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2015 fall/winter social calendar

by:Marslite     2019-10-12
10 p. m.
3000 Pierre chambono amphitheatre, Viau St Olympic Park
Incredible DJ lineup and surprises! Robert J. Vézina, 514-875-7026, .
Le Royer.
Benefit eve offers a eclectic blend of style and price in silent and live auctions.
$118 including valet parking and cocktails. , . 6 p. m.
Cocktail bar for 8 pm.
Exhibition Time, Siegel Centre, 5170 Côte d\'Ivoire-Ste-Catherine Rd.
Enjoy art and music therapy programs.
Lolin Kaplan, Debbie Guther. Barbara, 514-369-
2222, 1337 local ,. 6 p. m.
Windsor Station, 1100 de la gauchtier Street. W.
From Madrid to Ibiza!
Honorary chairman: Isabel Hardon, president of Sunshine Life finance, Quebec.
Dress code: black tie, dress.
Andalusia and red flowers in Spain are encouraged.
514-Louise Robert507-6881, .
Jean-Montreal Museum of Art
Noel Demale Pavilion, 1380 Sherbrooke Street. W. 6:30 p. m.
Visit the exhibition; 7:30 p. m.
Cocktail, performance, Internet.
Organized by the Circle, the event is a festival party for young professionals, offering Internet, cocktails, appetizers and artistic performances. $55.
Fashionable business attire.
514-Veronica Tibo285-2000, Local 4 ,.
Police officer\'s mess, Black Watch Armory
Tickets: $75 for members, $90 for non-membersmembers. 514-842-2030; .
The duhong foundation benefited.
Organized by Le comit éadn.
Participants must raise at least $250. 514-890-8347, .
Support the modernization of hospitals. 7 a. m. to 2 p. m.
Barbie restaurant, 15 Bouchard Avenue.
$12 for adults and $5 for children under 11.
Tickets provided at the door or in advance: 514-637-
2351, 77333 local.
Help families in need. 6:30 p. m.
8750 avenue of Provencher, LeMadison.
Cocktails, wine, dinner, dance and entertainment are available. Claude Issid, .
Carlton Centre, 8860 longlie Avenue.
Benefit from the Commonwealth Scholarship program of Campania and the school meal program of the Generation Foundation.
A large performing band of five
Dinner, open bar, midnight dessert table and more. $100. Enrica 514-884-
6420, Adrian 514-933-8585, , . Côte-St-
Water Sports Center
$30 including snacks. 514-933-8461, .
Support the latest research on brain tumors at the Montreal Institute of Neurology. 6:30 p. m.
4801 Pierre-Rio Akan Planetariumde-Coubertin Ave.
The first event featured food such as leading restaurants, dances, silent auctions, with reporters Charles tissele, neurosurgeon Kevin petraka and former President/CEO of Rio Tinto Alcan7 p. m.
, Ogilvy Hall, 1307 Ste-Catherine St. W. Marie-
Lisa LaCroix 514-771-2130.
Humanitarian organizations benefit. 7 p. m.
It is located at the Royal Union Church, 1800 Graham Avenue. 514-739-7741, .
Support young job seekers, entrepreneurs and artists needed to start their careers in Quebec. 6 to 10 p. m.
Theatre Olympia, 1004 Ste-Catherine St. E.
Live entertainment including seven cats in hell, wine, beer, food, silent auctions.
Chair: Tania Helin, Killin zanari. $125.
A limited number of packages are also available: $1,750.
Tax receipts issued. 514-878-
9788, 307 local ,.
A group of classical guitar players.
Share warm music shows. 7:30 p. m.
Henry 4750 Music Academy Concert HallJulien Ave. Tickets: 514-873-4031, 313 local. 6 to 10 p. m.
Forest and Stream Club 1800 Lakeshore Avenue.
$250 including wine, cognac, wine or spirits (
Minimum retail $100).
Jessica Neville, 514-693-1718, 227 local; .
