe there is pressure on producers, directors and designers to make the audience excited,\" he said . \".
\"It doesn\'t look high --tech.
The \"gag\" there is special, but they are under very careful control.
None of the effects are overwhelming, such as the chandelier in the Phantom, the helicopter in Miss Saigon, or the barricades in Les Miserables.
Advertising, marketing and promotions: $1.
On a sunny Mother\'s Day morning in Toronto, drabingsky, at the desk of the Livent headquarters, nodded deliberately because the discussion turned to a marked difference in audience response between the cheering Saturday matinee audience, at the top-
The Ford Center is packed with tourists from the United States and a quiet and polite evening audience, mainly Canadians.
Drabingsky says Canadian audiences are often more conservative ---
But he added, \"although tickets in Toronto were sold out for Ragtime, they did not fully understand the relevance and meaning of all aspects of the show. . . .
We hope the show will be released in the United States. S.
Audience as soon as possible.
These intangible considerations form the basis for advertising, marketing, and promotion of \"Ragtime ---
A complicated process that began in early February opens next Sunday in Los Angeles.
For the first paid performance, Livent will spend $680,000 on print ads, $340,000 on radio shows, $425,000 on TV commercials, and $170,000 on various promotions, $85,000 for outdoor advertising and miscellaneous fees.
In a city with more pedestrian traffic, Norman zaggir, senior vice president of marketing and communications strategy planning for Livent, said, A large part of the advertising budget may be spent on the display of bus stations and on the advertising of buses, or more on billboards in less vast cities, potential ticket buyers may focus on a smaller geographic area.
Well-based with Livent\'s recent revival in Los Angeles, such as \"Show Boat\" or \"Sunset Boulevard\" or \"Beauty and Beast-
As we all know, the purpose of Livent\'s advertising for \"Ragtime\" is to let the audience know the storyline that most people may still be unfamiliar.
This is also necessary as the show does not offer bigname stars.
Actors in Los Angeles include John Dorset, Marcia Mitzman Gavin, Scott Carlow, Brian Stoxx Mitchell, la shangze and John Rubinstein.
In contrast, Livent faces the opposite: trying to convince the audience that Prince Hal\'s work is a new attraction, \"not a squeaky revival of people in their 70 s\"year-
\"The old musical,\" said zagir.
Drabingsky admits that the business of selling programs with strong social themes to music theater audiences in Los AngelesA.
Or anywhere, it represents a delicate balance.
Zagier said that you are not prepared for the audience to respond to the blunt methods of social problems and do not help them.
\"Because the title ---\'Ragtime\'--
One might think that the musical is a Scott Joplin song or a remake [a show like]
\"Brown Sugar,\" he said. \"We want [our marketing]
Convey the seriousness of the work;
We don\'t want to throw people out like that.
Zagier added that Milos Forman\'s 1981 film, ragtime, may raise public awareness of the name, but it may also be about what viewers may seeWhile noting L. A.
Drabingsky admitted that it was mostly accidental to bring the show to Los Angeles before Broadway, although the company\'s success here was related to the \"Show Boat\", \"earning $18 million in 20 weeks, but not affected.
Livent reported that the pre-sale ticket for la \"Ragtime\" was $5 million, equivalent to the pre-sale ticket for \"Show Boat. \"\"We went to L. A.
Just because when Disney left with beauty and the Beast, the Schubert Theater became available to us;
Or we will go to New York and get it [to L. A. ]
In due course, \"drabingsky said.
\"Given that our new theater in New York is not going to be released until the end of December, the reviews produced in Toronto are very positive and we don\'t see any reason to postpone the show.
\"Drabinsky also chose Shubert because it is open
End the run, not the limited run, so \"Ragtime\" can last as long as the audience wants.
\"No one expects to run\" Ragtime \"in Los Angeles\"A.
Three years, but we\'re talking about the difference between Ahmanson\'s 12 to 15 weeks and Shubert\'s 9 months to a year and a half, \"drabingsky said.
Zagier, marketing director, said the attempt to build awareness of the show started very early.
The CD \"ragtime\'s song, musical\" was released in Canada and the United States in October and premiered at Ford Center in Toronto in November.
Before the opening night.
In Los Angeles, \"Ragtime\" was promoted from international reviews of the Toronto show, and Zagier said that Livent followed an advertising and promotion plan consistent with other Program Marketing. On Feb.
Zagier says Livent has started what it calls \"image\" ads, which are displayed in large newspapers. On Feb.
Tickets are on sale.
Tickets to Broadway on the same day were also available in New York.
Zagier said pre-
For L, propaganda is shorter than ideal. A.
Because eleven-
The hour decided to bring the show here;
Ideally, Livent will have six months to \"accelerate\" instead of 12 weeks.
\"We have launched a very strong and positive campaign to saturate the market,\" he said . \".
The long publicity period and early ticket sales in New York also aim to raise awareness of the Ford Center for Performing Arts at the new Broadway theater in Livingston (
Don\'t get confused with Ford Center in Toronto).
In December, \"Ragtime\" will live in the theater, and is currently being built between 42 and 43 streets near Times Square, which is located at the location of the former Lyric Theater and the Apollo Theater.
The cost is $30 million, and the new internal structure is 1,839-
The seating auditorium and two rehearsal spaces will be formed after the front of the meticulously restored historic theater.
Livingston is also planning a tour in Chicago.
