10 facts about hd tv\'s that most people don\'t know

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
Why do you need such a blog?
People who don\'t know who I am or who are unfamiliar with my work always ask such a question.
The usual answer is, \"I can go to my local (
Insert general electronic store/group)
Ask them yourself!
\"Let me tell you.
I have worked for many enterprise groups like Staples and Best Buy over the years and I can tell you that less than 10% will give you some important information and less than 2% will be able to explain, in-
Depth, why certain features are developed, why something is not suitable for ordinary people.
There is something that is not public knowledge and there is more that is not taught normally.
There is only some knowledge that needs to be learned through research and I am here to help you with some of this --
Consumption activities. (10)
Frame RatesNow is one of the most common problems since 2010.
Nowadays, the frame rate of the TV has far exceeded the number of frames displayed by the TV per second (Measured in Hz).
Why is it important?
Well, the more frames you have per second, the less blur you get when you look at things with quick action.
In addition, the image is usually clearer.
The biggest jump is from 60Hz to 120Hz, while the changes below are less obvious, and almost none of the higher changes are obvious.
To let you know how far TV has gone in this department, here is a short list of TV frame rates over the years: 1920s-Early 1960s (
TV in black/white): 10-15Hz1960\'s-2002 (
Color TV/projection TV): 30Hz2003-Present (Plasma TV\'s): 60-1,200 Hz2004-Present (LCD TV\'s): 60-120Hz2006-Present (LED TV\'s): 60-
2,400 HzNow as you know, the recent boom has increased the minimum frame rate to 120Hz since 2013, causing a lot of positive and negative comments.
The positive side is already listed above, so we will jump to the common negative feedback.
\"It looks like I\'m watching soap operas!
\": Because of the high frame rate, the movement in movies and TV shows is now so smooth and looks real.
Usually 120-name shows and movies
4,000 frames per second depending on budget, network, and device.
Soap operas used to look like this, and because their equipment was too low in budget, their cameras could only be filmed at 30Hz.
The normal shows and movies we watch are just more than your TV, so it looks a bit fake and looks significantly different than before.
The quality did not drop and the TV finally caught up.
\"Why do I see a double image?
\"This is actually both a good thing and a bad thing.
The average person can only be 90-
120 frames per second (Hz).
However, people who grow up under certain conditions have a higher perception ability than this.
In fact, in 2003, less than 15% of the population in the United States was able to perceive sound at more than 120Hz.
Since then, the number has increased, and if you see a double image on a 120Hz TV, that means you have a very high perception rate. Down side?
You either have to buy a more basic TV or a more expensive TV with a higher frame rate.
\"Why do I need a higher frame rate?
\": It\'s easier for men to answer because you can see the listed features at the top of this section.
If a woman asks, just let her know that her man will be happier, especially when they watch sports in high Qing and/or love action movies.
From 2012, you will notice that the main brands have listed two different frame prices on the package.
This is a small explanation for this.
Major television stations (
Especially more expensive)
Run at a rate and display at a lower rate. Why?
Because it prevents what we call \"frame delay \".
Frame lag caused by video (
Usually video games and movies with a very high budget)
Sometimes there is so much movement going on that the TV can\'t keep up with the display and seems to stop for a while before it looks fast
Chase forward.
To prevent this from happening, the TV is programmed to run at a higher rate than they show, eliminating frame delays.
If the frame delay occurs, the TV is compensated before it is displayed, so you can\'t see it happening. (9)
3D TVs, and why they are actually cute, scary 3D TVs, have earned more fame than popular thanks to the theater\'s total destruction of the benefits and beauty of 3D entertainment.
Let me start with things that many people don\'t realize: There are two types of 3D, which are very different. Passive 3D (Glasses)
: This is the 3D type that everyone is used to, and the only type used in the theater.
This is where the video image is taken, the level is expanded, and then the image is distorted every other line of pixels (dots).
Then you wear these cheap clothes.
