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2008 macarthur \"genius\" grants announced

by:Marslite     2019-09-30
Violin master, architectural historian studying ancient bridge, a family doctor rebuilt it after a clinic in Alabama was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, he is one of the 25 recipients of this year\'s MacArthur Foundation\'s \"genius grant.
\"Chicago announced a $500,000 scholarship on Tuesday --based John D.
And Catherine T.
MacArthur Foundation
The payee can use the money as much as he wants.
Regina Benjamin said the money would help to rebuild her rural clinic in baulabartel, Alabama.
Services were provided to 4,400 patients.
It was rebuilt by volunteers after being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and burned a few months later.
Benjamin, 51, said: \"The patient came over and they were crying . \" He remembered a lady who handed her an envelope with a $7 Donation for reconstruction.
About half the new clinic. Built, she said.
Trend news live: 2020 Dem debate Border Aid Act detention center condition MacBook recalls, \"I can find the rest if she can find $7,\" Benjamin said . \".
\"The patients I treat have their own disasters.
It is hoped that the grant will help them to some extent.
It will be as much as mine.
John Ochsendorf, a native of West Virginia, is an associate professor of architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
He said he did not believe in the news that he had received the grant at first.
\"I have to sit down.
Tears flowed down my face.
\"I have difficulty breathing,\" said Ochsendorf . \".
\"It changed everything.
This is verification.
Ochsendorf, 34, explains the ancient world with engineering and architecture.
His team studied the Incan suspension bridge across the Andes Canyon.
The MacArthur Foundation named the fellows 12 and recommended them to the foundation\'s board of directors.
Member selection committee
Jonathan Fenton, chairman of the MacArthur Foundation, said he calls the recipient several times a year --
Including at least four this year.
Winners are usually shocked.
\"In general, people stop and say they don\'t believe it,\" he said . \".
\"I asked people to let go of the phone or say it would take a minute for them to feel weak.
\"The top seven MacArthur winners continue to receive the Nobel Prize,\" said Fenton.
\"Supporting very talented people can allow them to develop their talents and society is better for the work they do,\" said Fenton . \".
Other winners of this year\'s scholarship include the inventor of musical instruments, city farmers in Milwaukee, saxophones, stage lighting designers, astronomers studying the geometry of the universe, a novelist who writes about racial conflict and criticism
To study how to avoid human error in clinical practice.
One of the recipients of this year is Will Allen, 59, in Milwaukee, who uses low-
Cost farming technology. (Lila sopovichcom)
The other is Laila Josefowicz, 30 (left)
He is a violinist from New York, traveling around the world with the orchestra and conductor.
The native Canadian, who made her debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of 16, said she was excited to play the works of modern composers.
\"If I\'m not worried about playing the tour for financial reasons alone, this can give me a cushion,\" said Joseph fuvich . \".
\"I will spend more time learning and listening outside and choosing the composer I want to work.
I am very grateful to work with the composer to bring more concertos to the violin repertoire.
Kirsten Bomblies, a plant-evolutionary geneticist at Tubingen, Germany, 34, said the money would allow her to expand her research.
\"Maybe try to explore some slightly risky options, otherwise I may not be able to get the funds,\" said Bohm, from Castle Rock, Colorado.
\"We rarely have a chance.
I think I can write a book, a science book, at the end of this book. . .
Just to get some ideas on our paper.
Rachel Wilson, 34year-
Old neurobiologist at Harvard Medical School says her funding will help pay for experiments she might not be able to afford otherwise.
Wilson studied the electrical activity of the brain and her findings may affect the treatment of Parkinson\'s disease and deafness.
\"As scientists, we have been trained to try to keep ideas in sync with the money,\" she said . \".
\"It can be said that it is difficult to consider experiments that are not within your price range, which can disrupt the creative process.
\"In 2008, the MacArthur Foundation students will receive $500,000 a month, John, over the next five years.
And Catherine T.