Unlike its \"Show Boat\" Display Ad, Zagier says the ad is trying to capture the history of the Show with a picture, A series of different newspaper display advertisements focus on all aspects of \"Ragtime ---
For example, every different family, or a series of other ads that focus on real life
A life historical character who plays a role in the play.
At the same time, Livent used the voices of Jack Palance and Lou Rawls to launch Radio and television shows, none of which appeared on the show.
\"We have a tradition of using wells --
\"Known sounds can go through the mess,\" Zagier said . \".
\"For the sake of \'performing ships\', we used basso profundo from James Earl Jones, and we used Malcolm McDowell in [
Production of Life]
Sunset Boulevard.
We think the two voices reflect the multi-racial nature of the show, and Lou Rawls\' voices tell about jazz and nightclubs at different times and locations.
\"While you shouldn\'t expect Burger King\'s\" Ragtime \"role to turn into plush toys, Livent has promotional partnerships with businesses and non-profit organizations in various regions.
For example, KCOP-
TV channel 13 is scheduled to broadcast two-
June 20 hours of special program \"Ragtime.
The stores in Bloomingdale will host live entertainment and provide a ticket sales hotline;
Will be holding exhibitions, actor shows, video screenings and reading at 60 branches of the Los Angeles Public Library, and people who purchase tickets through the Los Angeles Times promotion get souvenir vouchers, complimentary Theater parking and refreshments are available.
Livent is also in blitz for 300,000 direct accounts in the Los Angeles area
Mail events, as well as families in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Becker sfield, Redlands, San Diego and the Bay Area.
Zagier said, as the film and television industry did in testing new products, Livent hired a Canadian public opinion firm to conduct a market survey of its work, these topics include the time of the show that the show likes, the knowledge of CD recording or \"price flexibility (
That is to say, how much the person who bought the ticket may be willing to pay).
But, he added, the similarity of the film industry is over: \"The show will not change [
The way the studio changes the movie script]
Because in the final scene, a test viewer didn\'t like Glenn Closs dying in the tub.
Clothing, wigs and cosmetics: $1.
There are 3 million people in the clothing room, and there is not much time. -
480 to 500 pieces of clothing were prepared for 50 actors, consisting of two miles of fabric and three miles of various decorations.
The most exquisite women\'s wear requires between 250 and 300 hours of labor, which can cost $5,400 per piece.
The 130 people involved in the work included tailors, women\'s hats, decorators, dyeing and painting workers, wigs and wardrobe personnel, garment manufacturers and tailors.
About $150,000 of the total budget goes to wigs and make-up.
The cost of makeup is very small, most of which is spent on about 60 wigs and a variety of facial hair-
Side Corner, beard and beard.
Most of the work of combining clothing together took place in Toronto, but some were done in Los Angeles and New York;
Fabrics come from all over the world. \"It\'s great ---
When they called us to say that there will be a new work in Los Angeles, we barely made up in Toronto, \"said Janet Grant, assistant designer/production and clothing coordinator, in a backstage interview with Shubert, boxes of clothes, hats, pillars and shoes began to arrive at the theater.
In January, clothing work in Los Angeles began to design clothes for Los Angeles. A.
The actors went to Toronto to watch the third quarter.
The more refined costumes on the show include the \"New Rochelle\" costume, made with a layer of cream and white lace in almost different shades.
\"These are the costumes of the period, so they have the chest, the petticoat, and the delicate folds, in the corset, because you want to get the outline of the period,\" Grant said . \".
\"Some of what is such labor --
The intensity of these garments is getting lower and lower.
Structure below
\"The structure of the hat must be highly durable and suitable for delicate wigs;
Shoes must be dancing.
Even if it looks like a cordon, the singer has to be able to breathe, Grant says, pointing out the elastic Leica plug-in on a New Rochelle skirt that allows the actress to breathe in enough air
In addition, Grant said that clothing must last for several years through rapid clothing changes, movements, careless actors and sweat.
Cost breakdown of the New Rochelle dress for the mother role: $5,400 for the dress; corset, $615;
A petticoat of $615; hat, $425; high-
Lace-up shoes for $250.
Grant admits that details such as tiny differences in lace tones or the historical authenticity of invisible bodice may not be important to the audience, but different to the actors.
\"It\'s something you don\'t feel,\" she said . \".
* Livent\'s Zagier says while it doesn\'t take much magic dollars to create a superpowermusical, $10-
More than a million musicals have become commonplace, not only because the audience has begun to look forward to the countryof-the-
But it\'s also because today\'s directors are demanding the same.
\"What happened was that the theater was getting more and more complex, and the technology was bringing incredible innovation,\" he said.
\"I think the best analogy would be to compare it to Steven spirberg\'s Lost World: Jurassic Park, where you have all these amazing computers --
The impact, \"he continued.
\"In the 1950 s, they made movies about dinosaurs that attacked the earth with a matte background and looked fake.
The technology is feasible, whether it\'s Steven spirberg, a filmmaker, or Frank Gallati, a director of ragtime, the artist wants to work with the best artists
\"*\" Ragtime \"will open at 5: 30 next Sunday. m.
Located at the Schubert Theater, 2020 Century City Walk of Fame.
Regular Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday, 8 pmm. ;
Sunday 7: 30. m. ;
2 p on Saturday and Sunday. m. Dark July 4. Ends Sept. 7. $35-$75. (800)447-7400.
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