Engel & Völkers and McGill propose real estate.
Beneficial to pediatric medical and healthB.
Williams facial and fissure surgery9 p. m. , Studio St-Martin, 433 St-Martin St.
Masked dance for young professionals
Formal dress with mask$110 ($125 at door). 514-934-
4846, 29266 local ,. St.
Ignatius in the basement of Loyola Church
The proceeds support the new permanent warehouse. , . 6 p.
M, Le Crystal, 5285 Henry-Bourassa Blvd. W.
Benefit from the MUHC organ transplant program at the Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation. $125.
Erika Sainos, 514-934-
1934, 35571 local.
Support The Trafalgar Foundation and student grants.
Trafalgar return to school for a weekend. 10 a. m.
Guest lecturer: physicist Victoria caspie
Sharon Cozens, 514-935-
2644, 237 local. 1 to 3 p. m.
Alumni party cocktail/dinnerm. , St. James Club.
Including the Alumni Award to Leticia Artola Cox, founder of the Argyle Institute of interpersonal relations.
All of this benefits the Trafalgar Foundation and grants.
Sharon Cozens, 514-935-
2644, 237 local.
Sheraton Laval Hotel, 2440 laurentiss hotel.
Party chairman: Tony loveradar.
Honorary members of the foundation for 30 years, including Lino Saputo Jr, chairman of the Foundation. , CEO/vice-chair, Saputo.
Anna Jampa, 514-274-6725, , . 7 p. m.
160 Ballantyne Avenue. N. $30.
The fund facilitated MWPC and outreach projects.
Hans najeme, 514-516-5569, .
Square antiques, 6086 Sherbrooke Street. E.
Including door Awards, entertainment, silent auctions. 514-293-9877,, .
Benefit Generation Foundation food program. 7 p. m.
Raymond Georgia, 514-481-9609, , .
Support services for Alzheimer\'s patients in Aggi. Linda, 514-485-7233,,. 6 p. m.
5575 Jewish synagogue in sarrethian, Ivory Coast-St-Luc Rd.
Silent auctions, cocktails, dinner, valet parking and entertainment provided by Kim Richardson. Faigie,514-738-
4500, 8108 local. 6 p. m.
Movie theater Guzzo pogèretech, 3500 Cote-Vertu Blvd.
$120 for adults, $90 for youth (18-25). 514-482-8174,.
The first fundraising event to build the Kizmet center for young children and their families in the island. 5 to 8 p. m.
Restaurant, restaurant, RestaurantGeneviève. $225 (
Tax receipt for $125). 514-694-7090, .
The center benefited. Oct. 26noon to 6 p. m. , Oct. 279:30 a. m. to 2:30 p. m. , Oct. 289:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m.
5700 Westbury Avenue
Unique gifts made by artisans in the craft center and timber shop.
Riva Fenster, 514-342-
1234, 7269 local.
Show movies that explore mental health issues from multiple perspectives. 514-787-1475, .
Beththian synagogue-St-Luc.
Comedian Joel chasnov514-485-2397, . 7 p. m.
Gelber convention center, 5700 Westbury Street.
Along with guest Gideon Zelermyer, Craig Morrison and friends play Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfinkel, the spoon of love and Neil Diamond.
Member $20, nonmembers $30.
Snacks included.
Reservation: 514-342-
1234, 7216 local. 6 to 8 p. m.
McGill ballroom Thomson building
McGill University students are advised to donate $12 free of charge. Eco-
Friendly events include an appearance by eXXpedition crew, guest guests and snacks. 7:30 p. m. , D. D. O. Civic Centre —
Reception hall, 12001 de salalbury Avenue. $35. 514-683-5685, 514-637-9598. 7 to 11 p. m.
Crawley Arts Center, 5325 Crawley Street.
Support The Kinkora camp project for children, families and isolated adults.
$20 in advance and $25 at the door. Gary White,514-488-1084.
Under the cooperation of honor
Wealth management by Desjardins and financial security by sundexin.