MacArthur Foundation: 31-year-old artist, qimenda adage, PhD, Columbia Medical, fiction writer.
Adichie uses the inspiration of her hometown of Nigeria to explore racial conflicts in novels and stories.
38-year-old Tara Donovan, sculptor from Brooklyn, New YorkY.
As an artist, Donovan transformed ordinary materials into sculptures that reflect geological and biological forms.
Mary Jackson, 63, Charleston fiber artistC.
Jackson kept the cradle of Sweet Grass.
Lyra Joseph Vich, 30, violinist, New YorkY.
As a soloist, Joseph fovich is particularly keen to work with modern composers to expand the scope of the violin.
Walter Keaton Du, 35, is an instrument manufacturer and composer in San Francisco, California.
Kitundu hopes that both traditional and experimental music can create new instruments and make electronic music. acoustic works.
Alex Rose, 40, a music critic in New YorkY.
As a critic, Ross offers a new way of thinking for music.
Jennifer Tipton, 71, stage lighting designer, New YorkY.
Tipton uses lights to evoke emotions and performs with dance, drama, and opera.
Miguel Zenon, 31, a saxophone player in New YorkY.
Zenon created new sounds inspired by his native Puerto Rican music and various jazz forms.
Wis, a 59-year-old city farmer in Milwaukee, Will Allen community.
Alan\'s healthy food, medical shortage and special price for urban residents
Cost farming technology.
Regina Benjamin, 51, a rural family doctor in bayurabtel, Alabama.
Benjamin provides health care in her Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic for rural and underserved areas of Alabama.
El-Wafa drugs
Sadr, 58, doctor of infectious diseases in New YorkY. El-
Sadr is committed to finding treatment for epidemics such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.
Diane Mel, 56, an expert in geriatric medicine in New YorkY.
Maier has developed a more humane and effective treatment for seriously ill patients.
Peter Pronovost, 43, MD, doctor in intensive care unit, Baltimore, MD
Pronovost has designed new clinical practices for hospitals, improving the safety of patients and avoiding human error.
Nancy silsey, 76, medical historian, Brooklyn, New YorkY.
Siraisi studies the influence of medical theory and practice on the society, culture and religion of the Renaissance.
Science Kirsten bom34, 34, an evolutionary geneticist of Tubingen plants in Germany.
Bomblies studies how to exploit the origin of new species.
Andrea Hertz, 43, an astronomical physicist in Los Angeles, California
Hertz\'s achievements include the discovery of thousands of new star systems and the study of black holes.
Stephen Houston, 49, is an anthropologist and monument to grapher in Providence. I.
Houston\'s major is to study Central Americans by interpreting their hieroglyphics and art.
Alexei Kitaev, 45, physicist and computer scientist in Pasadena, California
Kitaev studies quantum physics and quantum computing.
Susan Mango, 47, a developmental biologist in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mango uses methods of genetics, genomics, ecology and genetics to study how organs are formed.
David Montgomery, 46, Seattle, Washington state.
Montgomery studied the ecological consequences of the Earth\'s surface processes.
John o\'chisendov, 34, Cambridge, Massachusetts, structural engineer and building protector.
Restoring structures and identifying ancient architectural techniques from the distant past has enabled Ochsendorf to develop more effective contemporary architectural methods.
Adam Reese, 38, an astronomers in Baltimore, Maryland
Riess designed experiments and created devices that could explain the geometry of the universe.
Marin Solle jacic, 34, optical physicist, Cambridge, quality.
In order to make electrical equipment that works without a battery or wall connection, Soljacic studies how to transmit power wirelessly.
Sally Temple, 49, neuroscientist, Albany, New YorkY.
Temple studies more effective ways to treat central nervous system damage.
Rachel Wilson, 34, an experimental neurobiologist, Boston, Massachusetts.
Wilson studied brain neurons using Electrophysiology, Neuropharmacology, molecular genetics, and anatomy.
Associated Press writer Karin Rousseau
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