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\"24 hour party people\"

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
The downside of the \"24 Hour Party Man\" is that it is blindly ambitious and conceited
Indulgence and reckless about the truth.
Well, it knows all these things.
Best of all, it\'s probably a great movie. -
Of course, apart from classic movies like hard Day night, it\'s almost as good as any other fictional movie about rock.
\"24-hour party man\" directed by Michael winterbutton (
\"Welcome to Sarajevo\", \"Wonderland\"
, Based on real life, in important concentric circles, British music, Manchester music scene, Factory Records, happy Division and Happy Monday, Manor dance club and, finally, Tony Wilson
The film started with Wilson in his 70 s on the hillside, with a stupid haircut and a glider hanging.
Wilson is a real one.
Live TV reporter and host of Granada TV station, Manchester local TV station.
He will continue to work on television, but will also be one of the main owners of influential independent label Factory Records-
After the death of its lead singer, great graphic design and postponed quartet Joy Division will become a new order.
He will also open England\'s most notorious nightclub.
But first, he\'s going to hit the hillside.
Wilson plays Steve Coogan in 24 Hour Party characters, a British comedian who in real life plays a fake on real TV
The film is aware of all these post-modern feedback loops and will continue to throw them at us at dizzying speeds, eventually in a scene, we actually saw real Tony Wilson play the producer of fake Tony Wilson in a fake version of a real show hosted by Wilson. Phew.
The 24-hour party man is one of the films in which the main character keeps jumping out and talking to the audience.
But the film goes further.
Here, the actor actually stepped out of the role. -
Not just action.
Sometimes, these actors play semi-famous musicians, and
The same semi-famous musician
Howard FETO of the Rooster and magazine
Smith in autumn)
There are some parts in the rest of the movie.
But Tony broke the action more than anyone else and explained himself (
\"I was post-modern before post-modern was cool \")
Or gossip (
\"He will continue to sleep with my wife \")
Or deliver the arch line (
William Black says the road to the palace of wisdom is superfluous.
I went with Jaguar \").
This shtick will grow old soon, and this is a huge credit for Frank cortel Boyce\'s intensive, fun script and the easy delivery that Coogan has never had before.
You will feel that filmmakers use this technology not just to show off or be smart: they do it because it captures the sensitivity of this period, because this is what is called the sign of
I really love Tony.
Sometimes it is dazzling.
You\'re looking at a scene, laughing, wondering exactly what\'s going on, waiting to see if the doorman in the bathroom will tell you what he really saw 20 years ago, all at the same time.
The film is so interesting that jokes are constantly appearing one by one.
One of the best laughs is Tony\'s constant disaster in his career: he thinks he\'s a serious journalist;
His boss asked him to make a story about a sheep-feeding duck. But wait.
Dear reader, if I can pull my own little Tony humorously, I would like to point out that you, I should want to know what it all has to do with the music scene in Manchester.
I \'d say you made a point.
After all, this is by yourself.
A movie about Manchester music.
Tony even said: \"I am a secondary character in my own story.
But this is not true.
The 24 Hour Party man is a movie about Tony Wilson.
It is still a rather vague music scene for American listeners and audiences, without extensive investigation.
Yes, almost everyone is dancing with the new order of \"weird love triangle\" at high school prom, wedding or class party, but who will sing a James song? -
It could be the third largest band in the factory, and of course the bed was passionate and loving, followed by ancient history ---
You know, in his 60 s-
Stay the same.
From 1976 of the movies to 1992, some of the city\'s best and most enduring bands--
The most famous are the Smithsonian and Stone Roses. -
Reduced to single mention.
None of them recorded for the factory.
But who wants to see a movie about everyone? but-
Like a certain proportion of forgotten bands (
Who\'s in there)
And turtles (
Fortunately, who is not)
The rise of Tony Wilson is a better story that happens to be the founder of the factory, who is the center of many music.
We saw Tony at a 1976 Sex Pistol concert in Manchester, and we saw the actors play the Manchester punk band the Buzzcocks in a rather desolate room, as well as the bands and other rock singers who will be happy bands. .