Cocktail party at 6: 30m. Dinner at 7: 30. m.
Windsor hotels 1170 Pippi Street$200;
Table for $2,000. Formal attire.
$20 valet service514-861-3708, fax 514-861-8317, . 6:30 p. m.
, Sofitel, 1155 Sherbrooke StreetW.
Open bar, jazz trio, four
Food dinner, concert, dance. .
Psychiatrist and author of the next step in psychiatry: will people get the help they really needm.
Oscar Petersen Hall, Sherbrooke Street, 7141W. 514-486-1448, .
By Maisonneuve-
The Rosemont Hospital Foundation is part of Montreal passion Vin and is supported by SAQ and major partner Vidéotron.
Benefit from the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the future. 6 p. m.
, Salon Urbain, Art Square.
Network 6to8 p. m. ;
Three champagne tastings and original food from catering suppliers are provided for the attendees.
Chair: Dominic Michel, Manon Brouillette, President/President, Vidéotron. Jean-
Michelle Bigou, 514-252-
3435, 5620 local. Opens 7:30 p. m. , show 8 p. m.
Located at Westmont Park Church, 4695 maconeuve Avenue. W.
Average $25, $15 for students/seniors.
Emma Lambert, 514-207-8383, , .
By Maisonneuve-
Rosemont Hospital Foundation
Benefit from the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the future.
Bonawend Hotel Montreal, 900W.
The largest wine in North Americatasting event.
2015 theme: Wine of thought.
Seven representative of the world\'s brewing elite.
The grand banquet includes on-site auction of bottles provided by guest winemakers. Jean-
Michelle Bigou, 514-252-
3435, 5620 local. 8 p. m. to 2 a. m.
Holiday tip
Claire, 6700. Canada Highway.
$20 in advance and $25 at the door.
Including live performances with Montreal disco singer Joe Ruzilo.
Best Costume award. 514-268-8497, .
Reception Hall at Olympia, St. 3855A-Jean Blvd.
Including silent auction, Raffles. Cindy,514-894-9825, . 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. , St-Antonin Church.
Funding the Relief Committee for Children and the elderly with disabilities.
Featuring traditional Polish dishes and desserts, display and sell Amber and handmade jewelry, folk art, books, cosmetics, etc. 514-489-6010,514-983-7353. 1 p. m.
A luncheon at the Greek community center, 5757 wilderton Avenue.
Maria diamantius, soprano, Dimitri Ilias, tenor. $50 with meal.
Dennis Chris sullies, 514-558-1599, .
Support the library community and educational culture project. 6 p. m.
Atwater Library, 1200 Atwater Avenue
Guest of Honor: Lionel J. Blanshay.
McDennis Trudeau, Sir Dave Turner trio, bacon, silent auction. $150 (
Tax bill of $125).
Tanya Mayhew, 514-935-7344, ,.
TV journalist/host Campbell Brown6:30 p. m.
777 Robert-Ville square centerBourassa Blvd.
Including cocktails, sit-indown dinner.
Alexis Heppner, 514-345-
2645, 3308 local. Registration: .
Paradoxe, 5959 monk Avenue.
Theme: Love and chocolate.
Features include entertainment and VIP attendance at fun, furry holiday events. .
Benefit from the center to provide empowerment education programs for residents from birth to adulthood. 6:30 p. m.
Aichuan restaurant, 55 Brunswick Avenue. $80; includes all-you-can-
Eat sushi, a glass of wine and some tax bills.
Continue to provide supportive care for patients with clone disease and UC.
Cocktail party at 6: 30m. , show 8 p. m.
Location 514, Par é St. 5765, . 6p. m.
625 Fortune Street(Wellington St. entrance. )$100;
Table for $800.
Reply before October. 29.
Katina Vanasse, 514-933-
5599, 222 local.
For Leucan, support is provided to children with cancer.
Bonsecours Market, 350 St-Paul St. E.
Theme: experience Cooking with Chef Jonathan Garnier of ca va chauffer. $525.
