19 ways to celebrate new year\'s 2019 in new brunswick

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
From country music and slot machines to drag queens and glitter: no matter what kind of party you attend, it may happen somewhere in New Brunswick on New Year\'s Eve, 2019.
We have tracked the hottest events in St. John, fredrikton, Moncton and elsewhere.
Note: The World of nightclubs and entertainers is forever-
Change, so be sure to call in advance to confirm the event.
Of course, order Chinese food and eat on the sofa --
Seeing Fargo on Netflix is also an acceptable option. Moncton1.
The New Year\'s Gala.
Crowne Plaza Moncton, 1005 Main St. Cover: $75. 10 p. m. – 2:30 a. m.
The 9 Mile River in Moncton offers a vibrant and interactive cover show, followed by independent music from DJ duo Zafari and DJ Feels later in the evening.
An Evil Night
2019, \"the organizers, and the family seem to have reached a consensus in Moncton: The early bird ticket has been sold out.
To impress people2.
New Year\'s Eve in Dallas Smith.
New Brunswick/upstart casino
Dr. Brunswick casino, 21Cover: $59.
$99, $74. 99 bleachers. Doors at 8 p. m. , show 9 p. m. – late.
Country fans will immediately recognize Dallas Smith as Juno.
Bring a new Canadian star nomination to the world
Village ear worms like \"Tippy point\", \"waste gas\" and \"Jump In.
\"Smith played in nai, the Moncton Casino Ballroom.
Get on the dance floor with cowboy hats and comfortable boots
Then slot. 3. NYE Glow Party.
Revolution, Dr. Elmwood 415
Cover: $10 for early birds and $20 for regular birds. 10 p. m. – 3 a. m.
At the party that has been advertised as the biggest and brightest ever, shine your holiday.
This bash features high
Energy dance, black light, laser, glow-
All kinds of lights, really.
Marty Jay and his predecessor
Canada boss PAQS will rotate the top 40, hip-
Electronic dance music.
A professional paparazzi will be there for a night to capture your sparkling holiday for future generations. 4.
New Year\'s Eve tribute show.
Caveau hotels in Downing StreetCover: TBA. 9 p. m. – 3 a. m. It\'s a star-
On New Year\'s Eve, 2019, the star-studded hard rock lineup at Caveau: a local performance roster has been trying to mimic the Stone Age queen for weeks, angry at the machine, conflict, Joan Jette and Black Heart and death.
Put on your best ripped jeans and rock on the laser show (
May win some sweet prizes). 5. Afro New YEAH.
Sports Bar & Club Centre 800 Main Street
Cover: $10 in advance and $15 at the door. 9 p. m. – 2 a. m.
According to organizers, fans of R & B, ancehall and afrobeat will appear collectively to \"celebrate New Year\'s Eve in an African way \".
There are three DJs on the bill and attendees can look forward to dancing with the music styles of DJ anonmous, Mobaws and DJ Empire at midnight. Fredericton6.
The Financial Times. Naomi Smallsu200b.
Fredericton Delta, 225 Woodstock Road.
Cover: $45 for VIP tickets, up to $200 each. 8 p. m. – 2 a. m.
Ropaul\'s eighth season drag runner Naomi Moss will be high.
Fashion, luxury, and authenticity at what has been touted as \"the most glamorous New Year\'s Eve party in Maritimes.
\"A party like the royal family --
Excellent cocktails and hobnob (
And selfie)
The Queen herself.
For those who want to get together all night, exclusive rates are available. 7.
New Year\'s Eve dance.
Crowne Plaza Fredericton
Lord Beverly Brook, Queen Street 659Cover: $25. 9 p. m. – 2 a. m.
Party for a good cause in the second half year
Crowne Plaza\'s official New Year\'s ball is conveniently located in the center of downtown Fredericton.
DJ Hawkshaw provided a tune for the event.
All proceeds are donated to the Canadian Children\'s Wish Foundation. 8. NYE Masquerade.
Klub Khrome, 375 King Street
Cover: $12 in advance with TBD at the door. 9 p. m. – 3 a. m.
Revelers arriving before midnight get free masks and party deals at \"Luxury nightclub\" Klub Khrome.
Four different DJs will be present that night.
There is expected to be slight gravity, house blockage of underground hips
Hop and R & B from anonymous Muzik, and TiVo from Moncton scene veteran L3Ds.
At the tribute bar and lounge, the space box is also spinning. 9.
Family celebrations on New Year\'s Eve.
Nashwaaksis Field House, 324 Fulton Avenue and indoor pool in fredricton.
Cover: $10 per person, $30 per family. 5 p. m. – 9 p. m.
Finally: a K-oriented-6 age group.