Glasses with polarized lenses, images can be reconstructed to obtain basic images
Properties that suddenly appear in the video. Passive 3D (No Glasses)
: This type of passive 3D is faster than it is entering the market, but there are still some in circulation (
Sold by someone who unfortunately bought them).
These TVs create and translate 3D images directly on the screen, reducing the need for glasses.
However, the TV has many shortcomings, causing it to stop in less than 11 months after its release, and has only been circulated for two generations. 1)
You have to sit at an angle to see the 3D or you will get a distorted image. 2)
They only entered 48.
Inch screen or larger. 3)
They are very expensive.
Active 3D: this is a better one of two 3D types, found only on brand TV.
Active 3D takes advantage of two perspectives, just like our eyes see things and then overlap the images. The glasses (battery-powered)
There will be a polarized lens head that flashes at different rates in sync with the TV (
This means that one brand of glasses does not work on another brand of TV)
Alternating left and right.
Not only does this approach provide more depth for the image, but it actually lets you actually see what pops up from the screen.
Unfortunately, before the middle of the day
2012, there are very few movies made in 3D.
Believe it or not, most of the time
The so-called 3D movie was born into 3D in the later period. PRODUCTION.
This means that all 3D is mainly (
If not completely)
Done by computer.
However, many of them were deliberately shot in 3D with proper equipment (
Praising the pioneering development of Sony Entertainment).
Actual operation of 3D film camera 2-
3 lenses set at certain angles (
Originally started as two separate movie cameras on a custom platform)
Imitating what the human eye perceives
While this increases the demand for the camera budget, it reduces the CG budget for the film, and the resulting 3D film quality is much higher.
If you really want to immerse yourself in the beauty of 3D, you may want to watch several types of movies, and at the same time, start using the right equipment as more and more film works: anything Sony Pictures owns/sponsors: Let\'s face it, and having or sponsoring by them will automatically provide you with the right device.
Anything from Pixar: Even though Pixar\'s programmers are known for pure CG movies, their work takes it to a whole new level, making 3D films, with all the other film companies
Their ability to pop things out of the screen is second to none.
Any work directed by J. J.
Abrams: Although not all of his films are made in 3D, there are a lot of his best movies --
Since the budget he usually receives is very high, the known title is.
For those of you who can\'t afford a camera, his CG team is second to none.
In the 3D department, there are more films than the average in addition to these, but they are separated from each other and the number is small, so it is not good to list them here.
Go out and check it yourself.
But if you have a child (9 or 90)
Like video games, this is the direction of everything.
While Microsoft doesn\'t seem to be able to get their brains into the idea, Sony\'s Playstation 3 and 4 consoles have made good use of 3D, including using their systems as 3D players.
Depth of Sony 3D shooting Department (RealD 3D)
Has been buying engine for game developers since 2013 (
Programming platform for game operation)
All developed games must be 3D ready after completing the game product.
Since xbox one has become the first big flop in console history since Sega Genesis 32x and Sega CD, you may want to start saving money for these fun TVs. (
Warning: while this section highlights all the benefits of 3D TV, there are three very unfortunate drawbacks.
This is not suitable for everyone.
20% of Americans feel sick or sick and cannot enjoy 3D entertainment.
Also, when children under the age of 9 are exposed to 3D, please be cautious as their eyes are still developing and you should consult their optometry before allowing them to view 3D materials
Finally, we have ghost images.
Separated from dual images, ghost images are the result of the TV\'s inability to process the current 3D video speed, usually only in video games. )(
Be sure to take a break and try not to see more than 2-
3D 3 hours at a time because it can cause eye fatigue or fatigue. )(7)ResolutionYeah.
Yes, you \'ve heard rumors over and over again about how good the 1080 p is, how good the new 4 k Ultra HD is, and they probably never really told you the difference.
While overall, it\'s obvious between most DVD/shows and HD Blu-ray
Ray/Programming, sometimes we always miss the finer details.
For example: In Dead 2, you\'ll see Bruce Willis crawling through the ventilation system.
