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4 standout tech features of the 2019 volvo xc40

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
These days, the vehicle is loaded with so much technology that it is difficult to fully invest in a short test drive.
Because I test more than 50 cars a year, certain technical features, whether positive or negative, and their comparison with other cars of the same kind. The all-
The new 2019 XC40 is a very important car for Volvo, not only because the ultra-small luxury crossover car fills a hole in the car manufacturer\'s very popular segment, but this is also the cornerstone of Volvo\'s new subscription service.
In a recent media test drive in Austin, Texas, and its surrounding areas, I had the opportunity to taste the technology in two versions of the XC40, lease or subscribe: T5 AWD momentum, the test price is $44,315, $600 per month as part of Volvo and T5 awd r-Care
$45,835 sticker on design time, as part of Volvo Care, $700 per month.
Some of the technical features in the XC40, such as the Sensus infotainment interface, are used for existing Volvo cars, while others, such as the Harman Kardon sound system, are fresh.
Therefore, the 2019 Volvo XC40 not only has a mix of old technology and existing technology, but also has good performance and is not very good.
Sensus Connect information tainment InterfaceI first tested the Sensus interface when the XC90 debuted three years ago and found that it took some time to adapt.
9-lots of information and options presented oninch tablet-
Just like the screen will feel overwhelming at the beginning, although the large display allows for a shallow menu structure, you can quickly and easily access features once you have mastered it.
But I was impressed by the touch of the Sensus Connect interface
While Volvo pointed out that the vehicle I tested was an early production model, the screen responsiveness sometimes took multiple clicks to get a response, hoping that the issues would be resolved before the XC40 arrived at the customer. In-
Even though I like to flip through the paper owner\'s manual, this is one of my favorite technical features and is becoming more and more common in luxury cars. I found the in-
The dash owner\'s manual in XC40 is especially easy to use, and it has an intuitive layout and menu structure that makes it easy to search for information.
The digital drive shows 12 of the xc40. 3-
Inch digital driver display puts information such as navigation direction and maneuvering, audio and telephone statistics, and road sign data directly on the face.
It has two circular meters and a central information display that expands when using navigation, although the navigation map cannot occupy the entire IP as Audi\'s digital cockpit, and the graphics are not clear.
The digital drive display also has four graphics modes, and the brightness is automatically adjusted according to the ambient lighting.
Premium Sound available from 13-hammancatonspeaker, 600-
Watt Haman Caton premium sound system in XC40 uses patented air bass speaker technology to hide the subwoofer behind the dashboard in innovative air --
Ventilated housing.
This not only frees up the space at the front door but also provides a solid spacefront low-
Frequency Impact, avoid bassin-the-
The back syndrome of most cars makes the sound stage more coherent.
The system is a high-priced $1,374 multimedia teaching momentum, trimming, also includes the Sensus navigation Pro system, and is an attractive $800 independently selected R-Design.
Statement: Volvo paid travel expenses for my media test drive for 2019 xc40.
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