Skip hiring a nanny and celebrate with this swimming party featuring breathtaking water slides and Tarzan ropes.
Play carnival games, nosh and glow on the pizza and go to the glowing ball in full white.
Parents and guardians must stay with their children at all times. 10.
New Year\'s Eve and hockey.
Trailway Brewing Co. , Ltd. , 280 Main St. No cover. 7 p. m. – 1 a. m.
Watch Canada play against Russia at the World Youth Championship held on Pioneer 11
Large screen with surround feetsound.
Expected special drinks (
Especially those who appear in the Canadian team\'s full range)
A bucket of beer, free cake and popcorn, merchandise giveaway and some of the most exciting hockey you\'ll see all year round. 11. Glitter Ball. Boom!
474 Queen Street nightclubCover: TBA. 9 p. m. – 2:30 a. m.
What better chance to wear your brightest holiday (
Think of the sequel, the gold, the feather boas, the work)than this self-
Announced at the longest party in Fredericton
Lgbtq nightclub.
What\'s interesting is
Called DJ CatsCats will keep the crowd dancing until the midnight balloon falls (and beyond). 12.
New Year\'s Eve party 6 years ago
Behind 331 Golf Club Road. 6 p. m. – late.
It\'s a bit cold playing golf-
But you still want to catch the blues band at the listing center on NYE shindig behind the 6 th of the club Club club located behind the green 18 th.
Enjoy a happy time from 6m. to 7 p. m.
Live music and three.
A $85 dinner per person, including a glass of champagne and, most importantly, a shuttle bus home.
Call ahead to book your ticket. Saint John13.
Old-fashioned New Year\'s Eve dance.
KBM outing Association, 2452 Westfield Road. Cover: $10. 7 p. m. – 12:30 a. m.
At the KBM outings Association, the KBM outings Association represents Ketepec, Belmont and Morna to listen to the simpler times of fun in the community.
It has been 97 years since this community center opened its doors for the first time, and they are marking number 98 with casual dance, DJ, snack, cash bar and door header awards.
\"No Dress or prom dress is required,\" said the organizer . \". 14.
Celebrate NYE 2019 with DJ Willis.
Callie\'s Bar, 2 Princess Street
Cover: $12 before midnight and $15 after midnight. 9 p. m. – 2 a. m.
Callie\'s bar is an Upper City St. John\'s establishment: slide to the bottom of Princess Street for this funky person
Hop/top 40 event hosted by DJ Willis and sponsor Sculpt Health Canada.
Pose for a professional photographer and your friends and raise a glass of champagne while celebrating 2019. 15.
Back to NYE 2019 of the day.
3 mile complex, 5 Golden Grove Road.
Cover: $10 in advance and $15 at the door. 9 p. m. – 2 a. m.
DJ 506 has been spinning beats since 1994
He\'s going to bring 1990 back in the heart of three miles.
Looking forward to the outbreak of the millennial middle class
School nostalgia: Think that Britney Spears is the pinnacle of her creativity, Usher and Christina Aguilera (
Maybe the Little Prince in the mix and the gun Rose). 16.
Donnie and the monarch.
St John\'s trade convention center Market Square. Cover: $25. 9:30 p. m. – 1 a. m.
Is there a more iconic group of St. John musicians than Donnie and the monarch?
Of course, few shows can boast of classic rock from 50 to 80 years of continuous performance for more than 30 years.
Look forward to the general costume of St. John\'s trade and conference center, the wild stage antics and the participation of the audience. 17.
The resolution runs for 34 years. Market Square. Entry: $65 (
Including a free jacket)
Match time 5: 30m.
It\'s a season of indulgence.
So why not get rid of the numbness of the holidays by the brisk laughter on the port passage? This 5-
Km run is a great way to kick some healthy habits into gears 2019 (
Or prepare for a warm toast at the Market Square boardwalk bar, your phone).
Your registration fee also includes fashion-
Hope is warm
A resolution running coat for both men and women. 18. Pretty In Pink.
Qplex, 20 Randy Jones Road. Cover: $40. 9 p. m. – 1 a. m.
The iconic 1980 s pink cover band will roll up to qplex in DeLorean\'s Quispamsis with feather-like hair and perfect tones, blinding your eyes with science, bring you back to an era between your 70 s and your self
Hate the garbage after 90 s. 19.
Nai at the Algonquin Hotel.
Algonquin Resort, 184 Aldo Street, St. Andrews. 8 a. m. – 1 a. m.
One of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in the province invites you to a party like 1889: Put on your best clothes, enjoy a delicious buffet dinner, live 10-
Of course, accompanied by the band, there is a celebration of the midnight toast overlooking the sea.
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