From the light of the stage lamp, you can see his forehead shining with no sweat.
In a higher resolution HD, you can count the sweat on his forehead.
While 4 k has not seen more movies yet and only two different players are on sale, be sure to make sure that if you choose to continue this effort, anything over 50 screens is something you need to see any difference. (6)
The contrast ratio, since the age of 50, when we started to have to adjust our gray, we were all familiar with the contrast button on TV. scaling.
However, you definitely want higher contrast for many different reasons.
The biggest benefit is that you can get real colors and clearer images.
On most TV, Green looks green, but green shadows and different shadows can only be seen at a higher contrast.
In order to give you an idea, again, how the resolution allows you to count sweat drops on a man\'s forehead, higher contrast allows you to pick out the reflected parts in the sweat beads, or help you notice that the shadows go through the bushes.
Want to get more from your TV?
Aim at a contrast of at least 100,000: 1. (5)
Things that used to look good didn\'t take into account why your VHS and dvd look like crap on hd TV and look so great on your old TV?
This is because you maximize the resolution of the video.
The basic truth is that there are only so many old TVs, and there are only more of your new ones.
The reason it looks low quality is because of the high quality of the TV.
Putting the old video on hd TV is basically taking everything that is available and extending it to a clearer screen.
For example, the quality of the DVD actually reached 720 p (
To be honest, it\'s stretched, usually only 800x600).
Now, when you play it on a 1080 p hd TV (or even 720)
, You stretch the video of 800x600 pixels to 1920x1080 pixels.
Interesting fact: this is the principle that Microsoft uses to fool people into thinking that the Xbox 360 is clearer than the Sony Playstation 3, despite the use of poorly performing parts/components, and paid the developers to reduce the quality of the graphics to eliminate competition between companies.
Why? a lot of reasons.
The platform game on the PS3 looks bad as you are using the upgraded 720 p-
Run 1080i graphics on a complete 1080 p 60 hz machine.
At the same time, the performance of the Xbox is actually only 1080i, at best (
Most games on 360 are actually only 720 p)
And \"upgrade\" them to 1080 p.
The reality is that the game is dealing with the maximum settings of the system, so they actually look better.
The game graphics are VHS/DVD, Xbox a tube TV and PS3 hd TV. (4)
Although not as common as before, images burned out are still rampant and most people don\'t know how this happened.
First of all, this usually only happens on a plasma TV, but it\'s not as unique as it happens on the LCD, once on the blue moon, on the LED.
How does this happen?
Actually very simple.
First of all, you need to pause your video game or video.
Then watch what your TV is and what it is.
Of course, the plasma experience is 1-
Spend 2 hours on the same screen because it generates as much heat as the LCD, 12 times more energy than the LED consumes.
LCD can burn images in 4-in6 hours.
Let the led burn completely (
This is suitable for burning LCD in 4 hours)
In the hot summer, the TV almost has to be placed by the window.
The direct heat of the sun plus the Sun are two ingredients that will burn out timeless images on your TV.
Note that there is no way to remove the image once it is burned on the screen.
When your TV is off or on, you will see it no matter what you choose to watch.
The only solution is to buy a new screen or a new TV (
Is a better choice).
The cost of getting a new TV screen and replacing it exceeds the actual value of your TV and is not covered by the manufacturer\'s warranty. (3)
So not all TV is smart, some of us may think they are too smart.
However, if you are a simple person, this will be the best option for your purchase.
Smart TV will do more for you than you think and make your life easier.
First of all, they connect online, they are all WiFi connectable since the end of 2013 (
Only a few low
Budget smart TV still needs to be purchased separately to make the TV WiFi feature).
Not only can you choose to surf the Internet with these babies (
Also allowed to connect the brand name of the keyboard and mouse)
But they have their own apps like ESPN, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.
So you can do the right thing on TV instead of buying extra boxes for you to watch online.
Next, they took out the necessity of multiple remote controls for 90% of the time.
