yoga with adriene: yogi had dreams of being a hollywood actress - until the world fell in love with her youtube channel

by:Marslite     2019-10-02
Tears flashed in Adriene Mishler\'s eyes.
We met at the end of 6.
A week-long European roadshow in Berlin, Sweden and Amsterdam.
In London, she taught more than 2,400 classes, packed with Alexandra Palace with stage lights, loud music and merchandise stalls. Next up, Paris.
It is \"hard \".
These should be tears of exhaustion.
But no, she exude joy.
Because Mishler is grateful. Very grateful.
The Texan who wants to be an actor has achieved global success as a yoga teacher.
Every beginner Yogis has her name on his lips.
Try asking a friend casually where you might find a good online yoga class and be ready to be told along with death --
\"Adrian changed my life.
\"With over 4 million users \'yoga and Adriene \'YouTube sites and views on 18 million months-
Minute Yoga for complete beginner video, solo, her free course-
Filmed at a restaurant in downtown Austin, she and her black and white blue heeler, Benji-
Has become the gateway for those who are financially and physically unable to take yoga classes.
Yes, this is probably the first time that her excellent Google ranking has put you on her page (
Type \"yoga\" in the search engine and the first video that appears is her)
But it\'s a mix of friendly encouragement and self.
The humor that makes you stay.
In an online yoga world full of perfect hand frames and pretzel poses, she laughs at her squeaky legs, forgets her words and reminds you, practicing yoga doesn\'t require you to just \"find something that feels good \".
However, even Mishler cannot fully understand what she is.
\"I have feelings for everyone, because for years no one knows or cares, even my parents are like \'cool. . .
Just like they didn\'t get it.
But now it\'s a happy thing.
I think they\'re proud and I\'m proud of all those involved
\"It\'s not just me, but everyone who has subscribed and watched, and everyone who believes in it,\" she said in tears.
A few days after our interview, I watched Mishler step onto the stage of the Oval Space in London, hear Nina Simon\'s \"feel good\" voice and guide over 200 yogis, no matter
Yes, the man loves her too)
Breathe in and out at the same time.
The love for her in the room will be a little cult
Like if she\'s not so cute.
Yes, this kind of flattery really upset her.
She said: \"She prefers the word\" roadshow \"to\" travel.
I\'m Not Your Guru.
\"Ironically, after being trained as an actress in New York, fame is likely to be on the red carpet.
But yoga has always been a part of her life.
Growing up with actor parents in Austin, they pay attention to the body, breathing and sound --
\"I think we even paid tribute to the warm sun --ups\" -
At the age of 17, she will drive her \"clunker junker Volvo\" to the only yoga studio in Austin (
At least 30 now).
A year later, she became a teacher.
In addition to being something she likes, it\'s a way for her to make money in the film and drama business.
On the set of an independent horror film, she met director Chris Sharp who will eventually become her business partner.
After the film broke down in 2010, he advised them to work together on the YouTube channel.
Finally in 2012, \"yoga with Adrian\" was born.
Success is not immediate.
For the first three years, she was still cleaning and mopping the ground at the local yoga studio in exchange for free classes.
She may now have a sponsorship deal with Adidas, but for a long time she has only three yoga pants: \"There is a hole in the ass and I have to try to hide it. It\'s the truth.
I don\'t know when the rent will come for many years.
In the Hollywood movie 2013, Joe, starring Nicholas Cage, took her to a crossroads: \"There\'s nothing bigger than this,\" Mishler laughs, \"You know, I pressed my bare chest on the back of Nicholas Cage. \".
But at the premiere in New York, she hosted her first yoga party.
Fans of the channel are already watching.
No team, only Mishler and her cousin Alicia, who helped her fill out the responsibility form for 40 attendees.
Times have changed.
Mishler doesn\'t like to set a number on her YouTube revenue, which is \"always volatile\" but thanks to some savvy SEO --
Video with titles like \"weight loss yoga\" and \"six yoga\"
Pack abs did a great job-
She feels good about the membership of her video subscription website and is now close to 15,000, paying $10 per person (around €9)a month.
Yes she has more yoga pants now but the money
Except for the bill, dog.
Nanny and small team
Means she can \"keep yoga free for all the people who can\'t afford it.
At first, success had a negative impact on her life.
Four years ago, as her favorite video series, yoga sky for 30 days
Mishler\'s personal life plummeted.
Not only does she need a potential career
Ended vocal surgery, but life on the road
Eat alone, feel lonely, miss her boyfriend and dog
She feels broken.
Creating Constant video content can run out of energy: \"When I don\'t like the task, when I have a big pimple on my face, when I\'m resting --
My dog is dead, \"she said. Long-
Followers of time will recall her old house with green walls and creaking old floors, the house she shared with her ex-boyfriend
\"By the way, who is amazing, my friend and a huge supporter \"--
Her first dog, Blue, \"my child in her 20 s \".
For the past two years, she has lived alone, looked after herself better, and considered where to go next.
She still loves drama and plays a strange role, but she is \"no longer interested in being an actor \".
I am famous enough . \"
Despite the heavy workload, there is always time to get together.
Her team joked about \"fofo\", either all or all.
\"I will spend a few weeks, months without any alcohol, go to bed early, very pious, really.
But then I\'ll finish a project and then all of a sudden it\'s \"Garden Party and prosecution\" all day \".
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