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25 to watch in 2002: the most exciting discoveries of the year as told by dance magazine writers and editors worldwide.

by:Marslite     2019-09-15
Once again.
Dance Magazine celebrates the new year by commemorating New and Noteworthy things in our field.
We collected nominations from dance.
Observers around the world remind our readers of their recent findings.
Since the authors and editors of dance magazines are a group of people who focus on dance performances, they see hundreds of hours of dance every year.
We aim at geography and wind, and let everyone say the trend of a dancer, company, choreographer or let their heart beat, trigger new insights, or show an unusual commitment
No one will see all the 20-
It\'s five years old, but readers can see the excitement brewing.
The charm of Mary Allen Olsen by cheryl ossola Radiant.
Charlotte transferred the word to her network, and there was no more appropriate word about Wilber than Mary Ellen Olsen.
A few months after her 18 th birthday, she was appointed apprentice to the San Francisco Ballet, the tall man. fresh-
No matter what happens on the stage, you have to look at her.
Prominent girlnext-
There was a lively breath on the door.
Olsen has a magnetic field that spans foot lights.
\"I have always liked rehearsal, class ---
All efforts. \" said Olson.
But I like acting.
Olsen was fascinated by the fancy tutus at the age of 4, and before the end of the San Francisco Ballet School, he was trained in San Jose, Dallas and New York.
Stayed there for a year and a half.
Olsen has made a big breakthrough.
Last fall, she began her career by studying seven ballets and touring the UK and Spain.
Her excitement is real: \"I love classical and story ballet because of acting.
Contemporary ballet is fun because you can do it in a different way. I love it all! \" (See www. sfballet. org. )
Cheryl Ossola is a deputy editor of Dance Magazine.
During the London season of Kirov Ballet last summer, a noble atmosphere of Kevin Wu has been watching 24-year-old Andrea Fayed, he joined the company after graduating from varcanova College in 1995.
Fadeyev has an innate high-Noble and classical style, as pure as water, and is the best Prince Desire in Kirov\'s newly made Sleeping Beauty.
He is also good at balanqin\'s repertoire: he is an elegant Knight in the \"Emerald\" part of jewelry, a dazzling \"Ruby\" soloist, a young and incomparable God, who touches Apollo\'s heart.
Fadeyev plays villain in Le Corsaire, and when playing fragile puppets in Petrushka, he also shows his talent for drama.
He was seen at the Malinsky International Ballet Festival in March 9.
On a trip to Washington, D. C. C. (February 12-17)
New York is next spring. (See www. mariinsky. ru/eng/main. html. )
Hong Kong-based Kevin Wu also contributed to the Asia Wall Street Journal and the South China Morning Post.
Donald watera Akram Khan\'s true fusion of Akram Khan has the wow factor.
The 27-year-old BritishAsian dancer-
Choreography is American. K. \'s fastest-rising star.
Muscular and agile, during the show he provides exciting modern expressions for kathak\'s precise, speed and gesture vocabulary.
As a child, Khan was trained in the form of classical Indian dance and did not begin to study contemporary dance seriously until later.
By dynamically merging the two sports paths together, he has won praise, a range of awards and a growing international reputation.
He is also savvy about his collaborators.
In the footsteps of Stephen Petronio, Khan secured the services of sculptor Anesh Kapoor for his next ensemble, Quintet cash
\"If\" in Hindi \").
Kaash and his new single will be premiered in Creteil, France, followed by an extensive tour.
Khan\'s global event is scheduled to begin in early 2004.
He called it \"good pressure \".
People are saying.
We really want to see what the next phase will be.
This is what I want to see.
Donald hutra writes for the London Times, dance now, European dance and other publications.
Linde Howe\'s genavive guerrilla glitter versatility
Her barefoot Carmen is arrogant.
Her Snow Queen floats with perfect lines and command.