Including Garnier\'s dinner, performance and dance.
Cava rose, 514-242-4452, .
Help cancer patients benefit from free programs and services. 5 to 9 p. m.
Cocktail bar.
The French Mediterranean table 09 is held at the Moon Hotel.
Sponsorship and tax receipts are available. $125. , ,.
Supporting Art life at T. M. R.
Including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor painting, pink painting, photography, sculpture, etc.
November. 6, 7 to 9 p. m. , with T. M. R.
Mayor Philip Roy will open a salon in the presence of other city officials.
Salselselfield Town Hall, 90 Roosevelt Avenue. 514-341-5973, , .
The Madison Hotel is located at 8750 proventcher Avenue.
Dinner, cocktail (6 p. m. )
Dancing, entertainment. $200.
Food, wine, open bar.
Claudia Blanca, 514-271-2524, . 6 p. m.
6630 Yali Street, LeitzE. $100. , . 6 p. m.
Woodside Road, 202. , Beaconsfield. $100 ($80 tax bill).
Including cocktails, gourmet dinners, silent auctions, entertainment. 514-794-5428, . 7 p. m. to 1 a. m.
5524 St-wave activity centerPatrick St. , Suite 110. $100 (
Complete tax receipt).
David Gold, 514-262-8470, , . 3 p. m. , Église St-
Lafayette 495 Cherrier St. $25.
Parish office tickets, 514-626-
3775, or Barbara, 514-620-0255, . 2to4 p. m. , 5575 Côte-St-Luc Rd.
Cantor Adam Stotland, a participant in his band and the Center for the development of inhuman art. 514-848-8616,, . 6 p. m. , Notre-Dame-de-
Grce Church Hall, 5333 Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Ave. $35. Guillaume, 514-252-3015, , .
Provide protection services and new second-step resources for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.
Home of Ogilvy, 1307 Ste-Catherine St. W.
Spokesman: Chris Nilan, former NHLer and current TSN 690 host.
Exhibitions and silent auctions from 4: 30 to 6: 00m.
5 p auctionm. $75.
Including exhibition, silent and on-site auction, house Card Award, cocktail qualification. Polly, 514-274-8117, . 6:30 p. m.
350 St-Bonsecours MarketPaul St. E.
Chefs and restaurants in Montreal combine international flavors. Silent auction. $375.
Casey Jackson, 514-875-
7745, 224 local ,.
Support the modernization of hospitals. 8 p. m.
2901 St-lantop Concert HallJoseph Blvd. $75. 514-637-
2351, 77333 local. 6 p. m. , St-
James Theatre, 265 St-Jacques St. W.
Honorary chairman: Jose Teodoro, a TVA hockey analyst and former Ghana ens goalkeeper.
Cocktail dress
Offer sponsorship opportunities.
Catherine Digby, 514-744-
5537, 240 local ,. 5 to 9 p. m.
425 Metcalfe Avenue, Shahar hassoumaim.
The bride Gemach will donate the wedding dress to the bride in need.
Event trade show planning wedding, Bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, fundraising events.
Free tasting, bar sample, swag, live mitzvah experience included.
$20 for kids $132 to 4 p. m.
Halla Memorial, mersil Avenue. $8.
Theme: The intertwined in with\"6:30 p. m.
Windsor Station. Co-
The President: Mary and Sim varanaria.
Paul eve features Paul Chacra and 1945, a silent auction, dance and dining hosted by Queen Fairmont Elizabeth.
Nathalie Kamel, 514-345-
3511, 5196 local. 6 p. m.
Cocktail, Riviera, 7600 Henry-Bourassa Blvd. E.
Dinner, live music, dance. 514-831-5052, .
Benefit the hospitalCocktails 6 p. m. ;
Dinner and entertainment at 7: 30 p. m. m.
Marriott Montreal Airport
Terminal 800 Lee SquareCaprel.
Valet parking, black-Silent Auctiontie. $600;
Table for $6,000.