Then, we can see exciting clips from Tony\'s Rock TV show ---
Mainly London performances.
The \"24 Hour Party man\" was shot in a digital video, and the stock was a miracle and an annoyance.
Anything taken indoors looks good.
Anything taken under the pink disco light looks great.
Anything taken outside, if there is plenty of light, looks like a pixelated garbage.
But there are many advantages to DV here.
First of all, the camera is really moving.
You\'re always on the dance floor with Tony.
You spin in the sultry immersion of the Manor;
Real Archives-
Like a Sex Pistol lens. -
Into it. (
I have to say that I am in favor of all these films made and released in DV cinema: these things get better ---and cheaper --all the time.
Also, I don\'t see any reason why in five years I can\'t get the resources to make movies as George Lucas did. )
Shortly after the pistol show, Tony started a club night on the local stage and started the factory with his friend Alan Erasmus (Lennie James)
Rob Gretton, department manager, Joy (Paddy consedin).
Tony signed a contract with his own blood and promised not to tear off his band.
The film handled such mythical moments with perfect gravity. -
That is to say no.
People are drunk, smoking and laughing.
However, as a role, Tony always reminds us of the importance of certain events.
For example, the Sex Pistol show is compared to the last dinner.
He has a sense of history every moment.
But the film weakened this by making Tony instantly a passionate narrator and a complete idiot. (
He announced the tone
Deaf and happy Monday singer Sean Ryder, played by Danny Cunningham, is the best poet since Yates.
Sample line: \"All the bad honey products are for me to eat/I never help or give to the poor/come to see me. \")
The first band in the factory was Joy Division, and the film narrowed down on the quartet.
Here and the rest of the film, the actors who play the band members are professional actors ---
Especially Sean Harris, who is Ian Curtis.
The Joy Division here represents the beginning of something, the prosperity of creation, and the fun and chaos of rock and roll.
They were great on stage, they were hanging out in the area where they smoked marijuana, and they were willing to try the indiscreet studio tricks.
And then, if you believe in the film (
We know we shouldn\'t.
Curtis hanged himself.
Director winterbutton and writer Boyce were loyal to their approach, refusing to take his death seriously and playing for the black comedy in at least three different ways.
Oddly enough, it\'s easy to forgive: you can tell everyone how much ---and the movie --misses him.
Happy Monday is at the center of the second act of the film, a toddler band. (
One of their songs is the source of the title of the film. )
While the first part is about happiness and commitment, the second part is about chaos, drugs and incredibly stupid business practices.
I have seen the live broadcast of happy Monday and have been listening to their records in the past, but for my life, I don\'t remember why.
They\'re third at most.
The first tier band in the history of rock, known only for drug overdose, three singles, including a guy in the band, his only job is to eat and enjoyfunk.
I guess Monday in Manchester could mean something different, and like many things that don\'t make sense to the Yanks, it could have something to do with the class.
Or just drugs.
Revitalizing the sick Manor nightclub every Monday--
I bought it in my early 80 s.
Owned by factory and new order.
Soon after, the sour House, ecstasy and rock band that made dance music turned the club into number one.
A national party scene.
Tony told us something ridiculous. -
This is the birthplace of carnival culture, more or less-
But we don\'t believe him now.
Like everyone around him, Tony collapsed, and the film gradually moved towards a more valuable ending than the end of the music scene.
The manor is full of drug dealers bleeding for money, Ibiza is documenting new orders and Barbados\'s Happy Monday is breaking.
Tony is about to lose everything, but not afterwards.
Special way of school.
Because this is the elegance of the \"24 Hour Party man.
\"We found something else, not a message: like young people, rock is driven by idealism.
There are different ways to be idealists.
In Tony Wilson\'s case, you could be a drug addict who is wasting time, playing and talking too much.
In the end, you will still try to treat people right, have a good time and do something meaningful for people.
Sell it, but not something important.
Do something big enough for history to let everything go.
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