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’60 minutes’ almost snuffed out hillary clinton during 1992 interview

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Hillary Clinton\'s historic nomination as Democratic presidential candidate on Tuesday could have been very different if it hadn\'t been because television lighting had broken.
On 1992, Clinton sat down with her husband, Bill Clinton, for a \"60-minute\" interview.
Suddenly, a lighting device was loose and almost hit a woman who might have been the first American citizen. S.
Female President
\"After 40 minutes, the light fell off.
\"60 Minutes\" host Steve Croft said in an outshoot: \"It\'s like a cannon launch . \".
\"I realized that the lights on the wall fell off and almost killed them.
Hillary Clinton, who was startled, flashed: \"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
After the event, Bill Clinton was seen hugging his wife.
Although it is not clear who is more shaken).
The horrific moment broke a tense interview in which Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, tried to stop his fledgling presidential campaign from being spent by an alleged cabaret singerGennifer.
The video was released Tuesday by the streaming service information website, decder, which noted that the video was included in the latest version of the CNN documentary series \"Running for the White House.
\"Correction: The earlier version of the article quoted decder as saying that the clip had not been available beforeaired.
It aired on a 2004 th anniversary special program dedicated to Don Hewitt, creator of \"60 Minutes.
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