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rigging repairs approved for summit high school stage

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
The Summit High School Auditorium stage will cost $18,500 for emergency repairs.
But because the replacement would cost about $100,000, and without some action, the spring production at high school would not be possible, and the Education Commission voted to approve the repair at a special workshop, the agenda of the meeting has been changed for action.
The board voted to approve the proposal for a stage lamp light and rigging at the center of PA Allentown.
Cost $18,500.
\"The replacement will be a very big job, about $100,000,\" said Eleanor Doyle, a member of the Board of Education . \".
Short term repairs are cheaper and can be repaired in time for high school spring production.
\"The lowest bidders have the best references,\" said Nathan Parker, head of the school . \".
The bid was between $18,500 and $24,000, which he called \"stop --gap measure.
Louis Pepe, business administrator, is also bullish on the vendor.
\"They demonstrate the full expertise of safety inspections and can take corrective actions,\" he said . \".
The process is labor-intensive, including the use of sandbags, Pepe added.
Other bids came from Freehold northeast stage and Syracuse landscape stage lighting. , Inc.
From Liverpool, New York.
\"It will cost thousands of dollars to replace the rigging,\" he said . \".
In other operations News, Doyle provided 2010-
2011 budget update.
\"We are about to finalize these figures, but we are still waiting for the country,\" she said.
She expected less state aid.
There is no exemption for the region\'s commitment to remain within the 4% cap.
\"Our goal is to provide full funding for the 2% surplus,\" she said . \".
Even with two more positions in Lawton C.
Johnson Summit Middle School in the region will still be restricted.
\"It depends on what we hear from the state,\" Doyle said of the final budget figures . \". The Feb.
18 meetings will include 2010-
2011 budget update, special education budget report submitted by PhDJane Kachmar-
Desonne and workshop deputy director of the curriculum budget Julie Glazer\'s school.
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