Top brands like Samsung and Sony have created their TVs so much that a basket of remotes next to the universal remote and sofa has become the past.
Smart TV can easily record and adjust your cable box, DVD or Blu-rayRay Player, etc.
Don\'t have to go through boring guides. While many mid-
Top brands can only connect to selected models, and top brands can easily connect to well-known brands of 95% TV accessories.
Smart TVs of certain brands have also signed contracts with cable/satellite TV providers to make things easier.
Whether it\'s showing you what\'s playing (
After your supplier fills in the information)
, It is built in and allows you to switch to that channel or not to buy a box.
Some Samsung models can completely replace your cable box with integrated technology, just like some Sony models can use cable and/or DirectTV without the need for a receiver box.
Finally, voice activation is one of the more popular new features.
Or too many buttons or don\'t know what to look?
Just press your \"microphone\" key and ask the TV.
With the latest development of speech recognition technology, smart TV can now be classified by voice.
While the middle and lower tier brands still need certain orders, it is now free to talk to many premium brands without having to remember cheesy command words. (2)
Watch movies easily on most dvd and Blu-ray
Rays says they have a \"digital copy\" now \"?
Guess what?
Although they were originally meant to allow you to take them with you on your smartphone/tablet, etc.
, You can now play them on almost any brand (and mid-level)
Hd TV these days
At 2012, a long, 3-
The annual research on consumer feedback has led to the release of a high-definition TV that comes with a fully functional USB port, not just for service and maintenance.
However, it was not until the middle
Start standardizing the 2013 generation version of almost all HD TVs using the said USB port (s).
Why is this important?
This is because you now have more use for regular USB flash drives.
You no longer need a smart TV to plug in this little fool, listen to your music collection, check all your photos with your family and even watch all your favorite movies, instead of having to connect another box/Machine, fumble for the cable.
By simply plugging in the USB drive, your TV will allow you to browse it and have fun without any hassle. (1)
Great achievement without paying GreatHere, a small purchase secret that most employees are not aware.
Sales of major brands such as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are unusually high (
Imposed on distribution retailers)
Get rid of inventory.
In addition, we should also pay attention to some ridiculous clearance sales places.
First, let\'s start with the gap.
While we are all familiar with what this means, there are several companies that need to be monitored if you want a real big gap (
Sorry, anyone who lives outside of the US)
: Best Buy: after the TV is on screen, BB will reduce the price by about 5% every 4 months.
One year later, it fell to the bottomline.
Staples: mainly an office supplies store with few other things, the larger Staples store will always have better TV quality than the previous year, with clearance prices below 50%.
Smaller stores will have more base models between 20 and 32 inch.
Sears: a very unexpected place that has never been associated with the word \"quality\" in the past.
However, since 2010, they have got rid of contracts with low-end brands and added contracts for top brands, offering a lot of excellent TV.
However, the consensus on Sears in recent years is still very low, so they will not sell it either, resulting in a lot of clearance TVs, especially in smaller stores, stopping faster than the big ones.
People who shop in Sears actually only buy the highest quality Samsung and Sony products. The mid-level models (basically 32-46 inch HDTVs)
Usually ends the gap with 20 + % off.
Once the TV in these stores starts clearance, their prices drop every month and every other week after 2nd months.
It\'s in 4-
Six months off.
Okay, it\'s more conventional now.
Let\'s face it. if there is one, we can\'t always catch the gap.
OK, this is the next best thing to do, especially if you want to update it from the release.
In TV life, you want to focus on three different types of sales: the first week of the release.
If you are not able to attend the opening week sale of the TV, you can sometimes get a bigger sale in the manufacturer\'s sales, if not equal.
These are rare in TV Generation 3-
6 month distribution cycle.
These sales are in 30-60% off.
There is no notice for these sales, very short, no advertising (often)
, Is sometimes the biggest sale, depending on the model. (
For example: in June 20, 46 \", 240Hz Samsung 3D smart TV, on the $1,400 day of a retail sale, the manufacturer\'s sales were only $650 for two days. )
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