Sponsored. Anne-Marie, 514-630-2081, fax 514-630-2873, , . 6 p. m.
7985 Morris hotel, Le ch\'teaubriand-Duplessis Blvd.
Indian, bar open. $125.
Dominic Talarico, 514-794-7800, , . 10 a. m. to 2 p. m.
The main road in canakwick.
Homemade items, baking tables, cotton quilts.
Marlene Scott, 450-632-7279, . 6 p. m.
, Scottyz bar, 3979 tashero Avenue.
Benefit our port and provide long-term servicesterm community-
People with mental illness provide housing.
Including sweepstakes.
Ballbury hotel Colette, 450-671-9160, 514-262-5147, . 7 p. m.
5151 Jewish Public Library of Côte d\'IvoireSte-Catherine Rd.
Kelly Alexander of Virgin Broadcasting
Dessert, Raffles, the first prize, etc.
Jessica maldov, 514-345-
2627, 3016 local. 1 to 4 p. m.
Eric McLean Center, Loyola Campus, 2477 West Broadway Street
High school students in Montreal compete in singing and dancing to raise funds for medical equipment for the Children\'s Hospital in Montreal.
Chairman: Ali Greenberg514-989-7673, , .
JFT gleeturns6, dedicated to the business community in Montreal;
Organized by the Cancer Society of Canada. 5:30 to 10 p. m.
Congrès Palace.
Six food courses were prepared for 550 guests, prepared by top local chefs, and wine services were provided by the famous sommelier.
Honorary chairman: Benoit Durand, chief information officer, CAE;
Anne Marchiori, sales director, Telus. $440; tables $4,400.
Catherine opedbeck, 514-255-
5151, 2611 local.
Mrs Davis medical institute has benefited from the Jewish General Hospital. Black-
The game starts at 6 in the evening. m.
Arsenal, 2020 William St.
Honor: Monique F.
Ludu, Chairman/President, Shude Shin.
Honorary president: céenne de Marles, France, Stephen Bronfman, Honourable Jean Marles.
President of the party: Stavan Akard and Tom Litle of Bell in desarket.
Annette Goldman, 514-340-
8222, 4602 local. 7 to 10 p. m.
, Ogilvy, 1307 Ste-Catherine St. W.
Shopping, cocktails, fashion shows, entertainment and food. Benefits Ste-
Justine UHC Foundation offers a discount of 15 cents in participating boutiques.
$125 at the Post Office (fourthfloor)and . Marie-
Eve Pichette, 514-345-
4710, local 3836,514-282-1552, .
Raise funds and raise awareness for children.
Ritz-Carlton, oval room
At the dinner reception and the concert, speaker Emmanuel Anassis, founder/Chairman of DAC Aviation International and David Morley, President/CEO of UNICEF Canada attended by UNICEF Canadian Ambassador/International composer, accompanied by OSM musician
Or Danielle Dupree.
Organized by MMFA Volunteer Association. 6:30 p. m.
Cocktails, photos8 p. m.
Dinner, dancingJean-
Noel Demale Pavilion, 1380 Sherbrooke Street. W. Co-
President: CIBC President/CEO Dodi;
Calin Rovinescu, CEO of Air Canada;
Richard Spier, president of attractions
Ornelli: Robert tesell, president of the Executive Council of Quebec.
Chairman of the Dance: Tania Dupont
Black tie/evening dress. $1,000. 514-842-7436, .
Assist in mission and charity. Sale 11 a. m. to 3 p. m. ;
Lunch at 11: 30. m. to 2:30 p. m.
1101 Stanley Street$12.
Family baked tables, Christmas pudding, Christmas crafts, etc.
Boutiques will also be open. 514-866-7113.
Mont Blanc of Laval. $200. Linda Yee, 514-871-
0961, 248 local.
McGill\'s Schulich music, love school, AVH German school and others benefit from SOS Children\'s Village. 7 p. m.
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Champlain Castle, 1 location in Canada.