It\'s always a fascinating thing to watch the sunny, versatile Ballet performance of the Genevieve guerrillas.
Nine years ago, when she joined Les Grande Ballets Canadiens de Montreal as an apprentice, it was clear that the gifted young woman was destined to become the first family in Quebec.
Ballerina who grew up in recent memories
Whether it\'s Petipa, Balanchine or contemporary ballets, she covers an excellent technique with personal enthusiasm, wisdom and vitality.
At the same time, the attention her dance drew seemed to surprise her.
Since guest director Ib Anderson picked her from the band as the lead director of Wave, the 28-year-old Guerard has been a favorite of contemporary choreographers.
However, when she was promoted to a soloist in front of the whole company after her ideal performance at Jiri Kylian\'s stepping stone: \"My knees gave way and cried.
\"Cut off her acting teeth in Carmen last season, guerard, who is now the principal, performed in New York City, Montreal, and Ottawa in February, Kim brandestrup in Hartford, Connecticut, in April. (See www. grandsballets. qc. ca. )Linde Howe-
Baker, a Montreal dance columnist and critic, has been a contributor to dance magazine for more than two decades.
Former athlete Robert Tracy blends strength and subtlety together, and tades Davis begins to learn ballet to gain agility and enhance his strength in football.
Ten years later, he dazzled the audience with strong physics and subtle and lofty sensitivity.
After four years of dancing with Arthur Mitchell\'s Harlem dance theater, he continues to be a guest with complex people and joins Donald bird/the group as he wants to be with a dance Guide
Soon after accepting the challenge of Byrd deconstructing classical technology, he reached Byrd\'s speed and attack.
Choreographed skirt
Davis, 33, is helping bird perform at the New Victory Theater in Manhattan.
According to Donald bird, \"We have reached a perfect symbiotic relationship.
Davis began to dance.
He is a great partner and likes to compose a duet.
\"Co-operation has brought me to where I am now in my career,\" Davis said . \". (See www. newvictory. org. )
Robert Tracy\'s dance books include balancin\'s ballerina: a conversation with the muse;
The Goddess: the memories of the dancers of Martha Graham and the space of the Mind: The dance design of the wild mouth.
Melissa Ballack is the New York City Ballet 22-year-
Old Melissa Ballack began making ballet when she was 8 years old.
They were just in her mind, she was on her way to school or dance classes, compiling them in the car and listening to classical music tapes.
She produced her first real ballet for the first student dance workshop at the American Ballet Academy in 1997.
This is a souvenir of Tchaikovsky in Florence, including her own, with four dancers.
They are all friends, Ballack recalls, which makes it very \"fun, like game time \".
After that, a work was created for the dance academy of NYCB and The Telemann prelude Suite in E minor.
The ballet of 14 dancers is a surprise for the SAB workshop performance in last June--
Music, full of fun patterns, and a wonderful solo for clues.
Very well, NYCB chief ballet master Peter Martins incorporated it into the repertoire and asked her to perform ballet for the company\'s diamond project this spring.
Once again, she chose the music of shostankovic.
\"I like his music,\" she said . \"
\"It gave me some ideas.
His music has depth, which is the emotion that the dancer has to convey.
Listen to the music. I saw the image.
And the idea of the storyline.
The music for dancing is great, but I like it when it\'s a little more than it is. \" (See www. nycballet. com. )
Diaggarafola, the author of the diaggiev ballet, teaches dance history at Barnard College and is a consultant/senior editor for dance magazines.
When Rita ferliano Canada transplant company sonya delwaide moved to the Bay area five years ago, she was not new.
She used to be a member of the Des rothers Dance Theater and has her own dance performances in the United States and the United States. S.
And Canada in the early post-80 s.
What she brings is a high degree of professional spirit, an experienced vision and a greedy desire for movement.
Something she didn\'t bring. -
But still not--
It\'s a company that coordinates with her lightning.
Fast emotional burst dance.
