a look back at the culture and music of the 1970s

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Every decade has its unique highlights, things we may not remember, but every decade has one thing in common, that is, time is moving forward.
It will change.
With the transition from the end of the 1960 century to the beginning of 1970, it may start a little subtle, but by the end of the decade, the changes that have taken place during these 10 years are enormous.
Beginning with a decade of music and culture that promotes peace and love, it has evolved into a decade of rapid development and different levels of consciousness (
Although this path of development has clearly begun in the past decade).
On the social front, nightlife is often recalled to dance and share malt in the gym, however, in its 1970 s it is linked to dancing under the disco lights of the nightclub.
After disco, the folk singer was replaced.
From short skirts to long skirts, the bold design of polyester and the Duke of Daisy cut shorts and long skirts --
There is a mobile bell bottom of platform shoes.
During the decade, great changes have taken place in society, and by the end of the 1970 generation, the situation will never be the same.
In the 1970 s, changes in music continued to develop significantly.
This decade has brought some of the best and worst, but of course it depends on the taste of the individual, which is quite subjective.
Disco was very popular in their 70 s, especially after Saturday night heat.
Although it is short, this trend is still very hot. lived.
With the decade coming to an end, the disco was quickly squashed.
The trend did go away, but when a DJ was released from his radio station after \"going to disco\", the disco appeared more or less and started a campaign against the music.
As the historical site points out, there is no natural death in disco trends.
On July 12, 1979, Chicago\'s Comisky Park held the infamous \"Disco Demolition\" night.
After the Disco this evening
Bashing, this type of music is going downhill.
In the years that followed, dicco became the laughing stock of jokes, and, like most things, it became a complete circle, and to some extent it became tolerable, to some extentCredit: Sarah (
Dichohecho on Flickr)/CC by 2.
These \"disco balls\" became very popular in the 1970 s.
These are much longer than music\'s survival after \"death\" and can still be seen in various places.
Music in its 70 s also began to subdivide and branchgenres.
The seeds of modern heavy metals are planted and bloom;
Society has also seen the birth of alternative, disco, punk, soft rock and progressive rock. Even the rock (
Now called \"classic \")
This has been the frontier and center for the past decade and has matured, with some believing that 1970 has perfected itself.
It is popular in the 21 st century.
It is still often not uncommon to find \"classic rock\" stations dedicated to 60 and 70-year-old music.
The 70-year-old culture and theme, like the previous 10 years, continues the theme of freedom, but in some ways it has shifted from a broad liberal attitude to personal freedom.
Some people think that it is normal to take drugs, sex, and other types of activities that were previously considered \"dangerous --
However, perhaps this was the norm before, and things became more \"open\" in their 70 s \".
As part of the culture, the openness of sex becomes deeply rooted;
It is not uncommon to hear the decade known as \"swing 70.
The music of the decade reflects all these attitudes;
Marvin Gaye\'s \"Let\'s get started\" and songs like Rod Stewart\'s \"Do you think I\'m Sexy\" immediately came to mind.
Sexual freedom is an important part of the decade, and music reflects these ideas --sets.
This is before AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases become a social concern, 1980
The drug campaign has not yet reached the point of \"no.
In the coming decades, people will reflect on their behavior in their 70 s, some will laugh at its quirks, and some will look back on the past with nostalgia, some people can\'t remember any of them at all.
Progressive thinking every generation has some kind of progressive thinking, reflecting on 1970 from a cultural point of view, today people may feel strange, this is a crazy moment full of activities.
An important attitude of existence that deserves attention is the attitude of progress, such as equal rights and understanding of the environment;
These are the most important questions.
These attitudes are important even today.
Equality remains a battle, but progress has been made.
In terms of the environment, one of the most prominent businesses in memory so far is the public service announcement issued by environmental organizations \"to Keep America Beautiful \".
This is a commercial advertisement featuring the now famous \"weeping Indian\", when a passing car throws rubbish out of the window, it rolls on the road and lands on his feet
The ad became one of the most successful advertising campaigns in the 20 th century.
The climax of business \"people start to pollute.
People will probably stop it.
Those who watch TV in their 1970 s remember.
The original commercial, starring Iron Eye Cody, first aired on Earth Day on 1971, a short film that fully reflects the campaign to protect the environment. Fast-
Looking forward to the new millennium and 15 years later, the rule of \"not littering\" is good --
Deep-rooted in society, continuous progress.
Protecting the environment is still a very relevant social and political issue that has gone beyond the \"green\" movement.
While people now know more about the impact of not protecting our planet, people may realize in early 1970 the need to turn things around.
While some nostalgic, progressive views and music were the keepers of the 1970 s, there were some better things left, such as those polyester and plaid dress jackets and trousers. [
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Growing up in the 1970 s]
After a decade of \"Sex, drugs and rock\", in the middle
Ronald Reagan, the 1980 President of the United States, and first lady Nancy Reagan launched their \"Say No \"(to drugs)campaign.
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