Accompanied by Ambassador Arno Riedel of Austria.
Canadian astronaut, head of the Canadian space program, singer, scholar and athlete Julie peyette.
President of the Dance: Elizabeth Wells. $250;
$150 for 30 and less.
Including live orchestra, Debus, casino, auction, Vienna Wine Pub. Anita Hold,514-369-
2339, Melani aljie, 438-884-7523, , . 3 p. m.
Home of Symphonique.
Julie Payette, honorary sponsor of the festival, Master Kent Nagano. $300;
Group discount (10)$250 via phone. 514-989-9668, . 11:30 a. m.
450 Kensington Avenue, Shahar hassoumaim.
Speaker: Gloria Olette, lawyer and advocate for women\'s rights, justice and equality.
Dear everyone: Anne bondir
Mary Boucher, Murray silkov514-481-2723.
Funding support for the university. 6 to 8 p. m.
Montreal Museum of Art, 1380 Sherbrooke StreetW. Featuring Dr.
The director of the project, Clarence Epstein, and the introduction of the upcoming documentary stolen. 514-932-2133, . 7 to 9 p. m.
, BAnQ, 475 Maisonneuve Avenue. E. $100 (
VIP tickets are also available). 514-933-6346, .
Get a new gold scholarship in cancer research. 3 p. m. free symposium; 6 p. m.
Dinner, cocktail. $250. Centre Mont-Royal. 514-934-8230, .
Benefit young entrepreneurs in the city. 6 p. m.
Windsor Station, 1100 Canary ens, Montreal Avenue. $750.
Anne Mary Cannon, 514-872-8373, , .
Under the honorary chairman of university president and chief operating officer Gary O\'Connor
Speakers present in Canada\'s Sélect, Marina Sidney and Maxim trenbly
Many well-known restaurants participated in the exhibition. 8 p. m.
Comedy Nest, 2313 Ste-Catherine St. W. , thirdfloor. $20. 514-485-5018,, . St-
James Theatre, 265 St-Jacques St. W.
Music, open bar, etc. General 9 p. m. $125; VIP 7 p. m. $200 (
Cocktails and dinner included).
Anna Burgos, 514-934-
1934, 71241 local.
Greek community center.
Christina Maroudas, 514-717-1248;
Belle Grivakis, 514-942-6910. St-
James Theatre, 265 St-Jacques St. W.
Silent and live auction featuring prizes over $85,000.
Rolex watch is the grand prize. $150.
Estelle Dussault, 514-934-
1934, 71230 local.
Benefit from the Donald Berman Maimonide center for the elderly.
59 Ste-MetropolitanCatherine St. E.
Highlight the eight bands and tobinto Jackson. $72. 514-483-
2121, 2307 local.
Cocktail 6: 30m.
Windsor Station. $500.
Forms of $4,000, $7,000 and $10,000. 514-877-6161, . 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Ogilvy hotel Tudor Hall 1307 Ste-5/FCatherine St. W.
Collect new non-holiday activities
Provide violent toys for children living in women\'s shelters and other community organizations.
2 New, unpacked requests for donationsviolent toys.
Chair: Claire cruyette, Sylvie Charnon. .
Funding support continuity for universitieslevel courses.
Thomas More Institute, 3405 Atwater Avenue.
Celebrate 70 years of adult learning514-935-9585, .
At noon, Hilton Garden Inn 380 Sherbrooke StreetW.
Emphasis was placed on the contribution of women from all cultures, fields and industries.
2015 commended for its outstanding contribution to the prevention of violence against women. $50. M. Berger,514-489-4294, .
Proceeds from the Kate McGarrigle Fund of the MUHC Foundation. 7 p. m.
Home of Symphonique.
VIP ticket package: $150/$250
Kristina Anastasopoulos ,,,.