For the sake of her needs, she has carefully designed complex, technically demanding mixed works
The ability AXIS Dance Company and the Berkeley Ballet Theatre.
Her dance requires the most accomplished dancers in the Bay Area-
From different companies such as the ODC/San Francisco and the dark ballet-
Follow her into the dangerous waters of superb craftsmanship
They did this because Delwaide raised the standard of who she worked.
This month, Delwaide premiered a new work at the San Francisco travel Jewish Theatre as part of the Ladino project and will be at the Julia Mall and ODC/San Francisco in Berkeley on October.
Rita Felciano is a dance critic for The San Francisco Bay Guardian and a California dance writer for Dance Magazine.
Haidi Weiss\'s choice of maia wilkins as the new Astarte, as the eclectic and historic repertoire of the Chicago jowry ballet, has begun to re-
Maia Wilkins, who has been working in the company since 1991, has become one of the most versatile dancers of the troupe.
In a company that avoids the star system, she has become an unofficial chief ballerina: not only an excellent and relaxed technician, but also an extraordinary subtlety and
She is petite, parchment.
Pale skin, strong strength, Wilkins can easily pass through an aquatic nymph-
A role she plays in Gerald Alpino\'s shadow of the sea ---
Or in the lilac garden of Anthony Tudor, the repressed porn of the central character.
She could also be convincing enough to get rid of the physical comedy of John Kouro taming the Raptors, or capture the painful isolation of the chosen person in nikinsky\'s \"spring ceremony\" She will perform at the Kennedy Center on February.
Back in Chicago in April, Wilkins played the leading role in the revival of the iconic 1967 psychedelic ballet astart in javerry.
But this is a dancer who is more powerful than flowers. (See www. joffrey. com. )
Hedy Weiss is a dance and drama critic at The Chicago Sun. Times.
All the stages in the world are hosted by David SHIMOTAKAHARA of Wilma Salisbury, formerly the chief dancer and rehearsal director of the Ohio ballet, which established the GroundWorks ancetheater in 1998, in the traditional and non-traditional environment, new and important dance arrangements are presented to the audience.
His theatrical work for a small group of classical-trained dancers was created in collaboration with composer Gustavo Aguilar and performed at the Public Theater in Cleveland, where the company resides, it is also an alternative space with historical and architectural significance.
With its engaging choreography, strong acting style, portable stage and creative lighting, in an old ice house, a modern library, and a suburban church, a contemporary sacred space shared by the Jews and the Holy Guild is installed.
The company has had a brilliant success in northeast Ohio and is now laying the groundwork for a national tour.
Shimotakahara, 45, said, \"We just want to know if our intimate drama brand is related to a wider audience.
\"This season, the company will perform at Gray\'s armory and the Cleveland Public Theater. (See www.
Ground work. org. )
Wilma Salisbury is a dance critic in Cleveland, Ohio.
She has been contributing to dance magazine for more than 20 years. five years.
Sally Somer Roshan butterfly beats her tap like a wing and her feet are as lyrical as the butterfly is on its wings.
A beautiful woman who won her name as she flew around the stage and her body gently rode on her feet.
However, when the butterfly wants to ship something hard, she can \"hit\" It as if the glass cracked at high temperatures.
Combine elegant upper body and hard
Technically, her core is the precise footwork, which she slams her pace and jumps high, not hunchback.
She can float!
Of course, this is the direct style infusion of Jimmy Slater, her mentor and teacher.
Like Slater, butterflies can kiss the stage with their feet, slide and skate, and play bebop rhythm and rhythm.
Roxane Butterfly is a special new lady hair stylist.
She is outside the mold, moving at her own pace, playing her own beat.
A good place to catch butterflies is maxim Club (212/736-0836)
At the Stanford hotel in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday night.
Butterflies and other New York Jazz
Tappers improvise with musicians, a practice known in tap circles as \"the University of the club \". \" (
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