a diwali treat for music fans.

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
A team of four DJs will perform at the Diwali dance at Manama Aqua Fuego lounge this weekend.
Bahrain is organizing the event called Diwali Nite 09 --
Remco Group, jointly established with lounge.
It will feature India\'s headline news
Keep warm based on celebrity DJsJitesh and DJ Shireen
Made by local dj Salime and Ibbe.
Guests can look forward to house, hip-show
During the event, organizers said, hop, bollywoodmix mixes and Punjabi Bhangra tunes.
Jitesh was named national champion in the battle of djscompetion, and New Delhi residents were commercially successful when they released their album Black and White Yadi in last November.
The album sold 10,000 copies in the first week before its release, and with Zara haule\'s strong rotation on MTV and [channel], sales increased furtherV]music networks.
Jitesh also has master spin, the first professional DJ andremixing college in India.
DJ Shireen, known as the youngest famous female DJ in India, has been playing for the past four years and likes to include hip-
Jump, R & B, house, and Bollywood mixes in her set.
In addition to the colorful performances in different Indian states and cities, the Kolkata native performed in Kathmandu, Dubai and Qatar and became featured artists for the month on indivibe.
Talent website.
Until tomorrow, the vip ticket will cost BD15, the vip couples ticket will cost BD25, the ordinary couple ticket will cost BD4, the female ticket will cost BD2, and the male ticket will cost BD5
Open at 8.
Tickets will cost BD6 for couples, female BD3 and male BD7 at 30 on Friday night.
For more information, please contact 36315494 or 39299062.
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