Benefit from ORT Montreal and partners: Akiva School, Chabad NDG, Hebrew Academy, Hebrew Foundation School, JPPS/Bialik, Solomon sector, Temple Iman
El, UTT/Herzliah and Yaldei development center. 6 p. m. Salle Wilfrid-
Pelletier Art Square
Sugar Sami entertainment.
$225, $325 and above.
Chair: Debra Margos, president of Canada, Michael Coles, and Dr. Lorne Wiseman.
Alice and Rabbi Joel.
Caroline Joffy, 514-481-2787, . 4 p. m.
, Southwest United Church and Mission, 1445 claremenso Street
Church Choir, Allelujah children\'s choir and guests sing Christmas carols together. All welcome; no entry fee. 514-768-6231, , . Noon to 3 p. m.
4903 shebrook Street, outside the national food company. W.
Support the MUHC Cedar breast clinic.
Anna Burgos, 514-934-
1934, 74241 local. 7:30 p. m.
, Southwest United Church and Mission, 1445 claremenso StreetAll welcome; no entry fee. 514-768-6231, , .
Mission of South West Verdun, 631 Melrose Street. (
Entrance to Verdun primary school. )
RSVPs are requested at noon or 1: 30. m.
Sit down with the number of people in the party. 514-768-6231, , . 5:30 p. m.
, 40 Westt Steakhouse and bar, 2305 Trans-Canada Road (in Mega Centre). Cocktail, five-
Enjoy a satisfying meal served with wine pairing, live and silent auctions.
Isabel prossnick, 514-695-
8694, 106 local ,.
Hornstein Museum of Art Montreal, 1379 Sherbrooke Street. W.
The atmosphere of the Montreal hotel. 6:30 p. m.
Exhibition tour, 7: 30m.
Cocktails, shows and socializing.
The non-plug-in event is a festival party for young professionals, offering networking opportunities, cocktails, appetizers and artistic performances. $55.
Fashionable business attire.
514-Veronica Tibo285-2000, Local 4 ,. 5:30 p. m.
777 university St. Ville Evo Square Center
Martin Luther King
Jackie Richardson won the Achievement Award.
In addition, two outstanding youth awards were awarded and Community Service Awards were awarded to Otis Grant.
Cocktails, dinners, entertainment, dance and keynote speeches including doctorsClarence Bayne. $125 (
Tax receipts are available).
Adele Benoit, 514-932-1104, 221 local;
Erin Lindsay, 514-932-1104, 223 local.
Raise funds for the Montreal Children\'s Hospital to purchase medical equipment, featuring individual and group dancers. 6:30 p. m.
Le salon, 550 Richmond Street
Chair: Arabella de cornoma aresio. $195.
Pre-valet parking
Live Auction for cocktails. 514-989-
7673,1 to 6 p. m.
3007 del Island Street514-932-8731, , . 6 p. m.
Windsor Station.
Cava rose, 514-282-0767, ;
Flavia Di Giusto, 514-789-5863.
Summit School is a School for young people with intellectual disabilities. Plaza Volare.
Entertainment of performers. 6:30 p. m. to 2 a. m.
Castle of Hua Du Lu Ge, 21700 crossCanada Highway. Black-
Weddings include dinner, live music and dance, and silent auctions.
Sponsored. $600;
Table for $6,000.
Jessica Neville, 514-693-
1718, 227 local. 6 p. m.
Cocktails at King Edward\'s Wharf, Old Port, Montreal science center.
Dinner, cocktail, silent auction
Cocktail dress
Free parking. $500; VIP $1,000.
Table 10 $5,000 to $10,000 (VIP). 514-496-1960, .
Cancer Society of Canada benefits. 6 p. m.
Crystal Hotel Henry 5285Bourassa Blvd. W. Dancing,full-
Meals, open-air bars, sweepstakes, prizes, etc. 514-696-9873, . Ladies’ night.
Benefits help cancer patients benefit from free programs and services. 6 p. m.
Westt restaurant 40
Cocktail of wine.
Sponsored. $125. To purchase: (closer to date), 514-695-9355,(
Tax receipts are available).
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